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13 Universal Laws of Realness:  Real Always Works


The only way you’re gonna get any RESULTS is by working with reality.

The ONLY way that you will ever get what you INTEND to get from life is if you work with reality instead of against it.

It’s a little crazy that something like that has to be stated but because so many of us confuse our interpretations of reality with reality itself, things get messy, people get confused and life gets weird.

If you’ve read my ‘stuff’ before then you’ll have heard me say “REAL ALWAYS WORKS”.

It always works because reality is the only place where things can actually happen.

This means that if you’re not getting the RESULTS that you want from life then you’ve either:

1) Set yourself a goal that is pure EGO (and therefore unreal),


2) You’re aiming for something real in an unreal way (because you lack AWARENESS about how reality works).

To understand how reality works, you need to understand the PRINCIPLES or LAWS by which it operates.

More importantly, you need to understand that these principles or laws apply to absolutely ALL of us – it doesn’t matter who you are, what time you were born, what you ‘like’ or ‘dislike’, or even what you feel, desire, or think about life: if you’re a human being having a human experience then REALITY is always REAL and you can either accept it or you can be miserable.

This article will help you understand some of the fundamental LAWS about reality that we all need to accept to work with it.

Even though these ‘laws’ are shared in words, they are not ‘interpretations’ or mere ideas about how life works – they are principles that come from an observation of life itself.

In other words, they’re just as ‘real’ as GRAVITY or the SPEED OF LIGHT or some other unalterable facet of reality itself (i.e. they would exist whether we labelled them or not whereas mere interpretations don’t necessarily need a connection to reality to ‘exist’ (in our minds)).

Laws and principles are real because they’re DISCOVERED – interpretations on the other hand are CREATED.  That’s a very subtle distinction but if you grasp it you’ll understand the difference between real and unreal.

Probably, I’ll keep adding to this list over time but this should get you started in terms of increasing your AWARENESS so you can live without friction and get better results from life (if you ACCEPT the laws and take ACTION – Awareness, Acceptance, and Action ‘work’ every time because they’re REAL).

Here we go:

The Universal Laws and Your Mindset

One quick point before we get started with the ‘Laws’:

Reality requires that we are OPEN to life and that we keep growing and moving towards more wholeness (in ourselves, the world, and reality).

When it comes to ACCEPTING the Laws (the second step after AWARENESS), the only thing that can really ‘block’ you from embracing and then working with the laws is having an UNREAL mindset over a real one.

If you want to know more about this (a lot more) then check out the 7-Day Personality Transplant System Shock for Realness and Life Purpose or read Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness but the abridged version is that a REAL mindset will allow you to keep learning and growing through your ‘identity’ and an unreal mindset will keep you attached to it.

This raises a lot of questions about where the ‘current’ version of your identity came from but – if you’re especially rigid and resistant to change – then your identity is most likely an EGO construction that has been designed to hide certain ‘Shadow’ parts of yourself beneath the surface of yourself (in the ‘Shadow Territory’).

When you have a rigid ego/identity of this kind then your MINDSET will be a reflection of this and will be REALITY RESISTANT instead of REALITY EMBRACING.

Exactly how we developed this ‘unreal mindset’ is different for all of us but this ALWAYS has something to do with unresolved shame, guilt, and or trauma.

What this means in practical terms is that you find it hard to ACCEPT and ACT with reality and the principles that it operates by then you are probably resisting some emotional ‘stuff’ within yourself.

If you can figure out what that is and start facing it then the RESULTS you get from life will grow exponentially as you allow yourself to start working WITH reality instead of hiding from it (both consciously or unconsciously).

In short: if you find these Laws difficult to accept then you need to ask yourself if the problem is with REALITY or if it’s with your attachment to your INTEPRETATIONS of reality.

The clearest sign that you need to work on accepting reality more is that you feel ‘bad’ for a prolonged period of time and you constantly don’t get the results you want to be getting (it’s normal  to feel ‘bad’ sometimes and not get every result we aim for).

