Seven Foundations (Free e-book)

Seven Foundations of Personal Revolution

A free e-book featuring seven complete chapters (‘Revolutions‘) and Self-Guidance Questions from Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness.

Seven Foundations of Personal Revolutions ebook.

1: You’re going to be dead one day (#9: Death / Life).


2. Nobody can save you but yourself. It’s all up to you (#2: Activity / Passivity).


3. Everything changes, including ‘you’ and ‘your’ thoughts (#12: Flux / Stasis).


4. There are no events, only processes (#8: Process / Event).

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5. Uncertainty will take you further than certainty (#10: Uncertainty /Certainty).

gamble death

6. The only choice you have to make in each moment is between wholeness and fragmentation (#52: Wholeness / Fragmentation)
wholeness cave
7. Life becomes ‘meaningful’ when we choose a self-directed purpose and dedicate ourselves to it. (#134: Purpose / Meaning)



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