Creative Status: Episode 36: Kamau Akabueze: The Boundless Spirit of Creative Goop Bumps

Creative Status is a podcast about using creativity as a vehicle for improving your life by deconstructing ego, integrating the shadow self, and designing and manifesting a real life. Every episode explores how the creative process can help you GROW REAL by moving towards wholeness in yourself by making the unconscious conscious.

In this episode of CREATIVE STATUS, I had one of the best conversations I’ve ever had in my life…

This was a really potent and free-flowing conversation about the creative boundlessness of the creative spirit with Kamau Akabueze – founder of the Alien School.

I first discovered Kamau on another podcast (Fukken Feelings) where he was sharing his creative philosophy which is built around the idea that “EVERYTHING IS A CREATIVE ACT”.

When I heard him utter these magical words, I knew that I had to invite him on Creative Status to explore this philosophy even more and to explore some of the intricacies of the journey to returning to the creative spirit by choosing wholeness over fragmentation and sticking ourselves on the path to growing real.

What I really loved about this conversation was the organic energy that unfolded and built upon itself – Kamau is also truly gifted at explaining some of the potentially complex ideas around this ‘stuff’ in an incredibly REAL and human way whilst also transmitting his message with presence and pure energy.

There’s loads of amazing ‘stuff’ in this episode about creativity as a whole, wholeness (or “GOOP”) itself, and some practical, potent insight about how to live a real life by connecting to your creative spirit. This is ultimately about UNIVERSAL TRUTH in relation to the creative journey into being an even more creative being than you already are (by unlearning rather than learning).

If you want to learn more about yourself whilst getting at your own energy so you can express more of it in the world, then this is a great episode for you to go deeper into life.

Here’s a quote from the Alien School MISSION page to encapsulate where we’re going:

We are here to bring clarity to creativity.We are here to love creation.We are in love with creation in all of its forms.

Kamau, thanks so much for your time and wisdom – everybody else, thanks for listening.

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Show Transcript: The Boundless Spirit of Creative Goop Bumps


Oli Anderson: Oh hi there, Oli Anderson here, you’re listening to Creative Status, this is a podcast about using your creativity to become more real.

More real means that you are basically making a choice to move towards wholeness and connection instead of fragmentation and ego and the illusion of separation and all of the things that keep you from flowing and growing and expanding with life in a way that feels life enhancing.

Every episode of the show, I, Oli Anderson, if you don’t know, a creative performance coach who helps people to implement these ideas in their life and business. Every episode I interview somebody who is inspiring or who has some insight to share about being a human, being creative and being real. Today’s interview is with Kamau Akabueze, he is the founder of the alien school based in NYC.

He basically helps people to tune into their own creative spirit and I first came across his work on another podcast and I got in touch with him because I was just so impressed with this whole vibe and all of the amazing things they had to say. Long story short, that led to this interview that you’re about to listen to.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is one of the best conversations I’ve ever had in my life. There was so much good energy, there was so much insight, there was so much humor in places and just amazing stuff going on that kind of embodies a lot of the ideas that I’m trying to tap into in my own life and with the realness philosophy that I’m always espousing here on this podcast and everywhere else.

So that’s the introduction, you’re in for a treat. Kamau, thank you so much for giving me your time and all your energy in this conversation. Everybody else, hope this hits the sweet spot and that you get something out of it and I’ll see you again next week for another episode of Creative Status.Boom.


Oli Anderson: Oh, hi there Kamau, thank you so much for joining me today on this episode of Creative Status. I first came across your work when I heard you on another podcast. You said something that made me instantly want to reach out and connect with you, which was that everything is a creative act. That’s something that I’m super interested in and it’s what this podcast is about.

We’re probably going to use that in a few minutes to start picking these things to pieces, but before I start asking you a million and three questions, would you like to just introduce yourself, tell people what you’re all about and let us know what you want to get out of this conversation as well?

Kamau Akabueze: Oh yeah, I really appreciate the invitation to the show that you’ve created. I’ve purposely held back from listening to previous episodes because I really wanted to just digest this conversation as it is. So I really appreciate the invitation to the show.