This is because when you resist reality you do one of two things: 1) you create friction between yourself and life with the false identity/ego you place between yourself and life (which causes anxiety and stops you getting results), 2) you stop MOVING with life (towards wholeness – your natural drive) and you stop getting results (and when we stop moving we get depressed).

The easiest way to change your mindset and make it more real is to start asking yourself questions so you can get new insight. This is opposed to thinking you already know everything you need to know which stops you learning and keeps you the ‘same’ (which just gets the same results you don’t want).

Short version: if you find it hard to accept these Laws then you might be resisting something in YOURSELF.  Figure out what it is and you can expand your awareness, accept reality, and ACT in a way that has better odds of getting the results you intend to get.

Okay, with that being said, onto the Laws themselves:

The Universal Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect is simple: every EFFECT in life has a CAUSE.  This is just how things work in a deterministic universe (even if you want to believe in ‘acausal’ ideas like manifestation – you still need to act in way that CAUSES the EFFECT of whatever you’re trying to ‘manifest’).

The Law of Cause and Effect means that whatever you have in life right now is an effect of the causes that came before it. That’s difficult to accept sometimes because it means accepting responsibility for the way that we’ve been living and the choices we made that led us here (because everything we did so far in life contributed to the CAUSE of the EFFECT of the makeup of our life right now).

The Law of Cause and Effect is VITAL to accept if we want to get certain results from life.  For example, if you have a vision for yourself to one day write a book, be a business owner, lose/gain weight, learn a new skill, or whatever else, then – due to the Law – certain actions will be the CAUSE of the desired EFFECT (the goal in question).

If you don’t accept this law then you’ll avoid the REALITY that the only way to get what you want from life and to become the person that you want to become is to get involved in the PROCESS of closing the gap between cause and effect.

This is the most basic laws of ALL REALITY – if you’re not getting the results you want then you’re either aiming for an unobtainable EFFECT (because it’s unreal/ego) or you’re not doing the WORK you need to do to close the gap by BEING the CAUSE.

The Universal Law of Effort

The Law of Effort is simple but needs to be remembered. It states that you won’t get any results or close the gap between cause and effect without expending some kind of energy or effort.

If you’re not getting the results you want then you might be neglecting this law and not putting as much effort as the task in hand requires.

A simple example: maybe you’re not gaining the muscle you want at the gym despite going seven days a week. Probably, by putting more effort in and doing MORE reps or MORE weight, you’ll get better results.

This applies in all areas of our life: if there’s no effort then there’s no real reward as you won’t GROW.

The Universal Law of Averages

The Law of Averages means that the more you work to be the CAUSE of the EFFECTS you want from life, the more likely you are to succeed. This is because getting results is ultimately a NUMBERS GAME.

Things don’t always work out in the way that we want them to (due to the Law of Uncertainty – see below) but the Law of Averages states that the more shots we take the more likely we are to score a goal.

Like all of the Laws, this applies to all of us and means that we all have a chance of getting where we want to be if we can embrace reality instead of hiding behind an unreal mindset and trying to act like the odds are always against us or that if we don’t succeed straight away then it’s not worth trying.

The Law of Averages means that you need to work on cultivating an abundance mindset (knowing that there are more opportunities out there and CREATING them), learning to be outcome-independent (not letting your self-worth depend on outcomes), and continuing to learn, tweak, and readjust as you keep working the process of closing the gap between CAUSE and EFFECT.

In practical terms this means things like:

-You might not make every sale in your business but the more sales calls you have the more sales you’ll get.

-You might not win every race but the more races you take part in the more LIKELY you are to get better.

-You might not be able to find a partner right away but the more you go out there and talk to people/look, the better your chances of finding one.

It doesn’t have to be complicated but the LESSON from this law is simple: if you’re NOT getting results then you might need to turn up the volume and do MORE of whatever it is that you’re doing to close the gap between cause and desired effect.

The Universal Law of Perspective

The Law of Perspective means that the point of view you take on situations (a cause) will change the effect of the results that you get.

