Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness

It’s time to live your real life…

Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness


Grow into who you really are…

Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness is a book designed to help you look at your life from the inside-out so that you can stop holding yourself back and go get what you really want. 

It contains 166 practical ‘Revolutions’ for awareness and over 8,000 Self-Guidance Questions for you to uncover new insight about yourself, the world, and reality that you can translate into action and start building your real life on the realest possible foundation.

“Changed my life.”

Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness

A blueprint for finding your real purpose and being the most authentic version of yourself.

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  • Eliminate Major Blocks to Creativity
    8,000 (approx) Self-Guidance Questions to help you internalise your own insight and look at yourself, the world, and reality from all angles.
  • Start to Climb Out of Whatever Slump You Found Yourself In
    Use the 166 practical ‘Revolutions’ to test your beliefs, assumptions, and expectations about yourself, the world, and reality to uncover the next steps to positive action.
  • Stop Worrying About Things that Don’t Matter and Start Living for Those that Do
    A complete toolkit for learning to: 1) understand the nature of yourself, and 2) examine the workings of reality so that you can live in alignment with your real values and avoid the unreality of the world.
  • Find Out What You Really Want and How to Get It.
    Use coaching theory and techniques to coach yourself so that you can design realistic plans for moving towards a real life built around things you actually value.
  • Grow into the Realest Possible Version of Yourself
    A complete toolkit for looking at your life from the inside out and cultivating the awareness to master yourself by managing your biological wiring and becoming aware of your social conditioning.
  • Put Your Ego in the Backseat and Grow Real
    Learn to cultivate a healthier relationship with yourself so that you can have a better relationship with others and then the rest of the world and reality.

“The author writes about ‘deep’ stuff and pulls no punches about it.”

Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness

This is a Course in Realness

A cure for the world.

Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness presents 166 philosophical frames (‘Revolutions’) through which to view ourselves, the world, and reality – all of which point in the same direction, and look at the same truth from a different vantage point.

Each one is a mini ‘Revolution’ within itself, but, taken as a whole, the collection allows readers to go through their own ‘Personal Revolution’ by increasing their realness and building more purposeful, meaningful, and valuable lives for themselves and those around them.

By encouraging you to see yourself and your world in a way that is more harmoniously aligned with reality, and more realistically aligned with the power and potency of an active and focused human being, Personal Revolutions will help to put you in touch with things as they actually are, not just as you’ve been conditioned to believe them to be, allowing you to build upon the most solid possible foundation: The Truth (whatever the hell that is).

Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness

Book Information

  • ISBN: 978-1976266454
  • Paperback: 504 pages
  • Digital eBook: 504 pages
  • Published: First Ed. Jun 6, 2016; Second Ed. Sept 09, 2017
  • Available in: English
  • Edition: Second Edition
  • Publisher: Independent

“This book will let you experience life to a greater degree.”

Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness

The ultimate guide to growing real.

What Personal Revolutions Can Do For You

‘Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness’ is designed to help just about anybody look at themselves, the world, and reality from the inside-out.

It is especially useful for:

  • Lifestyle Design
    Use the book as a tool for exploring your values, tuning into your real creativity, and taking real action that will move you into the life you need to be living as a real human being.
  • Service Design
    Use the book as a tool for learning to think in terms of systems and testing your assumptions about human beings in reality so you can help design a more human-shaped world (or, even better, a reality-aligned one).
  • Mental Health
    Personal Revolutions is designed to help you improve your own mental health by 1) helping you cultivate a better relationship with reality and 2) get to know yourself as you really are.

“For people who want to reflect deeply about their lives and change them for real.”

The Author

Oli Anderson, coach and author of Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in RealnessWho the hell is Oli Anderson and why should you listen to him?

Oli Anderson is an author, qualified performance coach, and experienced service designer working out of Bradford, West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. He runs training and workshop events around the themes of ‘dialogue’ as a force for social change and also works in design-related projects around the world – particularly in relation to helping businesses develop substance, style, and communication with his creative coaching studio Truth Bomb.