So…(coughs) excuse me, the open forum that we have here. My name is Kamau, Kamau Akabueze. I am a teacher and a guide. I help people with uplifting their creative spirit through a platform I’ve created called The Alien School, which is truly here to uplift the creative spirit in all of its forms.

I really love being around creativity and have loved that throughout my career on one hand. And what I found was that that really is my vocation in life and much more than the jobs that I’ve had held, the titles that I’ve held, working with and amplifying and igniting the creative spirit really is what I love to do. So that’s why you saw me talking about the same thing on another podcast.

Oli Anderson:Yeah, you’re definitely a man after my own heart. When you talk about the creative spirit, let’s just dive right into it. So what does that mean to you? So what exactly is the creative spirit and how do people get in touch with it, I suppose?

Kamau Akabueze: Yeah, I mean, we’ve gotten in touch with it for eons. That’s why we’re here. Our interest in creation is manifested in so many ways, right? It’s manifested in the most arcane and basic ways as creating life.

So humans get together, they mix their goop together, and they create life. Okay. Yeah, that’s a very romantic way to say it. You know what I mean? It’s just, it’s what it is, right?

Oli Anderson: Yeah, yeah.

Kamau Akabueze: It’s our goop together, and it creates life. It is, and it’s powerful.

That’s it. Like, this is simplicity of it. And so we’ve always been interested in creating and in what we could do. We probably didn’t know that if we grouped that, we created a life. We didn’t know that until we’re like, What if I put this in there? And that we got that, right? I mean, it’s a beautiful thing.

Oli Anderson: Right. It’s a happy little accident.

Kamau Akabueze: Happy, happy, happy little accident, right? . And that has led to other needs to create, right? And so there is just an inherent creative nature within us that is born of our curiosity and satisfied through our curiosity. And everything that we do is a matter of creation, everything that we do.

When we create space, everything, we create space in our lungs, when we breathe, when we create a home for our children to live in through our acts in the world, everything we do is a creative act. And so when we take more responsibility for that, there’s a lot more fun to be had with it.

Oli Anderson: Wow. So So, you know, we’ve only been talking a few minutes and there’s already loads of different directions we can move in. Ultimately what we’re saying, the creative spirit actually, and it’s something I believe as well, it’s our nature.

So if you are living in a way that is life enhancing, in a way that is going to connect you to your own nature as a human being, then creativity is something that is intrinsically linked to that. And I suppose we could say that, you know, helping people to kind of tap into their creative spirit is ultimately about helping them let go of all of the illusions they might have picked up, all of the weight that they’re carrying unnecessarily that stops them from embracing that nature.

So if that’s true, yeah. So what do you think it is that is causing a lot of people to become disconnected from that creative nature that we all have anyway, they become blind to it, it seems?

Kamau Akabueze: It’s, this is a difficult answer, quite frankly, Oli. Because of the spectrum of experience that we all go through. We are the snowflakes that we admire in the winter.

Oli: Wow.

Kamau: We truly are. And that originality of our design and originality of our experience is going to give us an original experience each and every one of us, each and every one of us. So it’s difficult to say it’s this and that. What is true, though, is that we all are experiencing some level of boundary or limitation. Yes. Yeah. That we have an opportunity through this life to push past.

Every single one of us faces some level of boundary or limitation in the world that we see in front of us.

Oli: Yes. 100%. So normally when I’m running and raving about this topic, I try and break it down into either fragmentation or wholeness. And that can also be seen as either unreal or real. So my experience in my own life and my working with coaching clients, however, it’s shown me that in 100 % of cases, the solution to most of our creative and personal problems is to start moving towards wholeness in whatever way we can find to do in our lives.

Even though we are all totally different and we’re dealing with different blocks, different fragmentation, different situations and scenarios in our lives, the path to wholeness is always the path we need to walk on in order to kind of realign with our nature and then to get all of the benefits of boundlessness that comes with that.

So I suppose my question for you is, you know, have you seen anything similar in the work that you’re doing? Like you’re helping people ultimately to kind of reconfigure, I guess, the relationship with the limitations that we all have so that they can kind of transcend them or something like that and become more real. And in that realness is the kind of boundlessness that I know you’re very passionate about.

