The Universe is Neutral; Thought is Empty; Life is Full.

In the human form we’ve found ourselves we’re just…human.

Some people spend their lives trying to convince themselves that they’re ‘LESS THAN’ human and so they role over and give up – forgetting that they have a human SPIRIT and can stand up to fight again.

Others act like they’re ‘MORE THAN’ human, thinking that they’re really above and beyond all of the amazing things that make human being such a rewarding experience – they don’t have time to feel ‘bad’ sometimes or to grow through weakness. They’re heroes who are immune to life (and so they wonder why they never really TASTE it).

When these ‘more’ or ‘less’ than humans have moments of being shaken or feeling like they’re not where they want to be, they often BEG the UNIVERSE for guidance.

The problem with this is that the ‘universe’ doesn’t really give a crap about you – it CAN’T because it’s totally NEUTRAL. It doesn’t think or feel or even really do anything – it just IS and you either work with its flow or you don’t.

That doesn’t mean the universe can’t be MOULDED into something ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ with the CHOICES that we make but it does mean that when you beg it for help you’re begging nothing for nothing and just wasting your own time.

Would you ask that random rock in the hills to guide your life? Would you ask that tree in the park to solve you sciatica? Would you ask the empty space you walk through to help you pay your electric bill?

Of course not. But that’s all the ‘universe’ is: neutral objects and empty spaces.

Both the ‘More’ and ‘Less’ than humans have been TRICKED by the same empty thing: thought.

Their thoughts have tricked them into believing that they’re something other than what they ARE and all of the amazing things that come with it: a human being.

When you stop your thoughts getting in the way and blocking your view you allow yourself to be FILLED with LIFE.

When this happens, you’re no longer disconnected from everything that surrounds you and you are able to find power within yourself to stop your universe being neutral because you do two things:

1. Uncover the TRUTH

2. Put it into ACTION

You can’t do that if you treat the neutral as meaningful or the empty as FULL.


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