Big List of Benefits of ‘Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness’…

Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness is a book designed to help you look at every level of your life from the inside out. It contains 166 practical ‘Revolutions’ for awareness and over 8000 Self-Guidance Questions for you to start building your real life on the realest possible foundation. See further down the page for the full list of ‘Revolutions’.

The book/course is based on the simple assumption that it is what it is and you can either learn to accept it or to bring more friction to your life by allowing your ego to convince you that things are otherwise. It combines cutting edge thought from practical philosophy, design and systems thinking, and coaching and leadership to help you look at every level of your life from the ground to the sky and back again so that you can take real action.

Here are just some of the potential benefits of investing in this ‘Course in Realness’ (check out the Amazon reviews by clicking here):

Find out what you really want and how to get it.
Eliminate major blocks to creativity.
Make better use of your time by learning to make decisions from the realest place within yourself, not based on either your own or other people’s illusions about you.
Start turning reality into your dreams instead of wasting time trying to turn your dreams into reality (learn to build upon the only lasting foundation – that which already stands).
Improve self-worth and self-esteem by learning to cultivate self-acceptance.
Expand your thinking and live beyond the limits of your conditioning.
Start to pull yourself out of whatever slump you might have currently found yourself in or to speed up the process of your flow if already flowing.
Learn to unlearn the things that are keeping you from yourself and the world (self-limiting beliefs, ego fragmentation, etc).
Cultivate self-leadership skills and improve both your personal and professional lives.
‘KNOW THYSELF’ just about as well as you possibly can do in order to have a stronger foundation in interactions with others.
Chase more challenging goals and build better relationships by understanding your true potential and building on a real foundation.
Bring more ‘balance’ to your life by saying ‘Yes’ to what is most real to you and by saying ‘No’ to the things that you can live without.
Become more valuable to others by becoming more valuable to yourself (not your ego) in reality.
Reach for way more than you ever thought possible whilst remaining outcome-independent and freeing yourself from self-limiting beliefs.
Increase energy levels by investing in building with reality instead of wasting energy on attempting to go against reality and attempting to uphold illusions.
Uncover your values and learn to live in accordance with them.
Shorten your learning curve by figuring out and living your own personal philosophy of self, others, world and the universe.
Align your expectations with reality for increased survival value in times of great difficulty and a better chance of thriving overall.
Enjoy life more by learning to live and flow into and with life itself.
Learn to let things go by cultivating a healthy stance of IDGAF.
Build a process for yourself that allows you to enjoy yourself as you grow real into yourself and add significance to the world around you.
Remove unnecessary stress from your life by managing responses to what can’t be changed and working with what can be.
Improve relationships with yourself and others by setting healthy boundaries rooted in a strong inner foundation of realness.
Cultivate a better relationship with fear by pushing through your edge and allowing fear to help you build your real life, not paralyse you, define you, or destroy you.
Improve your relationship with your ego and remove unnecessary friction from your life.
Build a real life process that takes the potential pain of the past and starts to heal it through real growth in the present.
Outgrow limiting patterns that cause pain in the form of locking you within your fear, pride, and desire about yourself.
Cultivate realistic expectations by testing your assumptions about yourself and the world to minimise the pain of future disappointment.
Learn to put your ego in the backseat so that what is most real about you carries you forward in life.
Learn to notice the unrealistic ways that the ego tries to cling to things so that you can minimise the pain caused by the friction of attempting to hold on to something that can never be.
Face the reality of yourself and minimise any ‘shame’ that you carry over from the past so that you can stop wasting time chasing approval, applause, and appreciation.
Become more valuable to yourself and therefore more attractive to others as a partner.
Cultivate the best possible relationship to yourself through real action so that you are better equipped to have healthy romantic relationships with others (instead of lapsing into co-dependency).
Find your edge so that you can cultivate real growth and feel truly alive.
Learn to live with your nature instead of against it so that you don’t suppress your sexuality behind ideas or philosophies that have no direct connection to reality.
Make friends with reality so that you aren’t desperate for a relationship but can have one if you want and are ready for one.
Improve your self-leadership qualities such as vision, discipline, and focus to ensure that you stand out at work.
Stand a chance of making more money by realising there are fewer barriers than you may initially think to achieving something wonderful with your life.
Become more grateful for what you already have and stand a better chance of getting what you don’t have yet but truly want.
Learn to bring the things into your life that most matter to you and forget about the ones that don’t.
Learn to motivate yourself from the inside out, not the outside in.
Create a process that allows you to maximise your potential whilst remaining present.
Lead yourself so you can lead others.
Stop caring what others think and cultivate real self-acceptance.
Improve relationships with family members whilst being more real with yourself.
Communicate better with the people you care most about by learning how the ego gets in the way of real communication.
Dedicate yourself to processes that maximise your individuality whilst increasing its value and significance to others in a real way that acknowledges interdependence.
Feel more connected to yourself and the world around you.
Figure out your personal philosophy and live it through real action by using cutting edge thought from practical philosophy, leadership, design thinking, and coaching.
Learn to live in alignment with reality by consciously choosing to live as a system.
Cultivate a healthy stance of ‘IDGAF’ by living from the inside out, instead of the outside in.
Improve relationships with others by improving relationships with yourself.
Become a better leader by knowing yourself, your vision, and the world.
Break free of the ego’s self-limiting beliefs.
Learn to communicate better by communicating in a way that is more real.
Become more resilient by cultivating realistic expectations.
Gain a grasp of human psychology from the inside out.
Learn a realistic framework to ensure that your creative and entrepreneurial projects offer significance to the world around you.
Learn to grow with reality, instead of against it.
Save time and money by reading and memorising the ‘Revolution’ spectrums in Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness, instead of buying 166 separate books.
Coach yourself in all areas of your life, from the ground to the sky and back again, with nearly 8,000 self-guidance questions.
Cultivate an entrepreneurial growth mindset by learning to be aware of the ego constructions that stunt your growth (assumptions, expectations, interpretations over facts, etc.).
Learn to build a process of real action that will increase the amount of time you spend in ‘flow’.
Build great relationships with others by asking each other the Personal Revolutions Self-Guidance Questions and sharing your Revolutions with each other.
Stand a better chance of forgiving yourself and others so that you can move on with your life.

