Creative Status Episode 1: Flow, Freedom, Chaos, and Creativity With Sabrina Lindner

Creative Status is a podcast about using your creativity to increase your status and improve your health, wealth, and relationships.

In this episode of Creative Status,  life coach Sabrina Lindner and I discuss the ins-and-outs of the creative FREE FLOW state and how we can tweak our lives and mindsets to spend more time in this amazingly creative place to improve our lives and get the kind of results we really want.

Along the way, we also explore creative ways to figure out our real values, how to walk the fine line between order and chaos, how people have misconceptions that give reality a ‘bad’ reputation and hold themselves back from life, the relationship between creativity and the shadow self and a load more insights that you can start implementing right away.

If you want to understand the practical side of ‘unblocking’ yourself creatively then this episode will definitely get you on the right track.


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Creative Status Podcast

If you're interested in growing REAL, creativity, and living a life that you really want to be living then check out the latest episode of Creative Status - a podcast about deconstructing ego, integrating the shadow, and learning to trust life.

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