Creative Status: Episode 16: Elena Chow: Finding & Telling Your Real Story

Being real is about understanding your STORY.

The stories that we tell ourselves and others affect our WHOLE lives:

-The story that we tell ourselves about ourselves affects how REAL our lives will be and whether or not we’re growing in the way that we want to.

-The story that we tell others about ourselves affects how REAL our relationships will be and how we CONNECT with others in the world.

As per usual, it comes down to EGO vs REALITY:

-If you filter your story through ego then you end up holding yourself back behind static ideas and BS.

-You also end up taking yourself away from your own humanity because you will try to be ‘more’ or ‘less’ than what you really are (e.g. a ‘hero’ or a ‘victim’) and you won’t connect with people on THE LEVEL.

If your story is told in a REAL way then it keeps you growing real:

-You will be a WORK IN PROGRESS and so you keep expanding and evolving with life.

-You will be able to share what’s RELEVANT to people so that you can ceate something relatable and amazing together.

-You can write a NEW story whenever you like because you’re not held back by the past and the patterns and scripts that come with it.

Elena Chow ( is a story consultant and copywriter who helps businesses and individuals to tell figure out how to tell and share their REALEST stories.

This conversation is about how you can find and tell YOUR own real story and how that will help you get better results online.

Check out this episode if you’re interested in telling your own real story in a creative way and you wanna give some thought to:

-Story structure

-Amplifying the real stuff about you

-Researching and getting out of your EGO so your assumptions don’t kill your ability to tell stories

-How to be relatable by solving specific problems

-Crafting a bigger picture for yourself

-Figuring out your storytelling tone

-LOADS more

This was Elena’s first ever podcast but she completely smashed it!

I really hope you enjoy listening and I’m sure you’ll get some insight if you do!

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