For Service Design/Business Owners/Leaders
Build real systems built upon a real understanding of how human beings are in the world.
Engender the creativity and potential of as many people in the system as possible.
Improve leadership at every level of the organisation by encouraging people within the system to cultivate self-leadership skills.
Build systems that are interconnected to the wider surrounding systems, not separate silos (thus utilising their strength).
Build systems as ‘tribes’ built around shared values so that you can attract employees or clients that belong with you and share passion for your cause.
Improve morale by flowing with human nature, not against it.
See human beings as being fluid, not static, and create systems where people continue to grow over the course of their lifetime as a whole.
Create sustainable systems that will contribute to a better world overall by working with the world, not only against it.
Learn to communicate in a way that ‘opens up’ the flow of information (when necessary) and improves results and relationships overall.
Create better focus for individuals and the business overall by unblocking barriers to presence and creativity.

Complete list of ‘Revolutions’ in the full course:
#1: Physical Laws / Sociocultural Laws
#2: Activity / Passivity
#3: 80:20 / 100:0
#4: Control /Inevitability
#5: Present / Past
#6: Responsibility / Victimhood
#7: Contribution / Blame
#8: Process / Event
#9: Death / Life
#10: Uncertainty / Certainty
#11: Causes / Reasons
#12: Flux / Stasis
#13: Reality / Turning Away
#14: Human Order (Symbolism)/ Universal Order (Necessity)
#15: Need / Self-Interest
#16: Solutions / Problems
#17: Planning / Coping
#18: Action / Ideas
#19: Reality / Assumptions
#20: Dedication / Interest
#21: Chosen Path / Predetermined Path
#22: Long-Term / Short-Term
#23: Similarity / Difference
#24: Make Happen (Create) / Have Happen (React)
#25: Shades of Grey / Black and White
#26: You vs Me / Me vs You
#27: You Think / They Think
#28: Purpose Driven / Destiny Driven
#29: Learning / Knowledge
#30: Significance / Success
#31: Entrepreneur / Employee
#32: Dialogue / Debate
#33: Read / TV
#34: Boring / Bored
#35: Person / Reptile
#36: Human / Person
#37: Force of Nature / Nature’s Plaything
#38: Compliment / Criticise
#39: Embrace Change / Fear Change
#40: Ideas / People (Talk About)
#41: Gratitude / Entitlement
#42: Your Voice / Your Parents’ Voice
#43: Brutal Honesty / Self-Deception
#44: Brutal Honesty / Honest Rationalisation
#45: Reason / Faith
#46: Faith / Reason
#47: Plan / Planned For
#48: Fallible / Infallible
#49: Imperfect / Perfect
#50: Servant / Slave
#51: Negative Visualisation / Positive Possession
#52: Wholeness / Fragmentation
#53: You Belong to The Earth / The Earth Belongs to You
#54: Self-Acceptance / Self-Esteem
#55: Realness / Neediness
#56: Self-Transcendence / Self
#57: Self-Creation / Self-Discovery
#58: Realistic / Catastrophic
#59: Vision / Blindness
#60: Accountability / Acknowledgement
#61: Situational / Dispositional
#62: Meditate / Masturbate
#63: What You Need To Hear / What You Want To Hear
#64: Acceptance / Surrender
