The Real Ones Will Say the ‘Bad’ Stuff to Your Face and the ‘Good’ Stuff Behind Your Back.

The real ones won’t chat ? behind your back.

Instead, they’ll bring that ? to your door and help you figure out how to turn it into a ?(by helping you look at the truth about things together).

One of the main problems with living in an UNREAL WORLD is that it can be populated with so many unreal people.

The REAL ONES are out there and if you find them then you better do what you can to keep them close and keep growing even MORE REAL together – that’s what it’s all about after all: going deeper.

When you’re caught up in your own EGO ‘stuff’, you might fall into the trap of thinking that the REAL ONES are just the ones who only come to you with smiles on their faces and sycophantic words about how brilliant you are (or whatever).

Though they might have ‘good’ stuff to say, the odds are that anybody who only ever blows smoke up your ass is FAKE and either wants something from you or wants to hide something about themselves.

The TRUTH is that you need the REAL ONES to call you out on your own BS:

-We all have our own blindspots and can’t always see where we’re screwing up or holding ourselves back.

-We all have the ability to fool ourselves because of our cherished illusions and our emotional ‘stuff’ (see my latest vid on YT).

-We all need a little help or motivation to push through our EDGE and grow more real and sometimes we need a real one to give us a kick in the pants.

To somebody who doesn’t have a growth mindset – because they’re stuck in the ego stuff and its illusion of STASIS – that all sounds pretty ‘bad’.

As long as the REAL ONE is giving you the straight talk from a place of LOVE and actually wanting you to grow then it’s one of the biggest favours anybody could ever do you.

Some people will sing your praises every time they see you and then go stab you in the back as soon as your back is turned.

The REAL ONES won’t be saying anything ‘bad’ about you unless you’re right in front of them and they’re trying to help you grow.

The UNREAL ONES will smile and ask you questions to get information from you so they can compare themselves or whatever then they’ll use that to moan about you behind your back.

Find the REAL ONES and keep it real.


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