Kamau: Yeah. Well, the realness is to get back to where you started.

The realness is the removal of the ore in the equation of consideration of fragmentation or wholeness.

When you remove that, we see the oneness. The oneness is just clear.

There is no ore to it. Right? . We all came from the goop. Whatever the goop was, we came from the goop. Yeah.

It’s just there isn’t any other fact. Yeah. You know what I mean? Yeah. But there is no other fact.

We all came from the goop. Right?

And just to be clear, goop has not sponsored this show. It’s just a way that I talk about life. Yeah.

It is ever changing and ever growing for. . And so when you remove that ore, it challenges you to see every other person as a product of the goop.. It’s about… And see the hologram of our unity. Yes.

See it as… see us as a collective entity here to experience a collective universe. That’s super dope. Wow.

Oli: Wow. Yeah. It’s about becoming aware of the goop basically. Awareness, but also acceptance of the goop. I’m always talking about three stages: Awareness, Acceptance and Action. Awareness means ultimately we’re becoming awake if you want to use that word.

It’s a bit overused. But anyway, you become awake to the natural laws that apply to all of us. So like cause and effect, the movement towards wholeness, the drive towards wholeness, all that stuff. When you become aware of the goop, that’s when you start to feel truly alive. And if you accept the goop and then start playing with the goop and molding it and shaping it in what you need your life to be so you can further express wholeness in the world, then that is basically the next level.

So if you agree with that, how can we go through that process, I guess? How can we start to be more aware of the goop in our lives? How can we accept it?

Because if we’ve been conditioned by society and by our own ego and all the bullshit that we pick up, it can be hard to accept the goop. But also how can we play with it? Play with the boundless goop, I guess.

So we can actually enjoy our lives and all that stuff. Wow.

Kamau: Well, I mean, look, it’s just, it’s so fun because it’s so good. The removal of these things that limit us, right? You’re asking right now, how can we start to play with the goop? You are the goop.

We are the goop. The goop is all around us. Every material element in front of us is the goop. And so we’ve got this awesome organic playground.

This awesome organic playground, right? We’ve learned all the basics, right? In school, we’ve learned all the basics. We’ve learned that everything is energy. In no, there was no other term in there. Everything is energy.

We have all learned that at some point. And if not, just Google it and listen to some nerdy math person talk about it. Listen to some cosmic astrological person talk about it. Listen to some geometrists talk about it.

Everything is energy. We all know it. It’s all there.

If we want to know about that, we can Google it and find out about it. Nothing is hidden in those terms. So everything is energy. And we have the opportunity in every act to create good energy, to create positive energy, to create positive life force into this world. Every act, if we take the responsibility and if we take the responsibility, what we will see is much more clearly the playground that’s before us. And that’s not to say that you can just run your hands together in front of you and make a billion dollars. No, no.

However, however, if you put forth the effort that’s been prescribed by people who have done it, very simply, with the thought in mind that you’re gonna get there, you will get there.

Oli: Yeah. There’s a lot of power in that word that you’ve shared, responsibility, because I’ve found occasionally when I talk about wholeness and everything and some of the ramifications of that, ultimately, if you align yourself with that and you start flowing with it, you have to be open to kind of transcending your ideas about yourself and realizing that the power the power you have in your own life involves kind of surrendering some of that power to something bigger.

And when you do that, that’s when you get kind of synchronicities or whatever and things will start working out, but only if you take responsibility for shaping the goop and also understanding that holding the goop in your own hands, I’ve never said the word goop so many times in like a shot.

Better, holding the goop in your own hands. It comes with a lot of responsibility. So it’s not just some airy, fairy kind of, you know, full shitty thing. It actually involves a paradox of sorts. Like the paradox is that in order to get what you want from the goop, you kind of have to give yourself to it which takes strength, something like that. Takes strength, yes.