#65: Your Decisions / Cultural Decisions
#66: Collaborate / Assert
#67: In Steps / All At Once
#68: Systems (Interdependence) / Silos (Independence)
#69: Context / Concrete
#70: Substance / Symbolism
#71: No (Not to Do) / Yes (To Do)
#72: Positive Thinking (Realistic Optimism) / Wishful Thinking (Naïve Optimism)
#73: Intelligence / Intellect
#74: Ownership / Disownership
#75: Reflect / Deflect
#76: Self-Reflection / Self-Definition
#77: Purpose / Accident
#78: Interpretations / Facts
#79: Self-Investment / Tearing Others Down
#80: About Them / About You
#81: Authenticity / Pretence
#82: Ritual / Habit
#84: Future (Flow) / Failure
#85: Higher Self / Lower Self
#86: Friendship (Real) / Acquaintance (Fake)
#87: Belief / Defeat
#88: One Thing / Another
#89: How / What
#90: Change in The World / Change from The World
#91: Moments / Things
#92: Impact / Intention
#93: Potential / Pathology
#94: Conscious Choice / Habit
#95: Your Reality / Their Reality
#96: Originate / Imitate
#97: Mix it Up / Same Old, Same Old
#98: Unleash / Explode
#99: Opportunity / Failure
#100: World Class / Local Hero
#101: Impact / Cost
#102: Problems / Symptoms
#103: Progress / Perfection
#104: Participation / Observation
#105: Self-Responsibility / Social-Responsibility
#106: Motivation / Fear
#107: Listening / Having Ears
#108: Seek Value / Expect Value To Appear
#109: Alongside Others / Above or Below
#110: All of You / Part of You
#111: Doing / Arguing
#112: Internal / External (Locus of Control)
#113: Surrender / Control
#114: Wisdom / Power
#115: Open System (Becoming) / Closed System (Being)
#116: Self-Guidance / Self-Control
#117: Presence / Distraction
#118: Boundaries / Barriers
#119: Potential / Present
#120: Acceptance / Resistance
#121: Unconditional Love / Conditional Love
#122: Reality / Expectations
#123: Forgive / Begrudge
#124: Presence / Projection
#125: Mental Partner / Mental Master
#126: Teach / Learn
#127: Make Time / Find Time
#128: Influence Reality / Create Reality
#129: Comfort / Complacency
#130: Need / Greed
#131: Spirituality / Religion
#132: Love / Life
#133: Polarise / Pacify
#134: Purpose / Meaning
#135: Experience / Concept
#136: Love (Realness) / Bondage (Co-Dependency)
#137: Choice / No Choice
#138: Opportunity / Problem
#139: Collective Intelligence / Individual Intelligence
#140: Broken Heart / Closed Heart
#141: Trust / Calculation
#142: Clarity / Concentration
#143: Strength / Confidence
#144: Thrive / Survive
#145: Edge / Centre
#146: Passion / Peace
#147: Ends/Means
#148: Possibilities/Shoulds
#149: Interdependence (Relationships) / Independence (Things)
#150: Nature / Nurture
#151: Grower/Shower
#152: Yourself/Unique
#153: Self-Awareness/Self-Obsession
#154: ‘Happiness’/Love
#155: What You Need/What You Want
#156: Abundance/Scarcity
#157: Action / Fruit
#158: Total Compassion / Partial Compassion
#159: Consciousness/ Conscience
#160: Give Value/Take Value
#161: Confrontation /Avoidance
#162: Standards (Values)/Rules
#163: Honesty/Transparency
#164: Question/Defend
#165: Resolution/Resignation
#166: Character (Realness) /Personality (Ego)

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