In general, the Law of Perspective comes down to the idea that there is a natural BALANCE to life and that reality itself is ‘neutral’ in the sense that it stands beyond our human value judgements of ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

The Law of Perspective is important because it allows you to  keep MOVING with reality instead of against it by understanding that when ‘bad’ or ‘good’ things happen it’s only your perspective that shows you the difference between the two.

When ‘bad’ things happen, the Law of Perspective reminds you that there is still a lesson to be learned and an opportunity to be garnered from the ‘bad’ experience. By uncovering these and embracing them, you can get moving again and the ‘bad’ thing is no longer and obstacle (as Marcus Aurelius said: “What stands in the way becomes the way”).

When ‘good’ things happen, the Law of Perspective reminds us that there is always a ‘cost’ and that choosing one thing over another always comes with a reduced set of options. This is neither ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in reality but it means that we need to maintain PERSPECTIVE about the choices we make and where we expect them to take us.

In short, the Law of Perspective means that we are able to STAY REAL and to CHOOSE the perspective that will carry us where we need to be (i.e. to narrow the gap between cause and effect in a real way) and to live the life we want to live instead of an unreal life that’s an effect of distorted perception (i.e. not seeing reality clearly).

You use the Law by asking yourself if you’re seeing what you FEEL you see or what’s actually there. You can also invoke it by seeking lessons and opportunities in ‘bad’ things and finding the cost of the ‘good’ things.

The Universal Law of Action

The Law of Action is a simple law that states you need to take ACTION.  This doesn’t mean that action is the only thing you need – you also need to increase AWARENESS and ACCEPTANCE before acting so that you take action that’s REAL – but without action reality will keep moving around you but it might not take you where you need or INTEND to be.

The Law of Activity works because – in alignment with the Law of Averages and the Law of Effort– ACTION increases your odds of getting a favourable result from reality as you attempt to close the gap between cause and effect.

Action increases your ODDS for two reasons:  1) it increases the SPEED with which you move forward (as opposed to just sitting around thinking about things or planning them which just keeps you in your head), 2) it TEACHES you how to take better actions by giving you feedback from reality itself.

By SPEEDING up your progress and giving you FEEDBACK, action allows you to keep refining your process and course correcting so that you become more efficient at getting the results you want.

Again, this comes back to having a REAL mindset because without being mentally ready to act in the physical world you won’t go out there and learn the lessons that only action can teach you.

In practical terms, the implementation of this LAW is simple: you need to go out there and ACT in the world instead of just observing it from the distance.

No action, no results. Ever.

The Universal Law of Uncertainty

The Law of Uncertainty states that no human being experiencing life on earth or in the world (that we’ve built on earth based on our assumptions about ourselves, the world, and reality) will ever know EVERYTHING.

This law comes down to the naturally LIMITED nature of human beings, both at the level of their PERCEPTIONS of life and their INTERPRETATIONS of life (see the post on this site about the Veiled Veil).

The short version of this is that we don’t know everything there is to know, always LACK information accordingly, will constantly be LEARNING new things as the waves of past, present, and future flow around us and bring new information and situations to be dealt with, and that the ideas we have will always end up being REFINED and RECONFIGURED by reality.

The Law of Uncertainty basically means that NOT KNOWING is more common (and real) than knowing and so is ultimately a reminder that the only way to close the gap between cause and effect is to remain OPEN instead of going about it as though the things we ‘think’ we already know are certain.

In practical terms, this law means that you need to come from a stance of knowing that uncertainty is the default state and something we have to actively work with and ride through to grow more real.

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The Universal Law of Assumption

The Law of Assumption states that if you assume something you increase the odds of it coming true.  This doesn’t mean that it will 100% come true but it means that you will make it more LIKELY to come true by thinking, feeling, and ACTING in alignment with the assumption.

The most simple example of this law in operation is if you ASSUME that you’ll fail you probably will and if you assume that you’ll succeed you probably will.

All that’s happened here is your MINDSET and belief system (which affects your assumptions) has either opened you up or closed you down and ensured that you got the corresponding results.

