Group Coaching and Dialogue to Take More Risks and Let Go of the Past: TRUST

The only thing you can trust is reality.

TRUST is a transformative 3-month group coaching and dialogue program that focuses on cultivating one of the most powerful qualities you can develop as real human being: trust (in case the name didn’t give it away).

Being able to trust and believe in yourself, the world, and reality  is essential for you to be able to maximise your potential, get the results that you truly want for yourself, and to have the real relationships that make life worth living.

This is because the only thing you can trust in is reality and the process of learning to do that shows you what’s real in YOU too.

When your ability to trust isn’t as refined as it could be then you end up running into two main problems in life:

  1. You become AFRAID to take the RISKS that will put you on the path to becoming the person you know you can become (because you don’t TRUST yourself to be able to handle the consequences or pay the price of doing so).
  2. You become AFRAID to LET GO of the people, ideas, and things that you’ve been holding on to because you’re used to only surviving, not thriving (because you don’t TRUST yourself to grow through the pain of uncertainty as you let go of unhelpful patterns or the way that you’ve chosen to see yourself in order to cope with life – not actually live it).

In both of these cases, a lack of trust in yourself and in life causes you and your life to become unreal: limiting yourself with your beliefs instead of living out truth, unable to find the FREEDOM for authentic expression, never realising your real goals and choosing to watch life from the side-lines as you wonder what could’ve been if you just found the courage to step up and be REAL.

All because you can’t trust and keep moving in the real way you probably already know you need to move in.

If you struggle to take those risks that have the power to move you forwards or if you’re holding on to the past because you’re afraid to find out who you ‘are’ without it, then you need TRUST.

You need trust because the only thing that you can trust in is REALITY and reality is the only place where you will ever find any solutions to the ‘problems’ of life.

Trust ‘works’ at the three levels of ourselves, the world, and reality (and they’re all the levels):

If you learn to TRUST yourself then you won’t have cause to block yourself from the future or to keep trying to hold the illusory hand of the past because you’ll know what’s REAL about you.

If you learn to TRUST the world then you’ll set BIGGER goals for yourself and build better relationships on the way there (because you know that the best way to get value is to trust your own value and share it in a REAL way).

If you learn to TRUST reality you’ll know to change what you can and to accept what can’t. In those moments, what you’ll find is the TRUTH and then you won’t need to trust, you’ll just KNOW.

If you don’t trust yourself enough to take those healthy risks – if your inability to let go of ‘something’ is holding you back – then you need to explore what’s stopping you from trusting because whatever it might be is blocking you from REAL LIFE.

Don’t worry, though, we have a plan!

Consistency, Discipline, and Focus

As I tell my one-on-one coaching clients all the time, “If you wanna get something done you need consistency, discipline, and focus” (is it weird quoting myself like that?).

TRUST is a coaching program that will allow you to work on cultivating trust in a consistent way with discipline and focus – we’ll achieve this by meeting regularly, staying accountable to each other and taking the actions we agree on in sessions, and focusing at all times on TRUST seeing as that’s our common reason for coming together.

The basic structure of the program looks like this (though there will be a degree of fluidity and variance from one cohort to the next as each group forms its own unique system).

  1. An initial call with me to ensure that I understand your needs, grasp your current situation (where you are, where you’re trying to get, and what’s holding you back), and learning how cultivating trust will help you to get where you’re going.
  2. Group sessions will take place every other week on Thursdays at 5pm UK time on Zoom (or some equivalent platform). These sessions will last for up to 1.5hrs and will help you to stop holding on to the past or holding back from the risks you need to take so you can trust and start moving forward. There are six sessions in total over the three month period and they will build on each other as we grow more real together.
  3. Over the three months, the circle of people in your cohort will get to know each other through a rolling buddy system – this means that you will work on cultivating trust with up to 11 other people (12 including me). Each week you’ll be given different areas to focus on depending on what came up in the group sessions.**The first cohort is extra limited in terms of space so will only have a maximum of 8 attendees instead of 12.
  4. In between sessions, you will be focusing on taking the actions that you’ve committed to taking in front of the rest of the group. This is to keep you accountable and to ensure that you’re motivated about the success of everybody else taking part (as they’ll also be excited about your progress).
  5. Every day, we will check-in with each other as a group on either WhatsApp or Telegram to let each other know what we’ve achieved, challenges we’re facing and growing through, and to share insights and experience as we keep moving towards more TRUST, better results, and better relationships in our lives.
  6. There will also be weekly homework challenges and tasks set by the group as a whole as a response to the major themes that come up in the exploratory coaching sessions.
  7. Beyond the scope of the course, you will be encouraged to keep building on the relationships you cultivate during this intense three month period.

