Most People are ‘Free’ in the Same Way a Free Range Chicken is Free

If the average free range chicken could speak, it would probably tell you that it really was ‘free’:

-It can strut around the farm as much as it likes.

-It can eat the worms (or whatever chickens eat) that it scrats around for in the grass.

-It can move freely from one point to another within the set limits of whatever fencing the farmer has installed to keep it in place.

Maybe that’s all it takes to be a ‘happy’ chicken – the freedom to have your needs met and enough room to breathe and move around so that you can feel like you’re making your own choices.

The problem is that the chicken isn’t free. Not at all.

Yeah, it’s ‘free’ to range around the farm but that farm is really just a breeding ground so that the chicken can live out its life as long as it serves ECONOMIC VALUE to the farmer that owns it.

From the chickens POV (who is probably too busy distracting itself with its quest for worms in the grass or whatever) it’s probably oblivious to the fact that it’s OWNED and that the majority of its available CHOICES have been predetermined by the chicken masters.

It’s not really that different for the majority of human beings that live in the ‘free’ economic system that we’ve created.

Sure, we’re free to make choices about what brand of toothpaste we want to buy or which supermarket we want to fill our trolleys up with each week.

Yeah, we get to decide if we want to drive this type of car or that type of car (or maybe we buy into some ideology about riding bicycles and do that).

All of our choices are locked within the limitations of the FARM that our own economic chicken masters have set for us as cogs in the machinery of a system of labour, consumption, debt, and taxes.

The people in charge of the farm make decisions not on the value of our lives but on the economic value we can provide and the impact our lives have on keeping the system in place.

Any time you identify with external ideas or goods then you’re just buying into the illusion of the farm and thinking you can buy your freedom with false choices.

You can’t. The only true freedom is internal and you can only get that when you see the farm for what it is and stop being a chicken.


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