Yes, yes. Yeah, so the question for you is, goop is such a perfect word for this because ultimately goop, it sums up what the wholeness is. Like it’s kind of nebulous, it’s indistinct, but at the same time, you can get a lot of clarity from it. So the question is anyway, sorry, what kind of qualities do we need in order to work with the goop? So taking responsibility is definitely one of them, I think. But what other goop-like qualities do we need to work on developing so we can live in this creative way that you’re talking about?

Kamau: Yeah, that’s where values come in, right? That’s where values come in. They’ve been a part of our lives for a very, very long time. You know, probably coming into our existence. The challenge has become the value placed on the past, meaning objectification in a certain way.

Let’s just call it that. If your value rests in the possession of a thing, you are placing your value in the past. Now it is a beautifully, it might be a beautifully designed thing, right? And that beautiful design inspired you to put some value on that, inspired you to want to have that thing. Now that inspiration also might be your creative spirit, like that’s really beautiful, but what if? Or that’s a really beautiful home for this thing that I’m working towards or working on, right?

Like to remove the possession alone as the value and look at what that actually signifies in your life as you progress towards something bigger. Yeah, yeah. Right? Now you can get stuck in that objectification. You can get stuck in holding that thing and that thing becomes essentially the vibration that you live at.

If you maintain a higher vibration that you’re always in that, you’re always acknowledging that there is another place to go, that there’s more to be seen, more to do, more to achieve for us.

Oli: Yeah, yeah, there’s a There’s a pretty famous quote by Osho of what you just I can’t remember it a bit. Um, but basically it says something like “Love is is like the way that you can treat a flower”.

So if you don’t love it, you’re gonna pick it basically But if you really love the flower, you’re just gonna appreciate the flower for being where it is and I think it’s –  I said that very badly – but anyway as soon as we pick the flower,  as soon as we pick it that’s when we’ve gone into this non goopy realm of existence where it becomes about it becomes about concepts basically more than the flow and the flux.

I always think we’re either forcing life, which is ultimately where we’re living in this realm where we’ve picked the flower because we’ve given it some conceptual meaning and that meaning is supposed to reflect back onto ourselves when we do that it takes us out of the other way of being so the opposite of forcing which is flowing and when we’re flowing and we’re moving and we constantly expanding then we’re moving with the goop again which is more wholeness.

So yeah, I have found you know with all these conversations about about creativity and stuff or just coaching people the thing that causes people to stop flowing and to stop forcing is almost always their need to identify with something false basically they create a false a false identity for themselves which usually is a product of two things one their emotional stuff So like shame guilt trauma was whatever’s going on beneath the surface that they haven’t faced yet and two Social conditioning and that kind of stuff and when people give into those things they become very un-goopy and End up living as ideas rather than experiences.

So is there anything there?

Kamau: Well, let’s go back to to again what you articulated was really beautiful about the pick another flower, right? And this is where what we refer to as artists where they do an incredible job In their creative process that we don’t necessarily do day to day in the acknowledgement of the gifts that we have in front of us so the picking of the flower well, you might have picked that flower as a Observation of the beauty of life and that was just that and that’s a beautiful observation and you might continue on the path and you may can see you to give love back to the beauty of the earth as you celebrate the beauty of the flower that you have in your hand that is that’s a beautiful act, right? Yeah, yeah, you you’re still in the celebration of life You’re not just removing your life from this process. You’re in the celebration of life.

Wow. It’s there for us to be played with right now the other side of that is You may pick that flower to then put that into a bouquet to give to somebody And that act may have been the spark of a very beginning of a beautiful relationship or The continuation of something or just now well when we go back and Honor the earth for giving us that flower Instead of just acknowledging What we were the feeling we were trying to manifest Mmm-hmm.

We complete the cycle when we go back to the source and thank the source Yeah, it’s completing the cycle. Thank you for the opportunity Thank you for what you provided so that x y z gratitude, right? That’s the gratitude in the lack It’s not just recycling objects, but it’s recycling love. It’s recycling good energy recycling good feeling Yeah, yeah, yeah into the atmosphere You know what I mean? So so that recycling of goodness back and that’s what I talk about artists in the way You know, they’re offered their channel because they are giving Some respect to nature and what is offered them.

