The World isn’t Against You as Much as Your Attitude is.

The main barrier to getting what you WANT is…


Well, more specifically, it’s your attitude.

That doesn’t mean that we need to be NEUROTIC and take UNLIMITED RESPONSIBILITY for everything that happens to us (sometimes “?” really does just happen).

It does mean, though, that we ACCEPT that 90% (approx. figure) of the stuff that goes on in our life is either:

1. Something we can change.

2. Something we can walk away from.

3. Something we can learn to live with.

If you can understand that then you can ensure that your attitude towards life is a REAL one that will give you the kind of RESULTS you want from life.

It’s pretty simple, really:

You think in a REAL way then you get something REAL.

You think in an UNREAL way then you get something UNREAL.

The problem is that sometimes it’s ‘EASIER’ (in scare quotes because it only seems easier as a short-term thing) to keep on BS’ing ourselves and to try and come up with all kinds of different EXCUSES why the world is against us and we can’t HAVE whatever it is that we want for ourselves and our lives.

Like we’ve said before, this is a form of RESISTANCE because the ego wants you to believe change is IMPOSSIBLE so you don’t try and grow through it (normally because of FEAR as the ego evolved to protect you in the short-term based on whatever you’ve already been through).

This attitudinal resistance looks like this:

-Constantly LOOKING for evidence that the world is against you instead of why it wants to support you.

-Looking for solutions anywhere except within yourself.

-Constantly looking for new problems to worry about before the current one is even solved.

-Avoiding taking any responsibility for your CHOICES and decisions and the consequences they’ve led to.

-Not acting like the person you want to BE, but the person you fear you ARE.

-Only trying to have faith in yourself whilst at the same time not believing in yourself (so trying to force everything through ego which is UNREAL).


All of these ways of thinking and anything similar are just an extension of your RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF.

You need to flip the script and be open to yourself to allow the world to open to you too.


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