Your World is Just a Movie Set You Built Because of the Script You Follow


Most of us are movie stars without even realising it.

That doesn’t mean we’re gonna end up saving the world or running around in front of exploding buildings (though never say never), but it does mean that we’re following a SCRIPT that was written by somebody else.

Unfortunately, unlike that Hollywood star or starlet our scripts are followed unknowingly – on autopilot – and the director isn’t sat shouting directions at us on a megaphone but is hidden deep down in the SHADOWS of our unconscious.

This script was usually INSTILLED within us sometime in childhood – usually because of our parents or other ‘authority’ figures and the way that they affected our levels of TRUST in them, ourselves, and the world.

If these levels of trust become SKEWED or DISTORTED – usually because we end up engaging with some kind of ASSHOLES that are too busy projecting their own unresolved ‘pain’ out into the world – then it distorts our view of ourselves and gives us a set of false ASSUMPTIONS about things to live out the course of our lives according to (This is ‘The Script’).

If the assholes that screwed up your childhood (forgive them anyway – they didn’t know what they were doing) caused you to doubt yourself, the world, and reality then the script you’ll be following from beneath the shadows will go something like this:

“The world is a dangerous place that doesn’t have my best interests at heart”.

“Life is unfair and nobody can be trusted”.

“I’m not good enough to be loved/appreciated/whatever”.


These CORE ASSUMPTIONS will cause you to run on autopilot so that you can keep hiding from the shame, guilt, and/or trauma that binds you to them.

Living according to these assumptions (without necessarily knowing) will cause you to have a set of UNREAL BELIEFS that are grounded in them.

It goes a bit like this:

Unresolved Emotional ‘Stuff’ -> Core Assumptions about self/world/reality -> Beliefs ->’World’

In other words, THE WORLD IS NOT REALITY but a layer that you project over reality based on the SCRIPT you’re following.

If you can change the CORE ASSUMPTIONS that fuel the script you’re following you can change the shape of your world.

Direct your own movie.


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