Too Much Analysing of the Self Kills Awareness of the Self, The World, and Reality.

Too much of ANYTHING is usually a ‘bad’ idea…This is particularly true when it comes to the approach we can take to figuring our ‘stuff’ out and the lack of balance we can sometimes bring to this process.

Though an important part of the journey of growing real is about asking questions and testing our assumptions about ourselves so that we can push through our limiting beliefs (etc), if we get ADDICTED to the thrill of chasing insight we just end up getting in our own way.

When this happens, we become even more STUCK because we TRICK ourselves into THINKING that we’re doing the work required but actually we’re just being SELF-INDULGENT.

As we’ve said, growing real is about walking a path of three parts:

1. AWARENESS – gaining INSIGHT that will show us the gap between ourselves and reality.

2. ACCEPTANCE – removing our JUDGEMENT about whatever it was that caused us to put a gap between ourselves and reality in the first place.

3. ACTION – doing whatever it takes to close that gap by UNBLOCKING ourselves and taking action.

Sometimes, when people set out on this journey they become so addicted to seeking out ‘awareness’ that they stop moving:

-Every little emotion that pops up is analysed for days and treated as being more significant or interesting than it actually is.

-Every little thought is treated with some kind of gravitas when it’s just a passing thing.

-Every problem from the past that is remembered is mythologised and made to be some seminal moment to fit in with the EGO’s narrative (that it created to avoid growing).

-Every new obstacle that arises is linked in a chain of storytelling to connect it to other obstacles to show how difficult life can be.

-New books and ideas are taken on board to support the analysis and strengthen the case against change.

This kind of ANALYSIS ADDICTION is just a TRAP that we fall into when we filter our whole journey through the EGO.

It’s not about analysing anything REAL but about rearranging the furniture on the TITANIC of the ego as it tries not to sink.

When you fall in this trap you get stuck in ‘Awareness’ but actually you’re not aware of anything REAL – you’re just adding complexity to EGO.

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