The Sublunary Lamentation of the Content Gods…

Need to reach out to the world. Need to be more relatable. Need to stop using big words and talking about abstract, esoteric concepts. Need to let the regular world know that I’m a regular human being with regular human being problems and that I have regular human being hopes and dreams and aspirations. Need to put it all in a relatable context so that people can see that I’m true in the world and that the workaday grind of the life that I’ve built for myself has something to say about the struggles and pain points of the world at large so that those who read these words feel a sense of ‘true’ connection to both their ideas about themselves and their ideas about who and what I might be in the scheme of things overall.

Need to update my blog more regularly so that Google defines me as being more ‘legit’ and that a regular group of core readers will start to see me as a wordplay soap opera that they feel compelled to check regularly. Need to remember that ‘people buy people’ and so it’s all about relationships – not just theories and philosophies and exhortations to take real action in an unreal world that we’re all a part of… Need to start sharing myself as I find myself so that the internet gains a better understanding of who I am and what I’m all about and so that I can funnel those whose hearts are alight down into my books and then my coaching business and then whatever other products or services I start to work on as I try to live the modern information lifestyle dream that we’re all dreaming about because we all crave ‘freedom’ and a life without the masks.

Need to tell compelling stories about life in the world that teach people about life in the world; need to cultivate an attitude of service so that we can move into a better world whilst moving into better versions of ourselves. Need to remember that people don’t buy products these days, but that they like to get behind causes that make them feel heroic and help them to alleviate some of their fears about death in the world and the infinite meaninglessness of it all beyond and outside of themselves. Need to help people find a reason to forget about the chaos of the whole and to reinforce the order of the fragments that they each carry; need to make sense of making sense so that we can come together around the same interpretations and feel that we have a place to ‘belong’ in the world.

This is the only way. I read the marketing books. I saw the Content Gods and they told me to smile at the world so that it would smile back at me. They said that I have to write to relate and relate to remain relevant. Gotta do it; got no choice. I wrote a book and I need to spread the bad word about myself in a realistic, relatable, and retailable kinda way.

Here I go being relatable. Sharing tidbits that allow an understanding of the struggle, sharing steps along the road I’ve been walking into myself. Sharing the workaday grind; giving a peak behind the curtain of external personality and into the light of inner character; sharing a piece of the pie; not just the crumbs or the leftovers. This is my life now, gotta write everyday. Gotta say what needs to be said in an entertaining and real manner. Gotta find a social conversation to contribute towards and make polarising statements so that people who are attached to their POVs move either for or against me in an emotionally reactive way as they fight to keep their egos in place.

In the modern world we have to both entertain and inform. We have to deliver valuable information in bite-sized packages with real human humour and an understanding of the idea that what one of us wants we all want, but that we can’t cast too wide a net, because we can’t catch all of the fish at the same time, because each magpie is attracted to a different brand of shimmering plaything and we can’t water down our message in a world where everybody is shouting up and above themselves and the only way to make more noise is to polarise.

Gotta keep injecting myself beyond myself; align myself with ideas or opinions that are already floating about the ether. There is nothing original under the sun and nothing new on the whole of the internet. Gotta feign a glib self-awareness and a cool hipster cynicism to play upon the human desire to feel part of something whilst also maintaining a cool blue buzz of superiority and distance from anything too ‘real’. Here on the internet, the Content Gods spoke to me and they told me that one must present an image of success at all times. We invented connection not to feel connected, but to project our idealised self-obsessions out into the world. No man is an island but, here on the internet, every man is the king of his own domain and as the love of the Content Gods flow through him he shall be freed to soar high above the sublunary corpse of the workaday world. Bow down and breathe life into yourself; your opinions are a commodity and they define you oh so completely.






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