Creative Status: Episode 9: Charna Cassell: Trauma & Transendence

Creative Status is a podcast about using your creativity to increase your status and improve your health, wealth, and relationships.

The most addictive thing on the planet is EGO ?

When I’m coaching people I often see them struggling with an addiction to their own sense of identity/ego/personality/whatever you want to call it.

This wouldn’t be a problem if their ego ‘stuff’ actually served them and helped them to ACCEPT themselves and life unconditionally but 9 times out of 10 it’s formulated as a DENIAL of the real self and a refusal to embrace life as life itself.

When we’ve identified in this UNREAL way then we just end up creating FRICTION, FRUSTRATION & MISERY for ourselves that prevents us from getting where we WANT to be.

When we don’t understand that an UNREAL personality is just a survival response to the shame, guilt, and trauma that we’ve been through then we fall into two TRAPS:

1. We think that we actually ARE this (shame/guilt/trauma) RESPONSE and so everything we do in life is FILTERED through this false identity and the assumptions about ourselves, the world, and reality that come with it.

In this state, when we try and make changes in our lives, we just end up ‘rearranging the furniture on the Titanic’ and rearranging the SYMPTOMS of this fundamental problem (a sense of DISCONNECTION from ourselves).

2. We think that our personality is ‘fixed’ and so we don’t realise that we can REPLACE WHAT DOESN’T SERVE US with something REAL that does.

More often that not, this is a process of UNLEARNING all of the things that we’ve put in our own way.

In both cases, because we’re dealing with an ADDICTION, it will be HARD to change our habits and we may have to chip away at it several times before we get where we need to be.

One way to overcome this is to create a DAILY PRACTICE that will help us to realign ourselves and to BECOME who we want to be.

Charna Cassell is the host of the Laid Open Podcast and the founder of the Center for Passionate Living – she uses a lot of holistic and somatic techniques to support people in this area but her work ultimately explores bridging the gap between the sex-positive and trauma healing worlds.

I dissovered Charna’s work via her podcast and I wanted to reach out and talk to her about some of the ideas she’s shared around the journey from trauma to transcendence. This is a path that’s come up many times already on Creative Status (and will again because it’s so fundamental to the human journey) but I really love Charna’s ability to humanise and give practical steps for walking this path and growing more whole.

If you want to understand the mechanics of deconstructing trauma in our lives and using creativity as a vehicle for doing so then this conversation will really help you.

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