He believes that the only person you should listen to in relation to your own life is yourself which is why he designed Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness – as a tool to help you get in touch with what you actually have to say to yourself. The whole book contains 166 ‘revolutions’ to help you change the way you look at your life and approximately 8,000 self-guidance questions so you can change the way you look at yourself.

When he’s not writing, coaching, or dragging people into boundless ‘philosophical’ conversations, he can most often be found doing yoga or working out, walking around the hills of Yorkshire, playing the guitar and annoying the neighbours, or chasing new challenges with the people he loves (awww).

Feel free to send an email if you wanna say ‘hi’ or have a chat about something:

One of my biggest inspirations in life. My kind of Bible. Keep coming back to the wisdom of the essays from time to time.

Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness

Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness

The 166 ‘Revolutions’ presented in Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness are as follows:

#1: Physical Laws / Sociocultural Laws
#2: Activity / Passivity
#3: 80:20 / 100:0
#4: Influence / Inevitability
#5: Present / Past
#6: Responsibility / Victimhood
#7: Contribution / Blame
#8: Process (Flux) / Event (Concept)
#9: Death / Life
#10: Uncertainty / Certainty
#11: Causes / Reasons
#12: Flux / Stasis
#13: Reality / Turning Away
#14: Human Order (Symbolism)/ Universal Order (Necessity)
#15: Real Need / Self-Interest (Ego)
#16: Solutions / Problems
#17: Planning / Coping
#18: Action / Ideas
#19: Reality / Assumptions
#20: Commitment / Interest
#21: Chosen Path / Predetermined Path
#22: Long-Term / Short-Term
#23: Similarity / Difference
#24: Make Happen (Influence) / Have Happen (React)
#25: Shades of Grey (Flux) / Black and White (Concept)
#26: You vs Me / Me vs You
#27: You Think / They Think
#28: Purpose Driven / Destiny Driven
#29: Learning (Growth) / Knowledge (Stasis)
#30: Significance / Success
#31: Entrepreneur / Employee
#32: Dialogue / Debate
#33: Read / TV
#34: Boring / Bored
#35: Person / Reptile
#36: Human / Person
#37: Force of Nature / Nature’s Plaything
#38: Compliment / Criticise
#39: Embrace Change / Fear Change
#40: Ideas / People (Talk About)
#41: Gratitude (Truth) / Entitlement (Lies)
#42: Your Voice / Your Parents’ Voice
#43: Brutal Honesty / Self-Deception
#44: Brutal Honesty / Honest Rationalisation
#45: Reason / Faith
#46: Faith / Reason
#47: Plan / Planned For
#48: Fallible / Infallible
#49: Imperfect / Perfect
#50: Servant / Slave
#51: Negative Visualisation / Positive Possession
#52: Wholeness / Fragmentation
#53: You Belong to The Earth / The Earth Belongs to You
#54: Self-Acceptance / Self-Esteem
#55: Realness / Neediness
#56: Ego-Transcendence / Ego
#57: Self-Mastery / Self-Discovery
#58: Realistic / Catastrophic
#59: Vision / Blindness
#60: Accountability / Acknowledgement
#61: Situational / Dispositional
#62: Meditate / Masturbate
#63: What You Need To Hear / What You Want To Hear
#64: Acceptance / Surrender
#65: Your Decisions / Cultural Decisions
#66: Collaborate / Assert
#67: In Steps (Process) / All at Once (Event)
#68: Systems (Interdependence) / Silos (Independence)
#69: Context / Concrete
#70: Substance / Symbolism
#71: No (Not to Do) / Yes (To Do)
#72: Positive Thinking (Realistic Optimism) / Wishful Thinking (Naïve Optimism)
#73: Creative Intelligence / Intellect
#74: Ownership / Disownership
