Acceptance is the Bridge to Your True Timeline

You’re either in your time or you’re out-of-sync and the only difference between the two is ACCEPTANCE or RESISTANCE.

Really, when it comes to being real and living the life that you INTEND, the final lesson and resting place of your soul in the zone is always ACCEPTANCE:

Acceptance of YOURSELF and the things you stand for – your true values, your true intentions, and your true sense of morality (aligned with wholeness instead of the fragments of the world).

Acceptance of the WORLD and its limitations – like how the world is just an idea and your ideas about yourself and the OPENNESS of your heart affect what you let into the world around you.

Acceptance of REALITY and the INEVITABLE LAWS that fuel our relationship with it – such as the truth that everything changes in our human experience but everything is ONE and beyond change in the LIGHT of truth.

Your ability to ACCEPT life at these three levels (self, world, and reality) is affected by your ability to LEAN INTO and EMBRACE the TRUTH.

For most of us, the main reason we’re incapable of doing this is because we have become DISTORTED in TIME and need to make a quantum leap back onto the timeline we BELONG on (because our INTENTIONS are aligned with it).

When you don’t ACCEPT yourself, the world, and reality it means that you’ve found yourself on a DEAD TIMELINE where something is LOST, MISSING, or NEVER EXISTED but you make choices about who you are, what the world is, and what’s REAL that go against the waves of time that are washing over you.

This is normally because we’ve accumlated and attached to IDEAS that protect us from what we think we’ve been through but which become OUTDATED as time keeps swirling around us and we enter a different reality.

What this basically means is that the SOFTWARE our mind operates on is out of date with the HARDWARE we’re now operating on. When this happens it causes a SYSTEM CONFLICT or FAILURE that brings friction, frustration, and misery.

Your job is to upgrade the software by ACCEPTING REALITY and unifying mind and body so that you can WALK THE BRIDGE of trust and belief in yourself so that you can find solid ground back on your own TRUE TIMELINE and build a future that’s REAL.

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