Throughout this whole process – the duration of the three months – we will be working to increase your Awareness, help you to Accept yourself, and to take better Action that is rooted in reality.

Trust, Skills, and Qualities

Ultimately, TRUST is something that can only be built in a group setting – even moreso in a group with people that you’ve never met before and from a variety of backgrounds. This is why group coaching is such a powerful tool in this particular case.

If you’re holding back from the goals that are really important to you, for example – because you’re scared of taking risks – then there is a great release in sharing these goals with other people and making them seem REAL to yourself.

If you’re struggling to let go of something then there is an amazing amount of power that you can take over whatever that ‘something’ is by letting other people know and trusting them enough to let them know where you are and where you’re trying to go.

Group coaching brings some of the benefits of one-to-one coaching but also allows you to benefit from the extra benefits of shared wisdom, unifying and sharing insight around a common goal (building more trust in ourselves and reality in this case), and having the mutual support and TRUST of a community that has your back.

Our main goal here is to create a container where we can explore the truth together and trust each other with it. No judgement, just reality, forward momentum, and TRUST.

By working to increase your levels of trust you will also unblock you true potential which will lead to:

  • Increased evidence of your own potential and a feeling of being alive as you move towards your goals.
  • Increased performance as you trust yourself more and believe in your own real capabilities (and ACT on them).
  • A growth mindset that allows you to stay real and keep moving with life instead of trying to stay the same (which always leads to friction, frustration, and misery).

You’ll also develop specific skills and qualities that emerge as we increase your ability to trust in a group context:


-An ability to engage in dialogue instead of just debate.

-Goal setting and the skills of moving forward.

-Active listening.

-Sharing your own experience in a real way.

-Authentic expression of what you’re going through or learning about.


Realness: the quality of moving towards wholeness in yourself and expressing this in an authentic way.

Patience: with yourself and others as you trust that the process of growing real is unfolding as it’s ‘supposed’ to.

Fearlessness: as you stop holding yourself back from writing that book or starting that business or just being whatever it is that you ‘are’.

Equanimity: as you find a sense of peace that comes from trusting in life instead of projecting all of your own ‘stuff’ onto it because of unresolved shame, guilt, and/or trauma.

Self-discipline: as you start taking the actions you know you need to take and get held accountable by the rest of the group.

Self-motivation: as you start to trust that things are possible because you know who you really are and what you’re capable of.

TRUST: as you start facing reality instead of your ideas about it.

There will no doubt be more skills and qualities that pop up along the way but these are the things that we’ll set off to work on in the first cohort of TRUST.

Trust and Believe

The first cohort of Trust will open in October for an investment of £498 – that works out at approximately £166 per month to change the course of your life and to develop lasting relationships.

Payment will be required upfront (as I do with my 1-2-1 coaching clients) as  this encourages commitment to the program as a whole and gets people better results.

The first cohort will only be open to 8 people – ideally an equal balance of four men and four women (which I think will make the buddy system more interesting).

If you’re interested in this project then I’d recommend booking a fifteen minute call with me using the form below and we can make sure that this is exactly what you’re looking for.

I’m really looking forward to working on some of you with this and the group dynamic is always a great source of energy and insight (based on all the groups I’ve facilitated and coached over the years).

Get in touch if you have any questions but I’m really excited to work on this and know we’ll get some amazing results.


You can book a call here:

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Alternatively, you can email me at: .

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