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Synchronesia: A Depressing Existential Novel is an experimental satire about a melancholic and passive protagonist in a situation that demands great activity. It is a philosophical exploration of the differences between meaningless chance and potent coincidence.

A kind of dystopian ‘Catcher in the Rye’, the novel follows our unnamed protagonist as he saunters about a crumbling city looking for meaning, purpose, and the fabled ‘Big Man Upstairs’.

Synchronesia‘ is a magically realistic portrait of the alienation of modern life and the quest for purpose in a world without anything to believe in but the constant promise of a panacea.

A melancholic, melodramatic satire of the modern condition, Synchronesia will both delight, amuse, and depress you.

Number of pages: 346

Price: £10 (including shipping)

Read the first fifteen chapters here: Synchronesia: A Depressing Existential Novel (First Fifteen Chapters)