Yeah, right? They’re creating alongside nature Wow, right? We’re only removing and not honoring nature and not rethinking how can we best honor? this massive giant ball of Goodness that we’re floating on You know, we’ve got to honor it. You know, because it’s given so much to eat no matter how bad we treat this rock Yeah, yeah, it’s back to us.

Oli: Wow. Yeah Again, it kind of comes back to the you’re either forcing things or you’re flowing and I’ve never thought of it like that What you just said is so true and important like if you think about it The best art or the best or the most real creations, let’s say they’re part of the flow. It’s almost like you said it’s channeling the flow from one place to another so the the artist or the creator they find something real inside themselves through the process of creating whatever it is and then the end result of that process allows other people to find a channel back into the the goop or the wholeness or the boundlessness and instead of it instead of it being about just independence and things been separate if that makes sense it’s all about creating a system within the wider system of nature and everything where things continue to flow and evolve and grow in the way that they need to It’s like it’s like building a canal or something does that make sense?

Kamau: Yes, yeah, it’s not and it’s not that difficult. You see going back to the same spot where you pick the flowers from or going back to the your place that you got got the flowers from and giving thanks to that person and them them giving thanks back, you know, to where they source it from somebody at some point giving, giving and returning and reciprocating energy, right? Even if it is just, hey, earth, thank you for that flower. Thank you. Right? Thank you. Hey, cat, hey, hey earth, hey life. Thank you for that cow that led to that created that purse. Yeah, you know what I mean?

Or think of that cow that led to the person thinking whatever they thought along the way to turn the cow skin into what it turned into. Thank you for the process. Thank you for growth. Yeah, for experimentation.

Thank you for curiosity about what we can do with all the beautiful things that we’re offering.

Oli: Yeah, yeah. And it’s showing that ultimately, because of the boundlessness of the goop, everything is connected. And if you can understand that, as you go through the process of creating whatever you’re creating, it’s going to heighten whatever you’re doing.

So can we say, ultimately, the difference between, you know, moving towards wholeness and going in the other direction, whatever that is, it comes down to our intentions. And if we can approach the creative process or life itself, or anything actually, because like you’ve said right at the start, everything is a creative act.

You can heighten your life by basically checking in with your intentions, expressing gratitude and all this kind of stuff, but making sure that whatever you’re doing, it’s coming from a place of wholeness instead of fragmentation, or from the goop instead of, you know, whatever the opposite of goop is.

Kamau: The simplicity of appreciation. It does not take a lot of energy from our systems to appreciate a person, a thing, you know, that the process of creation that brought us to where we are, to look back at our lives, to look at our experiences, look at the people in our lives that have propelled us to the moment that we’re in.

Right, to say, I appreciate what you were going through that helped me get to here, even if what you were going through was a very challenging thing that challenged my existence, that challenged my perception of who I am. I am here right now.

And I have more to do.

Oli: Do you think ultimately, what we’re talking about is very simple. It’s the most simple thing in the world, because it’s just about removing, like you said, actually, the status like it’s about removing all of the nonsense and bullshit and conditioning, whatever you want to call it, that we is removing all the stuff that we’ve picked up that adds unnecessarily complexity and friction to this natural flow anyway.

And actually, we’re just ultimately talking about returning to what is, which is about as simple as it gets ultimately.

Kamau: Softening, softening into the goop, like softening into, you know, he’s like, truly softening into the goop. Everything does not need your opinion.

Right, this is this is where we are from a, from a communication standpoint, right? Everything does not need your opinion, because if that is the case, and that’s kind of all there is, are just opinions, but not a real observation of the truth. And observing the truth in where you are is not a difficult act.

Forgiveness, the forgiveness of yourself, of your own acts, of your past, of the people in your past, it is not easy until you also see your parent, your friend, your child, your boss, your co worker, your priest, your neighborhood, the economy as byproducts of a collective experience that we’re in together. Yeah. Yeah.

Right. And that everyone’s experience is challenged. Everyone’s experience is challenged, we’re challenged by our limitations, we’re challenged by our boundaries.