To complicate things, the Law of Assumption continues to operate whether or not our assumptions are conscious or unconscious.  In other words, even if you aren’t aware of your own assumptions – because they’re hidden behind EGO and buried in the SHADOW – they will still dictate your life and affect the results you get.

This is why it’s so vitally important to do INNNER WORK – so you can uncover the hidden parts of yourself that have been disowned because of your shame, guilt, and trauma, and ensure that you’re not sabotaging yourself without knowing (because of the hidden assumptions).

If you’re not getting REAL results from life then there’s a very HIGH chance that your CORE assumptions about yourself, the world, and reality are screwing your life up.

You can train yourself to ASSUME things that will SERVE you and as long as these assumptions are REAL (e.g. you’re not assuming you can summon a unicorn on command or anything like that) then you’ll get better results by being more aligned with the REALITY of things (just make sure your assumptions work within the context of the LAWS).

The Universal Law of Value

The Law of Value states that in order to get value from the world you need to give value to the world. You do this by becoming more REAL (by taking the actions that will help you grow towards WHOLENESS) and then SHARING things with the world that help others to grow more real too.

To get RESULTS from life in ANY area you need to offer some kind of value to somebody. This is because we are all interdependent and so none of us is an island (as the old saying goes).

Here are some examples:

-If you want a successful RELATIONSHIP, you need to make the other person’s life better (value).

-If you want results in your business, you need to provide a product or service that people value enough to pay you for.

-If you want to produce a piece of art/write a book/create something, then it will only find an audience if it offers some kind of VALUE (helping them understand themselves more, solving a problem, whatever).

The Law of Value means that if you’re not getting results in the way that you want then you probably need to start exploring what ACTIONS you can take to be able to offer MORE value to the world.

That might sound harsh if you’re not currently getting the results that you want from life or business (or wherever) but it means that you need to use the Law of Cause and Effect to start becoming a more ‘valuable’ version of yourself by doing the WORK.

The Universal Law of Flux

The Law of Flux means that everything continues to CHANGE from the perspective of a human being moving through time, space, and causality (cause and effect).

This can be complicated somewhat because reality is WHOLE but our experience is FRAGMENTED (and what is whole doesn’t change because it’s already complete).

The Law of Flux means that we are constantly moving and the world is constantly changing around us but only at the level of fragmentation (let’s say perception and interpretation for the sake of simplicity).

If we can move with it then we can let go of some of the fragmentation that isn’t serving us (and none of it does, really) and move more closely to the truth about things (i.e. reality/wholeness).

From a practical point of view, the Law of Flux is simple: expect change instead of trying to cling to things (including our ideas about ourselves).

Any time we cling or resist change then we simply create unnecessary friction between ourselves and reality and it complicates our journey of closing the gap between cause and effect.

The main ‘thing’ that people cling to in order to attempt to resist the Law of Flux is their identity or self-image (ego). Though our experience of ourselves is STABLE – if we’re real – the details and concepts that make up the story we tell ourselves about ourselves can hold us back from ourselves and life (especially if it’s been designed to hide the SHADOW ‘stuff’).

Expect change and work with it and you will be more likely to apply the Law of Cause and Effect by taking action successfully and get where you need to be: reality.

The Universal Law of Relationships

The Law of Relationships states that you are not alone.  Forgetting this law and tricking yourself into thinking that you’re alone in the universe just causes you to believe (and act) like you’re INDEPENDENT instead of INTERDEPENDENT and connected to everybody and everything else.

You’re not alone because you’re connected to life itself at all times (if you’re alive) but also because you share the world with everybody else. You also have a relationship with REALITY itself which increases in depth the more you grow into yourself towards WHOLENESS.

If you forget the Law of Relationships, you will cause yourself to live in unnecessary SEPARATION and with a false sense of INDEPENDENCE that will hold you back. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t act in an AUTONOMOUS way (i.e. OWN yourself) but it does mean that you share life with other people.

On a practical level, this law means that:

-If you want to do something great you will need to work with other people.

-That to get the most out of life you will need to keep building a REAL network of relationships.

