Glossary of Realness

Realness for yourself, the world, and reality.

This glossary gives ‘simple’ definitions of the terms used in Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness. These definitions are specific to my personal ‘philosophy’ so may be different to academic definitions etc. that you’ve picked up previously. This page is designed to give you a good overview of any ideas that can help you to live a better, more real life.


Forward momentum, rooted in the way things are (whether we are aware of it or not). The only Real cure for anything.


In relation to Dialogue, Unreal acceptance is something that we chase from others because of our own insecurities.  This process of chasing external validation blocks our view of the Truth and also stops us sharing it (this form of acceptance is one of the Class A Drugs). This is opposed to the Real acceptance of either the Inevitable or ourselves that makes life worth living in the form of our Realness (the final lesson of ‘Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness‘).


The feeling that occurs when we find ourselves lost in the gap between Expectation and Result or when our Expectations about the future stop us from acting. If we feel consistent anxiety, it is often because we are consistently taking erroneous Ideas about ourselves out into Reality and causing unnecessary Friction for ourselves.


A desire to impress others with our own self-perceived ‘brilliance’ – if we give into this Desire too frequently, we are giving ourselves over to the Ego’s Pride and blocking our view of the Truth. One of the Class A Drugs.


A self-imposed block to Real Communication or Self-acceptance that arises from a desire to hide anything that may be seen by others in a negative light such as Opinions that go against the status quo. One of the Class A Drugs.


Any hypothesis, Opinion, or Concept that is taken as a given and brought to the arena of our lives without digging beneath the surface of or questioning.


Hang our Identity upon some Fragmented thing.


The final product of carrying a series of conceptual and experiential components such as emotional resilience, beliefs, ideas, and knowledge. Dialogue is about communicating with an attitude of Realness.


An Openness to what currently surrounds us, both internally and externally.

Biological System

An organisational System that is structured like a biological organism with a series of ‘elites’ acting as a ‘brain’ at the top of a hierarchy and feeding instructions to the unthinking, insentient ‘limbs’ at the bottom.

Biological Wiring

The way we evolved to function in the environment in which our species first came to be on earth.

Black and White Thinking

Viewing the world and the things/people within it through the lens that they are either one thing or another with no in between. This either/or approach is what happens when we’re unaware that our value Judgements (‘good’, ‘bad’, etc.) of Reality have nothing to do with an achromatic and indifferent reality in itself.

Blind Trinity

The Fear, Pride, and Desire of the Ego.


The erroneous belief that our Conceptual understanding of ourselves, The World, Reality, or the people within in it can give a picture of it all that is 100% accurate without any room for improvement.


The Inevitable state of things as Experienced as Fragmented creatures within a fragmented physical universe. Though there is no change in the Whole overall, we experience it in a way that means we have to readjust our Points of Views based on where we currently stand within it. The Ego fears change because it always brings more Reality (the opposite of ego).


Anything that enters our lives from beyond the ordered Point of View that we construct for ourselves based on the limited Knowledge we acquire from our limited Perception of Reality as a Whole.


The depth of our relationship with Reality as it is; Personality, in contrast, is often an expression of our Desire to escape from this reality. The more we push ourselves to be close to the Edge via reality, the more of our Illusions we lose, and the more character we cultivate.


The ever present option of making things better for ourselves by moving towards more Realness in some way.

Class A Drugs

The addictive ego-strokes of Acceptance, Applause, Approval, all of which block our access to Reality and therefore Truth.


The self-enforced deception that everything makes Conceptual sense about something in the past.

Collective Creative Intelligence

The Intelligence that emerges as a by-product of human beings coming together in their Realness and exploring a given topic or Problem together. It is the most effective way for us to come together and make connections between things in order to find solutions and new Insight.


The Process of sharing Awareness with oneself, others, and Reality.


A part of our Mental Content serving as the building blocks of our Interpretations of Reality. Concepts are at best only ever signposts to reality; some point more closely to it than others, but no concept can ever be 100% Real in itself. As we need to make use of concepts to make our way through The World (which is just a collection of concepts), the best thing we can do for ourselves is ensure that the concepts we carry are more real than not. This removes unnecessary Friction from our lives and prevents Frustration and Misery in the long-term.


The Neurotic belief that we can have total Influence over everything that happens in our lives and the results that our behaviour will have on ourselves and others.

Creative Thrivalist System/’Real’ System

A System discussed in Personal Revolutions #68: Systems (Interdependence) / Silos (Independence) that is structured around Human-shaped assumptions of Reality. It assumes that human beings thrive when the barriers to real Creativity are minimised and as many people within the system have done the work required to Grow Real.

Designing systems for realness and reality
From Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness

Creative Intelligence

Intelligence that brings in the whole of human beings (intellect, instinct, intuition, imagination, emotion, etc.) whilst also acknowledging Interdependence over the Ego’s illusory Independence. This approach to Creativity ensures that we are more Open to inspiration, acting upon it, and making the world more Real.


An Attitude of Openness that allows us to perform Actions that lead to more Realness in the world. Requires an acceptance of Interdependence over Independence to find inspiration for truly creative acts.


An Attitude of Openness that encourages us to keep digging into The World so that we can build within it, instead of convincing ourselves we’ve found it and trying to tear it down because we have forgotten our connection to it and so Fear it instead.


The destruction of the Ego.


An approach to Communication that focuses on proving the validity of the Truth we think we have already found and showing that anybody who disagrees with it is ‘wrong’. Debate is opposed to Dialogue or Real Communication.


Anything that stops us from being grateful for the way things currently happen to be.  In relation to the Blind Trinity, Desire is our craving to be seen in the light of a certain Self-image that we have constructed and turned over to the Ego in reaction to our own unresolved Shame about our Realness.


A Real approach to Communication that asks us to communicate with ourselves first and foremost so that we can manage the Fragmentary barriers we carry within ourselves to our own Realness and then attempt to see the realness within those we communicate with.


Games that make people feel good about themselves in the short-term by feeding into the Ego.


The notion that opposition is the natural order of things because we believe that the Fragments we use to Perceive Reality are reality itself. This is manifest in an Intellect that thinks in fragmented, Black and White dichotomies, such as good/bad, up/down, me/you, instead of Whole relationships. This helps us make ordered sense of the Chaos of our lives but is part of the Veiled Veil we project over Reality, not reality itself (see also: Concept).


The place where we are most likely to reveal ourselves to ourselves so that we can take new learning into our lives in the form of our Realness. To find the edge, we have to live in such a way that we are able to consciously dive into the gap between Expectation and Result, thus creating a better relationship with Chaos and Uncertainty.


The opposite of Reality and any of the evolved Fragmentary tools that we use to try and convince ourselves that the Illusions about ourselves and The World are true.


A designated moment in an