A Shout-out to All the Fake Friends, Haters, and Doubters for Making Us More Real than We Ever Imagined.


The World isn’t reality but it can be used to TEST how REAL you are.

You might think that you’ve found something real or whole in yourself and that you’re ROOTED in a solid connection to the truth but every day something is gonna put your REALNESS to the test and see you’re fooling yourself or not.

The bottom line is that in an UNREAL world, the more real you become the more you’ll be tested – especially by UNREAL people.

Some will come with their best intentions and an ABUNDANCE mindset – in other words, they know that’s what’s good for one of us is good for us all and they’ll want you to GROW REAL and go even more deeply into yourself and your real potential.

These people are the REAL ONES too – real recognises real and so they’ll CALL YOU OUT on your own BS with love because they want you to maximise your potential and your capacity to be OPEN to life and all it has to offer.

When the real ones call you out or question you it’s precisely because they want you to GROW and because they can already envisage your next level if you just get out of your head and into the TRUTH about yourself.

We all NEED people like this in our lives – IRON SHARPENS IRON and TOUGH LOVE with good intentions can help you be more real.

Thankfully, there’s another kind of feedback we can get from the world which comes from UNREAL people – instead of wanting you to GROW, these people want to HOLD YOU BACK (because of their own EGO stuff, scarcity mindsets, and doubts about themselves PROJECTED OUT at you):


-Say they want you to do well and smile on the surface of their lies but, secretly, they’re just keeping you close because they don’t believe in themselves but see something in you that they think will HELP them.

Really, they want you to FAIL, so they can keep believing their own BS and not have to TRY.

HATERS – hate themselves first and foremost and see in you what they’ve HIDDEN from themselves (in the SHADOW TERRITORY) and wish they could FREE.

DOUBTERS – Have never tried anything real because they never BELIEVED in themselves so they don’t think you should either.

THANKS and GRATITUDE to them all for showing us how to be real and keeping us in the zone.


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