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Life is short. Fact. I can help you make the most of it by helping you to become AWARE of what life is, ACCEPTING what you learn during that process, and then taking ACTION that helps you live up to your true potential and makes your life more meaningful whilst you’re still here.

Here are examples of the kind of things my coaching packages have been helping people with recently:

  • Helping you figure out what you really want and putting plans into place for you to go get it.
  • Keeping you accountable for the things you truly care about so you stay on track.
  • Helping you remove unnecessary friction from your life by helping you accept yourself, the world, and reality.
  • Eliminating blocks to creativity so you can use it properly (channeling it into your purpose, instead of against yourself).
  • Improving self-confidence (via self-acceptance).
  • Helping people to accept themselves with UNCONDITIONAL SELF-ACCEPTANCE as they learn to understand their egos and face their own shadow.
  • Helping you break free of your own conditioning and self-limiting beliefs.
  • Get you out of whatever rut you’ve found yourself in.
  • Help with whatever transition you might be going through in life or business.
  • Stop you following things that don’t really exist so you can lead yourself to somewhere you wanna be.
  • Improve your relationship with yourself and therefore others.
  • Explore your real purpose so you can dedicate yourself to it.
  • Help you manage and deal with all your ‘stuff’ from the past that holds you back.
  • Help you develop a ‘real’ attitude of abundance and outcome-independence.
  • Stop your shame, trauma, and guilt from holding you back so you can “do your best and forget the rest”.

I use a combination of practical philosophy, counselling skills, coaching techniques, and psychology to help you better understand yourself as a human being and get a better grasp of reality and how it works to get RESULTS.

I am the author of several well-received books about these topics, have been trained in counselling skills (worked in Mental Health for years), and have a full coaching diploma from the Coaching Academy.

Get in touch at hello@olianderson.co.uk to arrange a call.



My name’s Oli Anderson. I’m an author and coach and this is my website – you can find a bunch of stuff on here that will allow you to test your assumptions about yourself, the world, and reality and grow more real.

In the language of everything I talk about in my books (especially Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness) ‘growing real’ means that you grow into the strongest version of yourself through a process of living to continuously:

1) Uncover the truth

2) Put that truth into action

When you do that you narrow the gap between what’s inside you and the world that you’ve built for yourself and can live a happier, more purposeful life without having the constraints of a false identity holding you back (nearly all the stuff I talk about is about changing your identity from an unreal to a real one and removing friction from your life).

Check out the ‘Words’ section of the site for some free, in-depth content that can help you work to start growing more real right now.

Coaching Packages

My main business is offering coaching services to individuals and business leaders and/or their teams.

I offer three main packages:

Bespoke Coaching –  I work directly with individuals to create bespoke or tailored coaching packages around specific life goals or challenges that are currently being faced. Bespoke packages are 3.5 months long (like the Reality Check) but more fluid in their approach to the overarching structure of the process. If you’ve tried counselling or therapy and feel like you haven’t got anywhere, then give this a shot because it’s designed to get RESULTS.

Reality Check My signature coaching package which is designed to help people go through a structured process of testing and reconfiguring their identity so that they can acquire experience and insight to take better actions and build a real life for themselves around a value-based purpose. The Reality Check is for individuals hungry to take themselves and their lives to the next level.

Business, Leadership, and Service Design – A tailored coaching package for business leaders and their teams designed to help take the business to the next level by acquiring a better understanding of clients, leadership ‘mind set’ work for business owners, and service design implementation for a greater brand experience around values.

Feel free to book a call or send me an email to get further information about any of these services.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a process of exploration that allows us to investigate the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be by improving your relationship with reality.

Together, we can work to look at ways to close this gap and determine the best actions for you to be able to do so. This involves setting goals, exploring reality in an open and honest way, and then determining the best strategy move to the next level.

The short version is that coaching supports you at two main areas:

  1. Awareness: helping to to gain better clarity about your current reality, your vision for the future, and goals to be able to get there.
  2. Action: supporting you to take the actions that matter and holding you accountable to ensure that you get the results you want.

As a certified performance coach, my coaching is focused on helping creative, ambitious people to reach the next level of their ‘Personal Revolution‘ and to do things with their lives that make them truly worth living.  I have worked with people all around the world to help them achieve their goals and to help themselves grow real.

As said above, my signature coaching package is the Reality Check but I also offer more tailored packages depending on client goals and needs – the main focus is always changing the inner mind-set and growing real. I also work with business leaders and their teams with my Business, Leadership, and Service Design package.

Here are some of the things people are saying:

“Oli really helped me delve deeper into myself and uncover my true goals and desires. He helped me discover that fear could not (would not) stop me getting where I want to be.”
-Client Testimonial

“Oli really showed me how we create fears and obstacles ourselves – and that freeing our mind of self-structured barriers is possible and essential for the process.”
-Client Testimonial

“Within the series of coaching, I gained the trust (or better say re-gained) that I can and will pursue my business goal, which steps I will take, and that no plans are too big.”
-Client Testimonial

“Oli handled firmly held limiting beliefs with persistence and sensitivity that lead to many moments of personal insight.”
-Client Testimonial

“Oli’s style is supportive, warm, and inspiring.”
-Client Testimonial

“I gained such clarity on my current situation and where I needed to make progress. My goals were made clear, together with the action steps I had to take to accomplish them. I gained insight into how to direct my time and energy to achieve my objectives.”
-Client Testimonial

“The coaching techniques Oli used helped raise my awareness and change certain unhealthy unconscious behaviour for the better.”
-Client Testimonial

“The impact of Oli’s coaching has been very significant and had an almost profound impact on my life. We explored me finding a more real and genuine version of who I was which resulted in me developing a new look, dating someone for the first time in four years and, most significantly, me leaving my job of eleven years to explore a different path in life.”
-Client Testimonial

“Oli’s coaching was very timely, powerful, and insightful.”
-Client Testimonial

“Oli asked amazing questions that made me think about things in different perspectives. Looking at things how I’d never seen them before really helped me see life differently and made me make decisions I would have never thought possible.”
-Client Testimonial

“Extremely useful. Allowed me to take a look at my life from a different perspective.”
-Client Testimonial

“I was initially somewhat cynical of ‘coaching’ but would absolutely recommend others use Oli’s services in the future.”
-Client Testimonial



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