#75: Reflect / Deflect
#76: Self-Reflection / Self-Definition
#77: Purpose / Accident
#78: Interpretations / ‘Facts’
#79: Self-Investment / Tearing Others Down
#80: About Them / About You
#81: Realness (Authenticity) / Unreality (Pretence)
#82: Ritual / Habit
#83: Solitude / Loneliness
#84: Future (Flow) / Failure (Ego)
#85: Higher Self (Realness) / Lower Self (Ego)
#86: Friendship (Real) / Acquaintance (Fake)
#87: Belief / Defeat
#88: One Thing / Another
#89: How / What
#90: Change in The World (Reality) / Change from The World (Ego)
#91: Moments (Relationships) / Things (Concepts)
#92: Impact (Interpretation) / Intention (Reality)
#93: Potential (Reality)) / Pathology (Concept)
#94: Conscious Choice / Habit
#95: Your Reality / Their Reality
#96: Originate / Imitate
#97: Mix it Up / Same Old, Same Old
#98: Unleash / Explode
#99: Opportunity / Failure
#100: World Class (Universal) / Local Hero (Specific)
#101: Impact / Cost
#102: Fundamental Problems (Reality) / Symptoms (Interpretations)
#103: Progress (Flux) / Perfection (Concept)
#104: Participation / Observation
#105: Self-Responsibility / Social-Responsibility
#106: Motivation / Fear
#107: Listening / Having Ears
#108: Seek Value (Beauty) / Expect Value to Appear (Ugliness)
#109: Alongside Others (Human) / Above or Below (Ego)
#110: All of You / Part of You
#111: Doing / Arguing
#112: Internal / External (Locus of Control)
#113: Flow (Reality) / Control (Illusion)
#114: Wisdom / Power
#115: Open System (Becoming) / Closed System (Being)
#116: Self-Guidance / Self-Control
#117: Presence / Distraction
#118: Boundaries / Barriers
#119: Real Potential / Present
#120: Acceptance / Resistance
#121: Unconditional Love (Realness) / Conditional Love (The World)
#122: Realistic Expectations / Unrealistic Expectations
#123: Forgive / Begrudge
#124: Presence / Projection
#125: Mental Partner / Mental Master
#126: Teach (Share Reality) / Learn (Consume Information)
#127: Make Time (Abundance) / Find Time (Scarcity)
#128: Influence Reality / Create Reality
#129: Comfort / Complacency
#130: Need / Greed
#131: Spirituality (Realness) / Religion (Concept)
#132: Love (Realness) / Life (The World)
#133: Polarise / Pacify
#134: Purpose / Meaning
#135: Experience / Concept
#136: Love (Realness) / Bondage (Infatuation / Co-Dependency)
#137: Choice / No Choice
#138: Opportunity / Problem
#139: Collective Creative Intelligence / Ego
#140: Broken Heart / Closed Heart
#141: Trust (Wholeness) / Calculation (Fragmentation)
#142: Clarity / Concentration
#143: Strength / Confidence
#144: Thrive / Survive
#145: Edge / Centre
#146: Passion / ‘Peace’
#147: Ends / Means
#148: Possibilities (Reality) / Shoulds (Limiting Beliefs)
#149: Interdependence (Relationships) / Independence (Things)
#150: Nature / Nurture
#151: Grow Real / Display Yourself
#152: Real / Unique
#153: Self-Awareness / Self-Obsession
#154: ‘Happiness’ / ‘Love’
#155: Need / Want
#156: Abundance (Wholeness) / Scarcity (Fragmentation)
#157: Action (Outcome-Independence) / Fruit (Outcome-Dependence)
#158: Real Compassion (Wholeness) / Unreal Compassion (Fragmentation)
#159: Consciousness (Real Morality) / Conscience (Unreal Morality)
#160: Give Value (Grow Real) / Take Value (Stay the ‘Same’)
#161: Confrontation (Reality) / Avoidance (Unreality)
#162: Standards (Values) / Rules (Concepts)
#163: Honesty / Transparency
#164: Question (Creative Intelligence) / Defend (Ego)
#165: Resolution / Resignation
#166: Character (Realness) / Personality (Ego)

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