Creative Status: Episode 8: Martin Whiskin: The Crossroads Between Real & Unreal

Creative Status is a podcast about using your creativity to increase your status and improve your health, wealth, and relationships.

The only CHOICE in life is between REAL and UNREAL ?

It sounds simple (because it is) but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be EASY – this whole place is designed to make you THINK you’re somebody else and to cause you to FORGET about your strength so that you’ll let ‘them’ (society) tell you what to do.

When we get caught up in our emotional ‘stuff’ and false ideas about who we are it causes inner friction and dissonance that causes us to live out a FAKE STORY of our own lives.

This fake story is UNREAL because it puts us on a path of being TOLD WHO WE ARE instead of going on the REAL PATH and actually FINDING OUT for ourselves.

The unreal path comes with a plethora of ‘shoulds’ and almost always sends you to the WAGE CAGE:

-You ‘SHOULD’ get a 9-5 job no matter what.

-You ‘SHOULD’ be grateful for the opportunity to make the boss rich.

-You ‘SHOULDN’T’ complain or want more from life.

Though the wage cage and the ‘security’ it brings (at the cost of your REALNESS) might work for some people, it doesn’t work for everybody in the way that REALITY does.

When you CHOOSE a REAL PATH of going out and finding what you’re capable of then you’ll have more to GIVE than you first imagined and you can build a TRIBE of people that share your values and actually want to have FUN.

Martin Whiskin used to be a shy guy slaving away in the wage cage until he was made redundant and had a decision to make: Should he play it safe and find another job like the one he’d lost or should he take a gamble on himself and go find out who he really is?

Luckily for us, Martin took the gamble and now he’s a successful voice over artist with his own business, more free time, and more confidence.

In this episode of Creative Status, Martin opens up and gives a candid and insightful account of his journey – by unpacking it, we learn about the unreal versus real paths we can take in our lives, the attitude required to walk one or the other, and the capacity we all have to step up and find out who we really are instead of just being told what to do.

If you’re at a crossroads in your life, finding it hard to make a decision or commitment, or want to go deeper into your own creativity then this is an episode for you.

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