Business, Leadership, and Service Design Coaching

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See truthbomb.co.uk for the main arm of my business coaching and service design work.

As a coach, I work with closely with individuals that are hoping to step up and change their lives by working to become more real in themselves, the world, and reality (see Reality Check) but I also work with small business owners and leaders to help them take their business to the next level by helping them set a clear vision for the future of their enterprise, gain a better understanding of their niche, and building a better community of service users and clients that appreciate and invest in the business.

My Business, Leadership, and Service Design coaching packages are tailor-made to meet specific business needs but all work on a three-month basis.

“Within the series of coaching, I gained the trust (or better say re-gained) that I can and will pursue my business goal, which steps I will take, and that no plans are too big.”
-Client Testimonial

Over that three months, we will have eight sessions in total:

1 X 2hr Business Reality Check Coaching Session: In which we get an overview of the current state of the business and the direction that it would ideally move in by setting a clear vision for the next three months and beyond.

7 x 1hr Coaching Sessions: Where we work to move towards the vision set in the original ‘Business Reality Check’ and stay on track by setting goals, maintaining accountability, and responding to any challenges or obstacles that arise along the way. The main focus of these sessions is to help business leaders become better leaders and get better business results.

As mentioned above, the Business and Leadership Package is tailor made and will aim for specific results agreed upon before the coaching begins. In general, however, we will focus on:

  • Defining an ultimate vision for the business in both the short and long-term.
  • Working with business leaders to develop leadership and managerial skills to be able to implement this vision and get the team behind them.
  • Evaluating current marketing plans and determining how to improve them to reach more of the right or ‘real’ clients.
  • Working with necessary service design tools and strategies to improve customer experience.
  • Explore business and brand values and how they can be reflected through skills and behaviours throughout the business as a whole.
  • Looking to create joint ventures with other businesses in the area that share a client base.
  • Better understanding the business niche and how to reach out to it more effectively.
  • Getting a clear understanding of how the business is currently seen through the customers’ eyes and how this can be used to improve the service offer.
  • Creative brainstorming to come up with new business opportunities and turn problems and challenges into strengths.
  • Creating and communicating a stronger brand identity based on a better understanding of the business vision and its audience.
  • Building better relationships with existing customers and developing new relationships with potential customers.
  • Putting the right systems in place to motivate staff and get the best out of the team through real leadership.
  • Looking at how events and talks can be used to promote your business when necessary.
  • Finding and creating PR opportunities based around cause-marketing and getting a ‘real’ message out their into the world.

“I gained such clarity on my current situation and where I needed to make progress. My goals were made clear, together with the action steps I had to take to accomplish them. I gained insight into how to direct my time and energy to achieve my objectives.”
-Client Testimonial

Why work with me?

I have been working in management and leadership roles in the public and private sector for over a decade and have coached people from all around the world to reach their personal and professional goals. I have worked on innovative business design projects in a leadership capacity and know how to get things done and connect to people in a way that really matters.

Why coaching?

Coaching is the best possible way to get the results that you want as it is about working as closely with you as possible to assess your needs, problems, and frustrations and to figure out the best strategy for dealing with them.

The coaching process isn’t about filling your head with new information – it’s about helping you take the best possible actions given your situation, current reality, and the direction you want to be moving in.

Through a process of powerful exploration, we will test your business assumptions beginning with your assumptions about yourself as a leader and look at how we can take your business to the next level together. I also work directly with teams to get the necessary results for business evolution.

Ultimately, it all boils down to taking the right kind of action and getting the right kind of results by maximising awareness at all levels of the business.

“Oli’s coaching was very timely, powerful, and insightful.”
-Client Testimonial

Get in Touch

I only work with business leaders and teams face-to-face so if you’re in the Yorkshire area (particularly Leeds / Bradford) then get in touch and let’s have a conversation about if this is the right thing for you and your business: