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Coaching for Realness

“I love this new me, I know that the end product will be a total beast, feel like I’m part way there!! Ringing you was the best thing I ever did!!!”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“I have become very determined to see my work through. I have learned loads.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“The main benefits of this action-packed coaching package were dissolving unrealness and the masks and Oli’s compassion, patience, and brilliance.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“I am not a victim anymore.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“As a result of this coaching journey I have fully explored my ideas and how to make them real, pushing myself beyond my normal levels of analysis and understanding.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“The main benefit of this coaching package was finally pushing myself out of the ‘preparation’ phase and into action.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“I used to be unreal with fear and shame (predominantly) I have broken through that layer and now there feels like there is nothing else worth doing than making my ambitions reality.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“I definitely have more confidence in my abilities and what I can achieve.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“Has given me renewed energy.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“I now feel confident that I can look for a better job, one which aligns with the creative work I want to be doing and I know I am capable of. “
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“I am more comfortable with the artwork I produce as a creative. No longer do I feel like my art is not good enough. Now I am getting more comfortable in my skin and with who I am. “
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“I have learned that I am capable of overcoming my impostor syndrome and perfectionism to make progress towards my goals.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“I have been able to balance my work life, working on my personal goals, and my family life.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“I feel calmer and able to reflect in the moment.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“I feel like I am flowing again”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“I have grown more emotionally mature.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“I feel more comfortable and confident with myself.”
-A Happy Life Coachin Client

“My desires, my relationship patterns, my wounds, the connection
between my inner and outer states…as within so without has never been this clear.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“There were some epic moments.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client


If you need to reset or level up your life and want to feel like you’re doing something worthwhile then coaching might be what you’re looking for.

Perhaps you’re at a bit of a crossroads in your life and need to find focus to set you on the road to recovery.

Maybe your self-esteem is lower than it should be and you lack motivation.

Perhaps you’re feeling burned out and your life has become out of balance?

Whatever you’re struggling with, if you’re looking to navigate your options and take a positive step forward in life, then coaching can help you.

My coaching packages are a series of 8 sessions over 3.5 to 4 months.

Throughout this process, I will serve as a partner to put you at ease and take you patiently step-by-step as we put you back in touch with your personal needs and values so that you can learn who you really are and what you have to offer the world.

As your coach, I won’t rest until I help you to find out what’s holding you back and how you can overcome it.  I will help you find practical and down to earth techniques and strategies to realise what the real issue might be and to get better perspectives on the patterns and behaviours that are holding you back.

By supporting you from one lightbulb moment to the next, we’ll use creative techniques to ensure that you can look at yourself and your life from a new angle and change your life for the better.

We’ll also work to foster a sense of accountability so that you are able to act on what you learn in these sessions and get results.

By the time we’ve finished, you’ll have exceeded your own expectations about yourself and what you thought was possible. You’ll feel inspired and have reignited the passion you have for life and will have cleared the mental fog that keeps you from seeing your own brighter future.


“The coaching relationship is a highly effective means of unlocking the potential of the individual in order to maximise their performance.”
-Sir John Whitmore

Coaching face-to-face, on the phone, or via video depending on where you are in the world.

Book a no-obligation exploration call using the form below – it’s quick, easy, and we can see if we’re a good match for building a coaching alliance together:


Coaching Packages

 All of my coaching packages are extensions of the essential theme of helping you to grow more REAL and to let go of the unreal beliefs, habits, and conditioning that hold you back from yourself and the life you want to be living (which is almost always a life designed around real values and real intentions).

This involves using creative coaching conversations and tools to help you find practical strategies and actionable insights for moving forward.

Normally, this means working together for a minimum of four months and walking a pathway of:

Awareness:  Raising your awareness of your beliefs about yourself, the world, and reality, how they’re holding you back, and what your true intentions are.

Acceptance: Helping you cultivate acceptance of where these beliefs came from, what you truly want to do, where your blind spots might be, and what you’re really capable of when you start moving forward and pushing through your edge.

Action: Helping you to get the best possible results by taking the action that will be most meaningful to you in the context of what you’re trying to achieve, the person you’re aiming to be come, and the vision you set for your life.

Every coaching session will also bring in elements of this pathway, ensuring that you increase your self-belief, gain insight, and – most importantly – start taking ACTION.

For more information about the real/unreal philosophy, you can check out my books – Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness or Shadow Life: Freedom From BS in an Unreal World.


Though all my packages, work around this framework, I also work to help people in the following areas:

Coaching for Realness – This is my signature coaching package and is designed to help you look at your life as a whole and work to become more real/authentic. Essentially, we will be getting a ‘big picture’ understanding of where you think you’ve been, where you actually are, and where you can go if you believe in yourself and take action.

Who’s it for: Anybody who feels like they need to stop hiding or wearing a mask in the face of the world and owning themselves and their real potential.



Bespoke Coaching  – This is my most contextual and tailored coaching life coaching package. Essentially, we will be looking at digging out and exploring the goals that will allow you to push through and reach the next level of yourself, your world, and your reality.

Who it’s for: Anybody that wants to reach their next level but isn’t yet sure what that might looking or what their next steps might be. We will work to uncover and achieve the goals that will change your life over the next four months.



Confidence for Creatives – As a novelist and author of books about the human condition and creativity, I understand the creative process and the mental attitude that is required to dig deep within ourselves and to unblock our creativity and follow through with a project. This coaching package is for creatives that are either facing creative blocks or need to increase their creative confidence so they can get where they need to be.

Who’s it for: Creative types who feel that they need to explore and push through their creative blocks and/or need a challenging accountability partner to ensure they get their best work done.


Business Coaching – This is a coaching package to help you look at your business from the inside out – align it with your values and those of your audience – and to help you find the right actions to move forward and get better results by understanding the value you truly offer and delivering on it.

To assist us we will use the Truth Bomb Brand Methodology (truthbomb.co.uk) to help us look at all aspects of your project – Substance (Service and Brand substance), Style (Branding), Communication (Marketing), and Community (building a community around your brand or business as a whole so that you can attract new customers and retain old ones).  You can download a free tool for helping you get started with this yourself at: truthbomb.co.uk/tbsbdc.

Who’s it for: Small and creative business owners (photographers, artists, coaches, podcasters, etc.)  who want to know the value they really have to offer and how they can get results doing it.


Confidence Coaching – In many cases our confidence is linked to how real we’re capable of being when we need to be. This package is for people who need to step-up and believe in themselves so that they can push through their edge and overcome the unreal beliefs that have made their confidence dwindle. This will involve gaining an understanding of where their current comfort zone is, the beliefs that are keeping them there, and how they can find stretch goals to exceed their own expectations and increase self-belief.

Who’s it for: Anybody who feels like their confidence is holding them back from living the life they know they could be living and is committed to making the changes and doing the inner work.


Leadership Coaching – A leader is just somebody who does the work to grow real in themselves, sets a direction to move in so that others can grow real too, and then leads the way so that the right people can follow them.  This package will allow us to help leaders maintain their sanity, create a compelling vision for themselves and their teams (or followers), and to do the executive, higher-level work required to get the best results possible from themselves and their people.

Who’s it for:  business owners or public sector leaders who want to get the best results from themselves so they can get the best results from their teams.


Motivation Coaching: This is a package that will help you find the motivation and self-discipline to get on track with your life and purpose and to get results. We will look at uncovering your core values and motivations, creating a compelling vision that will inspire you and keep you pumped up enough to keep going, and ensuring that the goals you set yourself are big enough to be exciting and challenging. We’ll also explore the self-limiting beliefs or creative blocks that are keeping you unmotivated and start using ACTION to smash through them.

Who it’s for: Anybody who knows that they’ve lost their passion or find it hard to stay motivated and disciplined in the pursuit of their goals.


Personal Development Coaching:  A coaching package that helps you figure out who you need to become to reach your most audacious goals, how you can take actions to close the gap between where you currently are and where you need to be, and the kind of qualities you need to work on cultivating to pull it off.  This is about helping you grow into the state of mind and being you need to cultivate to get the results you know you can get.

Who’s it for:  People that know they need to develop specific personal qualities (e.g. ‘assertiveness’, ‘trust’, ‘compassion’ – whatever turns up in our explorations) to reach their potential and change their lives.


Self-Esteem Coaching:  A coaching package that doesn’t just work on helping you build self-esteem but which goes a step further and helps you to cultivate self-acceptance.  This will involve helping you explore the underlying emotional ‘stuff’ (usually shame, guilt, and/or trauma) that is causing you to hide behind a false image of yourself and to start uncovering the REAL you which always comes with self-belief, self-acceptance, and self-awareness.

Who’s it for: People who need to increase their self-esteem without any BS by building a strong inner foundation.

Mentoring: I work with other coaches and creatives to help them benefit from some of the lessons I’ve learned working in this area. I help them understand  their own blocks and to look at their work from a philosophical point of view so they can get a better grasp of it and get better results.

Who’s it for: People who are working to help others like I am.


Here are some more of the things people are saying:

“Oli really helped me delve deeper into myself and uncover my true goals and desires. He helped me discover that fear could not (would not) stop me getting where I want to be.”
-A Happy  Life Coaching Client

“Oli really showed me how we create fears and obstacles ourselves – and that freeing our mind of self-structured barriers is possible and essential for the process.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“Within the series of coaching, I gained the trust (or better say re-gained) that I can and will pursue my business goal, which steps I will take, and that no plans are too big.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“Oli handled firmly held limiting beliefs with persistence and sensitivity that lead to many moments of personal insight.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“Oli’s style is supportive, warm, and inspiring.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“I gained such clarity on my current situation and where I needed to make progress. My goals were made clear, together with the action steps I had to take to accomplish them. I gained insight into how to direct my time and energy to achieve my objectives.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“The coaching techniques Oli used helped raise my awareness and change certain unhealthy unconscious behaviour for the better.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“The impact of Oli’s coaching has been very significant and had an almost profound impact on my life. We explored me finding a more real and genuine version of who I was which resulted in me developing a new look, dating someone for the first time in four years and, most significantly, me leaving my job of eleven years to explore a different path in life.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“Oli’s coaching was very timely, powerful, and insightful.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“Oli asked amazing questions that made me think about things in different perspectives. Looking at things how I’d never seen them before really helped me see life differently and made me make decisions I would have never thought possible.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“Extremely useful. Allowed me to take a look at my life from a different perspective.”
-A Happy Life Coaching Client

“I was initially somewhat cynical of ‘coaching’ but would absolutely recommend others use Oli’s services in the future.”
-A Happy  Life Coaching Client

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