But what we want, and what we think we have, what we think we want, and why we think we want it, all those things create limitations. Yeah, all of them. Yeah.

Oli: Yeah. And also, we could add an extra level where we become attached to those limitations. And we think that that is who we are. We start to label ourselves, yeah, we start to label ourselves with those limitations. We identify with them ultimately. And then that creates this extra matrix or web of opinions about the truth that are actually a mask for our blind spots, if that makes sense.

And we can spend our whole lives basically fighting to uphold our illusions. And that stops us kind of flowing and moving with the goop, whether you said. One question that arose for me when you say no, that is where does trust come into this?

So I find that the main obstacle for most people of returning to the goop or whatever, is learning to trust the goop and what you just said about opinions is a big part of that because if human beings are we’re not omniscient are we we’re never going to know everything our interpretations of life are always going to be limited and our perceptions of life are always going to be limited so there’s always going to be a bit of a disjunct between the way that we live and perceive our way through life or navigate our way through life and the way that life actually is in truth and so in order to transcend that boundary of you know the limitations of our understanding basically it reaches the point where it all comes down to trust.

We have to find a way to trust the goop more than we trust ourselves and I think that’s where a lot of people kind of struggle so where does the trust thing come into all this in your I guess philosophy or view?

Kamau: Yeah I had to learn to trust my own experience and that’s really where that’s really where trust came in right and I think we all have incredible intuition we all have a good sense of what is good for us and what is not good for us we have a pretty good sense of what is good for ourselves collectively and what is good for others I feel like there’s at least a sense of that even if it’s buried or deep within we have a sense of it.

I went through an experience in my life where I was treating other people in my life poorly I was not considerate of who they were of the love that they were offering me of the effort they were putting into their relationship with me of not trusting that we were all works in progress and that there was progress to be had and even if it didn’t look like with the way I wanted it to look in the moment that it had the potential to get there well if I released from my opinions of what was… well now the beauty of that is I still had those experiences and they propelled me to an awakening to my own behavior.

And that awakening to my own behavior allowed me to see the ways I mistreated my opportunities to group ways I mistreated my opportunities to send some positive energy force forward and appreciate the potential of where we were yeah even through the challenges appreciate the potential of where we were instead of judging the current state as not acceptable yeah yeah not what I wanted to be because look man you me the people that we’re talking to we’ve got incredible imaginations human beings have an incredible imaginations and our imaginations can fixate yeah our imaginations can fixate on the image or the style or the behavior of a thing that we want that we think would make our lives better but again that thinking is still just our imagination.

Oli: Yeah yeah and it can turn into picking the flower as well instead of just appreciating it what you’ve said is super important so if we get caught up in our opinions and everything like you said we ultimately end up being lost within our own minds but our minds are a product of how ready we are to face the goop ultimately right and when we project our mind out into the world it seems like everything is static so we take things at face value but ultimately when we take things at face value in that way we are removing ourselves from the flow so the example you just gave is about potential if I just you know if you look at the people in your life and you know you’re going through a bad experience with them for whatever reason this drama or discontent in that particular time if you look at them and the face value of the situation is what you see then you’re actually you’re not in touch with your goop and you’re not in touch with their goop and so the situation will never heal it will never move forward towards its true potential which is wholeness and so what you seem to be saying is that when we get in touch with our own goopiness wholeness whatever it makes it so much easier to keep flowing which we’ve already said a lot of times now but also it makes it easier to flow into wholeness or whatever word you want to use with other people so it’s there’s something there I feel like we can elaborate on that a little bit maybe.

