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Drop me a Line

If you want to get in touch about anything, then send me an email at hello@olianderson.co.uk.

Here are some common things people email me about:

  • Asking for signed copies of my books.
  • Wondering what I think about things they’re going through.
  • Sharing insights they’ve had when reading Personal Revolutions or Shadow Life.
  • Sending hate mail and death threats because they read my stuff before they were ready and it triggered their shame, guilt, and trauma.
  • Wanting to know if I’ll speak at an event they’re doing (usually not).
  • Enquiring about coaching and if I can help (often, not always).
  • Whatever.

I reply to every email I get (even the ‘bad’ ones if people haven’t used a fake email as they did with my old contact form).

Lemme know what’s what!

Thanks a lot,

Oli Anderson