Your Shadow is All of the Things, ‘Positive’ and ‘Negative’, that You’ve Denied About Yourself and Hidden Beneath the Surface of the Mask You Forgot that You’re Wearing.


Your Shadow Life is the real life that emerges when you face the whole of yourself without judgement.⠀

Ever since Day One, you’ve been conditioned to be a version of yourself that has been deemed ‘acceptable’ by the world:⠀

-Maybe you got rewarded with applause and attention for being a “good boy” and helping Mummy carry the shopping or some other ‘useful’ thing.⠀

-Maybe you got rewarded with applause and attention for being a “good girl” and fluttering your eyelids and looking pretty.⠀

-Maybe it was singing and dancing like a lunatic that did it. ⠀

-Maybe it was being passive and “well-behaved”.⠀

-Maybe it was getting good grades or being polite or just saying the right thing all the time.⠀

Whatever it is, the world has conditioned you at the level of your BEING:⠀

“Be this.”⠀

“Don’t be that.”⠀

“You SHOULD be this”.⠀

“You SHOULDN’T be that”.⠀

On and on it goes…an endless onslaught of bewildering and bewitching BULLSHIT that sends you hurtling into an unreal version of yourself that ends up building an unreal life for who you really are.⠀

The truth is that hardly any of us escape childhood truly ALIVE because we’ve all had this nonsense pumped into our psyches for as long as we can remember: with enough repetition we don’t just end up being HYPNOTISED by the world but we end up hypnotising ourselves to boot.⠀

We listen to the “Be this, be that” message so much that we send vital parts of ourselves into hiding by banishing them to the Shadow Territory.⠀

This wouldn’t be so tragic if it was just the ‘bad’ sides of ourselves that got sent down there (though even the ‘bad’ is real at some level because what is real is whole and the whole is good, bad, and beyond).⠀

Unfortunately, we end up sending our ‘good’ qualities down there too:⠀

-Our joy and spontaneity.⠀

-Our creativity.⠀

-Our ability to love without thinking.⠀

-Our capacity for INTIMACY.⠀

-Our true sex drive and passion.⠀

-Our compassion for others.⠀

-Our ability to live with curiosity.⠀

-Our lack of unreal fear.⠀

-Etc. Etc. Etc.⠀

The world doesn’t want you to be real because then you’ll be a threat to an unreal world.⠀

Face yourself anyway.


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