Kamau: Now there’s something used there and you know it goes back to it goes back to what we were talking about in terms of relationships and again I’ll use my own story as material here because it was offered to be for material for this dialogue right when we lose that connection with our own the beauty of our group the beauty of it yeah right then like the beauty of our organism I mean just think about the fact that our heart yeah so this is a ramble here but our hearts they can’t see what’s external our hearts don’t see what’s external to us well we send our heart the signals that is then pumping through our bodies we send our brain signals through our experience that they’re pumping through our body that is gorgeous it’s beautiful what’s happening inside of us it’s beautiful is happening inside more than we start to appreciate what’s happening inside of us the activity in the group there’s 10 billion miles of DNA in every human body 10 million 10 billion miles well Yeah, you start to appreciate the beauty of your own group in whatever form that it is You stop externalizing this thing right and what I had externalized was a few things The completion wholeness I was trying to find wholeness outside of myself. I’m a whole being I was trying to find in my Relationships someone to complete you know Jeremy Guire. I think I whatever movie what you complete me, right? Look for somebody to complete me. I am whole. Yeah, I am whole. Yeah, if I’m looking externally for somebody to complete me I Am missing the key factor in the equation of one plus one Yeah, I have to be one first.

Oli: Yes, like actually I always say one plus one is one like if you like if you understand the goopiness one plus one is one. Yeah, yes Yes, yeah.

Kamau: So an externalizing completion I was looking outside of myself for completion and externalizing, you know my my fear of not being complete. When I felt dissatisfied or incomplete in a relationship I then started to seek out other relationships that I thought would complete me because I was not honoring my own wholeness that’s when we start to mistreat others Yeah, we’re not honoring our own wholeness and not trusting in the flow not trusting in the potential Yeah, yeah, and my career Well up it you know up to up to the creation of the alien school my career was always about the appreciation of potential In talent and opportunity in a brand idea That’s what I was always tuned into was potential.

And I can see that in all these other things but I wasn’t even seeing it in myself. I wasn’t seeing it in In the relationships that I had attracted. I wasn’t seeing it I was thinking it needed to be something else because of all those external factors like love looks like this Love feels like this, you know, if you know, you think of any movie or R &B song or TV show It’s like love looks like this.

Yeah. Nah, love feels love feels like hold this. Yes love feels like hold this And when you are tuned into your wholeness and you tuned into your own energy and your own completion then You can actually accept others energy Yes, what it is.

Yes for what they’re going through and not judge it, I appreciate the potential of what they bring to your life.

Oli: Yeah, yeah Yeah, and that reminds me of what we were saying. I don’t know 20 minutes ago or something about the realesst creations become like a channel for the flow. Like it becomes like you’re directing the river – you’re building something that is going to send the river from one place to another place where it needs to go I’m like if you go through the process that you you’ve experienced Where you end up letting go of the fragments and you get in touch with your wholeness again Then you can become a channel for allowing the other people that come into your life to feel wholeness as well Ultimately, so you become like a conduit or whatever you want to call it.

Kamau: See everything is energy everything.

Oli: Yeah, yeah, and when you when you get it you realize it was there the whole time so one time one one thing you said earlier Which is that you are the goop and I just want to bring that back up again because if you know I realized as we’re going through this or as I’m talking about goop I’m making it sound like goop is something that you have like you have the goop.

But actually I am the goop you are the goop so I suppose to kind of start wrapping all this up because we’ve actually covered loads in a very short amount of time It’s been amazing. Well, like if we’re gonna wrap all this up how can people start to go through that transition I guess from Trying to have the goop or trying to find something that is gonna give them this feeling of wholeness or You know some external thing whatever is how can they make the shift? To seeing that they are the goop like what kind of practical things I guess can they do?

Generally of course because it’s a bit different for everyone, but what can they do? To feel and experience what you’re talking about this boundlessness … of the goop.

Kamau: Yeah As I said earlier I do believe there is a simplicity to that So I’ll offer the simple just the simplistic side to it and then some some processes, right? Acceptance Acceptance is the simple the simple beginning It’s the simple beginning of Appreciation for what you are who you are where you are is The acknowledgement well, you know, I am I am here.

Mm-hmm. I am here Right. I’m here.

Just I am here is a very like centering embodying practice of your wholeness in your moment the need for nothing else but you In the place that you are in the moment. I am here here Despite everything that I’ve experienced and it because of everything that I’ve experienced Wow, I am here Yeah The second step in that is okay, where do I? Go from here

Where can we? Wow, from here if I am here Yeah, yeah, right because it starts to set Pathway towards an intention and I’m gonna I’m gonna come back to intention. Yeah, I’m gonna come back to it Because it really is the button But establishing that pathway to intention. Wow. Wow. My grandfather, my grandmother, my mother, my father were all activists. And when I think back to the hallmark of the era of activism, cultural activism, there’s one keynote that’s out there. That I have a dream speech is the keynote that we are all conditioned to receive and understand.

