Trust and Belief Go Further than Hope.


‘Hope’ can sometimes be a dirty word.

If you reach the stage when all you can do is start ‘hoping’ something is gonna happen then it’s already too late (probably).

In many ways ‘hope’ is EGO for two reasons:

1. It’s a completely PASSIVE state of being and puts all of the POWER to change your life outside of yourself by making you believe in the illusion of stasis (where in REALITY and nature things are ALWAYS changing).

2. You normally end up putting your ‘hope’ in things that are powerless in the face of the TRUTH anyway – other people who want to ‘sell’ you hope, UNICORNS in the form of IDOLS that you project all your powerlessness onto, or just pure BS that helps you keep believing what you need to believe to not GROW REAL.

When you reach the stage where ‘hope’ is your best option then you’ve already become unreal and that unreality has led you to become FRUSTRATED.

People ALWAYS need hope as a way of alleviating this FRUSTRATION (which is why there are so many BS artist marketeers and gurus here online trying to sell you hope instead of helping you find solutions to your problems – solutions that can only come from YOU).

When you decide that all you have left is ‘Hope’ then it just means that you’ve decided to give up on the only two REAL options in life:

1. DO something about what can be changed.

2. Accept what can’t be changed and learn from it.

There is almost ALWAYS something we can do.

If you decide to either ACT or ACCEPT then hope becomes redundant – you don’t NEED it because you’re no longer frustrated because you’re either building real MOMENTUM and unblocking yourself.

When you get in the REAL ROOTED MODE, you also understand that ‘hope’ is just the ego’s attempt to FORCE its own meaning onto the world and to act like it understands everything about reality.

When you give up HOPE, you step out of your unreal thoughts about life and realise that it’s about TRUST and BELIEF in yourself and TRUTH.

With ‘hope’ your forcing in the face of uncertainty; with trust and belief, you’re RIDING THROUGH IT on those REALITY WAVES.

With hope, you’re AVOIDING the question completely.


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