7-Day Personality Transplant for Realness & Life Purpose

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Transform Your Life in 7 Days with the Personality Transplant System Shock

Welcome to the Personality Transplant System Shock for Realness & Life Purpose – the intensive 7-day course designed to help you unblock yourself and create a vision for moving forward in your life.

What’s REAL about you?

What’s your purpose in life?

This course will help you answer these questions and start taking real, inspired action

There is nothing more energising than designing your life around your realness.

The 7-Day Personality Transplant System Shock for Realness & Life Purpose is video course designed to help you make the next week of your life a TURNING POINT.  It will help you to properly redesign your life and start taking real action fast.

It gives you everything you need to fill in some of the blanks and start figuring out how you can build a life that’s aligned with your true values and intentions.

If you want a NO BS approach to getting results and moving forward in life then watch the video above and sign up below for access to the full course.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anybody who wants to improve their lives in a REAL way. If you feel like there’s ‘more’ to life or you simply need a fresh perspective and a kick in the pants then the 7-Day Personality Transplant will make this one of the most valuable weeks of your life (if you COMMIT and take ACTION).

This course is especially useful if:

  • You’re seeking clarity and direction in your life
  • You’re feeling stuck or dissatisfied with your current circumstances and want to make real changes
  • You’re looking to uncover your true values and life purpose instead of just going through the motions
  • You’re ready to overcome limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns
  • You know it’s time to build resilience and face life’s challenges with confidence instead of hiding from the truth
  • You’re interested in personal growth and self-discovery
  • You’re somebody who want to break free from societal expectations and live authentically
  • You are totally ready to take inspired action and make positive changes in your life (after figuring out what that action looks like)
  • You’re seeking a transformative experience and real RESULTS within a short timeframe
  • You’re somebody who is open-minded and willing to explore new perspectives
  • You have a desire to create a life aligned with your REALNESS and to find a connection to wholeness

Short-version: this course is designed around UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES that will benefit anybody who is motivated to unlock their full potential and live a more purposeful and fulfilling life by facing REALITY.

Short version: THIS COURSE IS FOR ‘YOU’

Course Overview
This seven-module course will take you on a 7-day journey of exploration and action:

  1. Death: Discover what you truly value and what you want to achieve in your life by embracing the value of your time.
  2. Activity: Identify and overcome the mindset that’s holding you back from success by causing you to have an unreal relationship with yourself and life.
  3. Flux: Explore and resolve the emotional blocks that are preventing you from reaching your potential by locking you behind ego and fear.
  4. Process: Learn how to accept the past, face your shadow, and move towards a REAL future by tuning back into your realness.
  5. The Edge: Embrace uncertainty and become more resilient in the face of life’s challenges by learning to navigate reality properly.
  6. Wholeness: Decondition and free yourself from attachments and limitations by learning to experience life in terms of wholeness instead of just fragments.
  7. Purpose: Build a structure to move beyond the course and into your real life with clarity and purpose.

Introducing Your Course Guide…

Oli Anderson, life coach

The fundamental problem in our lives is always that we have CHOSEN to distance ourselves from reality at some level…

This course will help you by going right to the foundations so you can build something solid.

If you have any of the following symptoms then giving yourself 7-days to work on this ‘stuff’ will change your life forever:

  • You feel a lack of direction or purpose in life
  • You’re struggling with self-doubt and limiting beliefs
  • You’re experiencing a sense of being stuck or unfulfilled
  • You’re depressed or anxious for no particular reason
  • You’re in a battle with fear and uncertainty about your future
  • You’re chronically embracing emotional blocks and unresolved issues
  • You notice that you’re dealing with self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns
  • You feel disconnected from your true values and sense of REALNESS
  • You’re struggling to navigate and overcome life’s challenges
  • You yearn for personal growth and self-discovery so you can finally get rid of that ‘restless’ feeling of the void
  • You’re ready to break free from societal expectations and norms but don’t quite know how yet
  • You keep seeking clarity and guidance on life decisions and choices
  • You crave a sense of wholeness and fulfillment
When you sign-up to the 7-Day Personality Transplant System Shock for Realness & Life Purpose you get full access to a dedicated learning environment with all course modules and an exclusive dedicated 158-page workbook (see below).

Or maybe you’re currently going through a transition in life and your sense of identity needs updating a little to catch up with reality?

The 7-Day Personality Transplant System Shock for Realness & Life Purpose is a great course to take if you’re currently going through a life TRANSITION and want to navigate it so you come out stronger than ever before:

  • Individuals at a crossroads in life, unsure of which path to take
  • Recent graduates entering the professional world and seeking direction
  • People going through a career change or seeking a more fulfilling career
  • Those who have experienced a significant loss or setback in their lives
  • Individuals navigating life after a divorce or breakup
  • People approaching or going through midlife crises
  • Parents who are transitioning as their children leave home
  • People recovering from addictions or seeking a fresh start
  • Individuals seeking to redefine their identity and purpose after retirement
  • People who have relocated and are adjusting to a new environment
  • Individuals facing major life transitions such as becoming empty nesters, getting married, or starting a family

These transitions can be challenging and require support and guidance to navigate successfully.  The 7-Day Personality Transplant System Shock for Realness & Life Purpose will help you tap into your own guidance.

The course provides valuable tools and insights to help individuals embrace these transitions and create a new identity aligned with their true values and aspirations.


Each module comes with a comprehensive workbook exercises designed to help you apply the concepts to your own life and create actionable plans that get RESULTS.

Here’s what you’ll focus on each day in the workbook (PDF):

Day 1: Death: 

You’ll go through a process of figuring out your REAL VALUES, defining what they mean, and then translating them into behaviours.  This will help you shift your focus to the REAL stuff you wanna do.

Day 2: Activity: 

You’ll figure out a vision for your life based on what you learned on Day 1. We’ll break this down into tangible steps and milestones and then give you a MINDSET ASSESSMENT to see where you’re holding yourself back from making this happen.

Day 3: Flux: 

You’ll explore some of the emotional barriers and blocks that have caused you to hold yourself back. This involves looking at the QUALITIES you need to bring forth to grow real and how shame, guilt, and trauma are keeping them hidden in the SHADOW TERRITORY behind your EGO.

Day 4: Process: 

You’ll look into what DISTRACTIONS are stopping you from accepting the past and using the present to move towards a real future.  This will help you to start implementing habits that will change your life and give you a solid foundation of peace to build on.

Day 5: The Edge (Uncertainty): 

You’ll explore the specific beliefs that are holding you back from taking calculated risks and growing through uncertainty. We’ll look at three levels: Yourself, The World, and Reality. By the time you’ve finished this exercise you’ll know what the EDGE looks like and how to get there by managing the comfort, stretch, and panic zones.

Day 6: Wholeness: 

You’ll look at the various ways that you are causing yourself to be FRAGMENTED instead of to flow with your realness towards WHOLENESS. This will help you to make better choices from moment-to-moment.

Day 7: Purpose: 

This final day will bring everything together and you’ll put a solid STRUCTURE in place for building a foundation of PURPOSE and REALNESS in your life. We’ll look at your goals and habits moving forward, the qualties you need to develop, and LOADS more to ensure that you have CLARITY moving forward…guaranteed!

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