If You Judge Another, You Judge Yourself


Life is just a goddam trip.

You come screaming out of the womb, get slapped (in most cases) to see if you can cry (they want you to fit in), and then you’re pumped through an economic system of education to be conditioned as one of the herd.

If you’re lucky, you can find a station in life that you can tolerate with people that don’t annoy you TOO much; if you’re not, you spend your days slaving away at some meaningless task you don’t really care about before you die.

Yeah, it’s a trip.

To top it all off, nobody really KNOWS how the hell we ended up here or what the point of it all is.

You can go MAD just trying to survive and that’s exactly what happens to most people – their wits start to ERODE and the pressure drives them madder with each passing year.

The thing that we sometimes need to remind ourselves of is that “WE’RE ALL IN THIS ‘LIFE’ THING TOGETHER.”

-That family member you’ve got that’s always talking about nutty theories or got some scheme on the go?

Yeah, they’re dealing with the same existential crap as the rest of us.

-Those upstairs neighbours that (try to) juggle bricks and stomp around in stilts at 3am in the morning?

Yeah, that’s just how they’re finding some MEANING amidst all the absurdity.

-That lunatic you know who’s always threatening to beat everybody up (but never does)?

Yeah, that’s just a way of COPING with whatever the hell they’ve been through that led them here.

The POINT is that EVERYBODY is going through or has been through something because that’s what makes us HUMAN.

If you’re scared of facing your own ‘stuff’ then your tendency might be to JUDGE the other people that are going through ‘it’ with you but if you do that you only end up JUDGING YOURSELF.

If you BELIEVE it’s possible to JUDGE somebody else then it means you BELIEVE it’s possible for you to be judged too because you believe in the VALIDITY of judgement.

No human can judge anything accurately because all judgement is about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ but nothing is that simple.

When you judge you enter the realm of DUALITY and take yourself away from the truth about yourself and others: WHOLENESS.

All judgement is unreal and you become unreal when you judge.

Believe you can’t be judged (because you can’t be) but accept that means that nobody else can be either – whatever one of us is in truth, we all are.



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