Hatred is Judgement to the Max

Perhaps the closest we can get to a ‘miracle’ on this planet of ours is seeing hatred get transformed into…something REAL.

Hatred is just JUDGEMENT with the volume turned all the way up:

If means that – at some level – somebody has found themselves in a situation where they’ve been forced to EXAMINE their own image of themselves and instead of following through with whatever learning is asked of them and GROWING REAL they decide to project it out into the world in vehemence and rage.

ALL judgement is UNREAL and all hatred is judgement maxed out.

Whenever you JUDGE somebody else, you have first made some judgement about yourself that makes you believe you’re FRAGMENTED and not WHOLE.

Really, judgement is just the belief that the fragments are ALL WE ARE but that’s impossible because no fragment can ever be ‘all’ of anything.

When you JUDGE, you assume that you have the POWER to deny the TRUTH about people which is that they’re all complicated and confusing but that – once the clouds clear – there is only light and that the same LIGHT is within all of us.

When you JUDGE, you get caught up in the ILLUSIONS OF DUALITY – you ascribe things or people as being some degree of either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but you CANNOT judge because you’re only a human (I assume) and so your judgements are fed through a double-barrelled reality distortion device of:

1. Limited Perception – because of your limited body.

2. Limited Interpretation – because of your limited understanding which is always informed by your emotional ‘stuff’ and the STORIES you want to believe about yourself, the world, and reality.

This VEILED VEIL is what keeps you from REALITY and the truth about life (which is always beyond judgement because it just ‘is’).

The more attached you become to your unreal PERCEPTIONS and INTERPRETATIONS the more you need to judge to keep the illusion in place (so you can keep avoiding your SHADOW and growing REAL).

HATRED is what happens when somebody becomes a lynchpin for the edifice of your EGO’s illusions and the judgement that binds them.

The ‘miracle’ is that you can wake up whenever you feel like it and you do that not by HATING others but by LOVING yourself.


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