September 2019 Coaching for Realness Rampage

I’m going on a coaching rampage…

Nearly every day in September 2019 (Tues – Sat), I’ll be offering a powerful coaching conversation to somebody who needs it. These sessions will be conducted either face-to-face if you live near me (Leeds/Bradford, UK) or over the phone/WhatsApp.

These ‘rampage’ sessions will take a maximum of two hours and will focus on your life, your values, and your goals with an emphasis on helping you examine the gap between what you think you want and what you actually want (and then how to to move forward and get it).

In these sessions, we will explore things like:

-The goal behind your goals.

-Your ‘hidden drama’ (the story you tell yourself that holds you back).

-Your real values vs. the values you’ve been conditioned to hold about yourself, the world, and reality.

-Clarity about the problems you currently face.

-What you really, really want and how you’re going to get it.

-The unnecessary pain points and frustrations in your life that are holding you back and how you can stop this from happening.

-The gap between your ego and reality.

-Whatever else is revealed as an insight or ‘aha moment’ worth following up on during the coaching process.

Short version: We will have a powerful, structured coaching conversation that aims to align your core values, emotions, and passions. We will also figure out the next moves that you need to make to take real action in your life. 

At the end of the session, you will have a better understanding of yourself and clarity about the next steps you need to take in your life to grow more real. If you’re ‘stuck’ or going through a transitional period, then this might be the opportunity you’re looking for.

Real life is a choice.

These sessions don’t cost anything financially but you will have to be committed to sharing your truth and being open during the session itself.

This isn’t just some silly little thing you should sign up for on a whim; this is serious: I’m a fully-qualified Performance Coach (Coaching Academy) and have created my own style of coaching based on my experiences working as a mental health practitioner, life itself, and the philosophy and practical elements of Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness.

Why am I doing this?

I care about ‘realness’ because I care about humanity – giving and receiving coaching has shown me that the coaching process has the power to help people ‘tap’ into the strongest versions of themselves. When we’re stronger, the world is stronger. This is my attempt at showing more people how amazing coaching can be and what it can do for them.

Also, I don’t usually do two-hour sessions so this is going to be a learning opportunity for me too as it allows me to do something I love and to go deeper into it.

In general, my availability will be Tuesday to Saturday (one session sometime in the day, UK time). Tues and Thurs will most likely be in the evening and Wednesday, Friday, Saturday during the daytime – we’ll figure out a specific time via email. These sessions are only available in September.

If you have any questions, then email me at any time:

If you’ve heard enough, then apply using the calendar and booking form below. Please answer the accompanying questions in as much detail as you can as they’ll be used as a basic assessment of whether or not we can work together on this – they’re pretty simple questions but give an overview of where you are, where you wanna be, what’s holding you back, and the qualities you need to develop to get there.

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Thanks for your time and looking forward to digging deeper!