What we actually need to receive and understand by sitting in ourselves, recognizing that we are here in the moment that we’re in, is that we are living the dream. Yeah. When you break down the context of that speech, we are living it. Wow. We are living it in progress.

Wow. It may not look like each of us wants it to look individually, but collectively, we are living the dream. And it’s beautiful to see if you can open your eyes and accept it, accept it, and accept that the progress that we want to see in life takes a long time, takes a lot of effort, takes a lot of commitment, takes a lot of pain, takes death. Yeah. It takes death. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

But it also takes living. Yeah. Wow.

And when we know that everything does not happen in a single lifetime, but we are all on this collective journey forward, we can appreciate the lifetime that we are in so much more. Yeah. And I said I’d come back to intention. I said I’d come back to intention. Mm-hmm.

If you, and I got to give mad props to my brother, Hawaii Mike, a beautiful alchemist, friend of mine, so much love and respect to Hawaii Mike. He tapped me in to the definition of intention, just the, if you Google intention in the dictionary, online, anywhere. The second definition is a medical definition.

It’s the healing process of a wound. Wow. Wow.

The healing process of a wound and the beauty of that. Wow. The beauty of that is its ambiguity. Mm-hmm. It’s not a, it doesn’t say a physical wound. Mm-hmm. So that could be an emotional wound. Mm-hmm. That could be a mental wound. Wow.

That could be a physical wound. Mm-hmm. But the intention that we apply to our own progress. Yeah.

Heals our wounds. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

And if we accept that. Mm-hmm. And accept that that takes time and effort and trust as you talked about. Mm-hmm.

That’s where trust really comes in. Yeah. Yeah. It’s trusting the process. Yeah.

As so many sages have said, trust the process. Yeah. Yeah. You are here. Yeah.

Where do you go from here?

Oli: Wow. Like honestly, I just got goosebumps when you were saying that. And like. Oh, I got goosebumps. What did I? I got GOOPbumps.

Goofbumps. But it’s not true. Like the true intentions are the ones that are going to heal your wounds, basically. The wound is fragmentation.

That is what the wound is. I like it. Yes.

And you go to what’s holding us or the goop and then you become alive again because you’re healed. Wow. Yes.

Kamau: Um, the other, the other practical step in there is potentially if one is so inclined is to come and learn more about The Alien School where we do this work.

Oli: Yeah. Yeah. Well, this is a good segue into that part of the show. So where can people, you know, find you online? Like, where can they learn about The Alien School?

If they want to talk next with you and all that stuff, like, why do they need to know?

Kamau: Yeah. I mean, the Alien School is something I’ll be doing for the rest of my life is a commitment I’ve made to uplift and create a spirit to helping folks like you really see the opportunity that we have in front of us to create an incredibly beautiful world and create incredibly beautiful relationships and create outstanding art and continue our involvement in the creative process, our involvement in this grand creative process that we are in. Yeah.

You can find Alien School at, not just alien school, but “the alien school” spelled exactly where you spell all those words.

Oli: Well, I’ll share that in the show notes.

Kamau: Appreciate you.

Oli: Yeah. Like, honestly, this has been so awesome. I feel like I could talk to you for another 24 hours at least. Let’s, let’s wrap it up.

But honestly, Kamau. This has been sick. Thank you so much for like your time today and coming on and sharing all this amazing insight in a super short amount of time.

Kamau: It’s been really, really amazing. So I do have this has been a super healing conversation for me, my brother. I appreciate you offering this space.

I hope that everybody who who listens, you know, in and tunes into our vibe and this conversation. Take some time really to appreciate how beautiful you are. Start with accepting your own beauty.

Oli: I think this conversation you’ve channeled the flow in the way that we were talking about. So thank you again.It’s been amazing. Thank you so much.

Kamau: Thank you so much. Peace. Peace. Thank you.

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