Your Emotional ‘Stuff’ Clouds Your Assumptions, Thoughts, and Beliefs and Blinds You to Possibility.


Life never goes anywhere. Reality never changes.

What does change is our INTERPRETATIONS and PERCEPTIONS and those are affected by our relationship with ourselves first and foremost.

If there’s too much DARKNESS within us – especially darkness that we try to hide from ourselves – then the world becomes claustrophic and restricted.

If we can open up to the LIGHT within us – especially the light that’s SCREAMING to be released – then the world becomes more spacious and we can BREATHE.

The problem for a lot of people is that they’re running around telling themselves that they’re ‘happy’ when they’re not.

They’re telling themselves that this is the life they want to be living, but they know deep down that it isn’t and that whispering such things to themselves over and over again is just a COPE.

Often, this is simply because they have never really ASKED THEMSELVES what it is they want to be spending their time doing – life is short but it’s also a bitch (or so they’ve been told) and then you die.

They might as well just TOLERATE what they’ve been given instead of going out there and TAKING what’s waiting for them.

Other times, it’s not the world that’s holding us back as much as it is OURSELVES (though even when the world holds us back it’s usually because we LET it).

The reason we hold ourselves back is ALWAYS because our assumptions, thoughts, and beliefs have become UNREAL.

On a deeper level, these unreal assumptions, thoughts, and beliefs always stem from our UNRESOLVED emotional ‘stuff’.

It goes like this:

Emotions -> Assumptions about self/world/reality -> Thoughts -> Beliefs

Normally, the things that most affect us are the Unholy Trinity of shame, guilt, and/or trauma but these may also manifest as other emotions like anger, sadness, frustration, or self-loathing.

Whatever it is that you’re FEELING changes the amount of LIGHT that you allow yourself to shine on yourself and the world in reality.

If you become too CLOUDED, then you only end up seeing the problems in your life and being BLIND to all of the possibilities.

Your task is to reverse engineer your beliefs so that you can DIG OUT the assumptions you carry that are SCREWING you.



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