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“Changed my life.”

“A compendium of knowledge laid out it in a simple format.”

“[Personal Revolutions] will let you experience life to a greater degree.”

“I love this book. Filled with thought provoking ideas that create self reflection or a vast number of subjects.”


“[Personal Revolutions] has the amazing ability to connect with everyone on some level.”

“Wherever you happen to be on your journey, this book will prove to be an indispensable tool.”

“It is amazing what you will learn and you will be surprised to see what taking the time to answer the Self Guidance questions will bring to light.”


“It was this very book that opened up new opportunities to me, put the first smile on my face, and gave me a confidence I lost years ago”

“As soon as I started reading this book, I realised it could be the anchor I needed.”

“It can help anyone… everyone, not just to heal, but to develop yourself… whatever your needs, whatever your values.”

“Personal Revolutions is different, it strips away the unnecessary to reveal the truth underneath…”

“its whole concept could inspire creativity in anybody’s life.”

“Unlocked potential that i think i simply wouldn’t of discovered without it.”


Blog Review

“I will always be grateful to Oli Anderson for the positive impact these coaching sessions have had on my life.”

“Oli really helped me to delve deeper into myself to uncover my true goals and desires.”

“Looking at things how I’d never seen them before really helped me see life differently and made me make decisions I would never have thought possible.”

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