-That you need to be able to get out of your head and to have real relationships with people in the first place (and the more real your RELATIONSHIP with yourself, the more real your relationships with others will be).

-That the Law of Value ultimately comes down to how you go about your relationships.


In short, your life is yours but you share it with others and to make the most of this you need to embrace the law and work on anything INSIDE YOU that decreases the QUALITY and QUANTITY of the real relationships in your life.

The Universal Law of Priority/FOCUS

The Law of Priority means that what you CHOOSE to prioritise in life will become the FOCUS of your life. Ultimately, this comes down to the FACT that you’re going to be DEAD one day and so your time, energy, and attention are the most important things you have.

Quite simply: the Law of Priority means that if you CHOOSE to give your time, energy, and attention to UNREAL things – like distractions, general BS, drama, things that aren’t aligned with your true values and intentions, etc. – the you will just get more UNREAL things in return.

If you focus on the REAL stuff – like your true values and intentions and the relationships that matter to you – then you will get more REAL things in return.

This – like all the laws – feeds into the Law of Cause and Effect but it, ultimately, means that you need to check in with yourself and make sure you’re prioritising the things that actually matter to you (as opposed to what conditioning or social program has told you should matter to you).

Using the Law of Priority in a practical way is simply about making REAL CHOICES on a daily basis: are you prioritising the REAL or the UNREAL? Your answer and actions affect what will show up in your life next (i.e. whether the EFFECT/Result will be real or unreal).

The Universal Law of Wholeness

The Law of Wholeness states that EVERYTHING is moving towards wholeness.

This happens with or without our intervention and so we either work with it and flow towards wholeness in ourselves or we resist and become more confused and fragmented.

As a human being, you have a natural DRIVE towards wholeness in yourself, the world, and reality – ultimately, this just means that your drive is to be more CONNECTED at each of these levels.

At the level of yourself, this connection comes from being more integrated between the SHADOW and the EGO and facing your hidden emotional ‘stuff’ (shame,  guilt, and or trauma) so you can dissolve it, remove the fragmentation that arises in your life because of it, and start to move into a deeper relationship with reality.

The CREATIVE PROCESS is actually the process of becoming more whole in yourself and allowing the unconscious to become conscious. This is the ONLY way you can become unblocked and remove your illusions about yourself (because all illusion stems from an unreal emotional relationship with ourselves and life that brings SHAME).

The Law of Wholeness is essential for allowing us to TRUST and BELIEVE in ourselves and life. Without accepting this law, it’s incredibly difficult to move forward, take risks, and ride through uncertainty as we embrace life and grow real.

In practical terms, you can cause less obstacles and trouble in your life as you close the gap between cause and effect by actively working to become more whole. This means looking at your own ‘stuff’, working through it, and ensuring that as you move forward and grow you grow into your real values and intentions.

The Universal Law of Acceptance

The Law of Acceptance states that the only thing you can do with reality is ACCEPT it (and then act from this place of acceptance). This is because reality is always real regardless of whether we accept it or not – it just is what it is.

In other words, our likes and dislikes, our judgements, our feelings, our expectations, our desires, etc. have absolutely no effect on reality or the PRINCIPLES and LAWS by which it operates.

In practical terms, this means that you need to ACCEPT the laws and work to embrace them. Any resistance is just a denial of yourself (because you’re real away from false beliefs and so denying reality is denying yourself).

Failing to ACCEPT the laws is also a waste of your time (going against the Law of Priority) because it will not change anything and will simply waste the opportunity you have to be REAL.

In practical terms, the Law of Acceptance means that you need to check in with yourself and explore the TENSION in your life. If you feel out of balance and you’re not getting the results you want then you need to work on EMBRACING the laws and living them through ACCEPTANCE.

Conclusion:  You need to accept these universal laws and work with them in order to increase your odds of getting the RESULTS you want (because results can only happen in reality).

The short version: REAL ALWAYS WORKS so if it’s not working for you it’s not a problem with reality but a problem with the way you see things and act because of that perspective.  Embrace the natural laws of reality and start levelling up faster.

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