Health, Wealth, and Relationships: Real Always Works


Improving Your Life by Accepting Reality No Matter What

This is going to be a pretty quick post but it’s also going to be a really important one.

It’s going to break down some of the PRACTICAL BENEFITS of using your creativity to become more REAL and how this can help you to improve your life as a whole.

In particular, we’re going to look at three areas that are important to all of us:

Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

Before we get started, you need to understand some really basic things about life as a human being:

1:- We all have a drive towards WHOLENESS because wholeness is REAL. All  that really means is that there is something inside us that constantly wants us to feel more CONNECTED to ourselves, the world, and reality itself.

2:- Because of the way that we have been conditioned by life, many – if not all – of us are more DISCONNECTED and FRAGMENTED from ourselves than we would be if we followed this natural drive.

Sometimes, we don’t follow this drive because we’ve brainwashed ourselves with shame, guilt, and/or trauma – other times, we’ve been conditioned by the world to IDENTIFY as something other than what we are (so we create an EGO that hides our SHADOW).

3:- We can move WITH this natural drive towards wholeness instead of against it by CHOOSING(not ‘finding’) a sense of PURPOSE for our lives that will allow us to keep moving and growing with reality instead of against it.

The process of choosing a purpose is:


-2) ACCEPTANCE: integrate the ‘parts’ of ourselves that we disowned or tried to hide from ourselves because of this brainwashing and conditioning (the ‘Shadow Self’),

– 3) ACTION: share something with the world that offers REAL VALUE as a result of the lessons learned going through this process.

(You will go through this process many times over the course of your lifetime because you can always go deeper).

‘Realness’ just means that we accept reality NO MATTER WHAT, use what it has to teach us to grow more real (i.e. towards wholeness), and then sharing something of value with others as a result of this.

When you live in this REAL way it has a number of practical benefits in the three levels that all of us NEED to make progress in so we can feel ‘good’ about life: health, wealth, and relationships.

In other words, focusing on your REALNESS isn’t  just some self-indulgent thing to do because it feels ‘nice’ – it benefits EVERY level of your life.

Here’s  the short version of why your realness can change your life for the better in these three areas:


Physical Health: Accepting and working with reality means that you know you’re going to be DEAD one day, that you’re moving towards old age (if you’re lucky), and so you better look after your body whilst you can.

It also means that you understand the difference between WHOLENESS and FRAGMENTATION and both of these things will affect the choices you make about what you do with your body as well as what you put in your body.

The short version of this is that you can’t be real if you don’t respect your body. That means you’ll find a way to exercise, eat healthy food, sleep properly, and other foundational health habits to increase your energy levels and protect and nurture your health.

As the old saying goes, “HEALTH IS WEALTH” and so  – actually – this is the most foundational of all steps in relation to “health, wealth, and relationships”: if you don’t have good health, you won’t be around to increase your wealth or have good relationships.

Mental Health: A lot of mental health problems come from being UNREAL. The two most common ones are anxiety and depression.

Realness helps you in this area because it keeps you MOVING and it keeps you GROWING.

The connection here is that if you stop moving then you become DEPRESSED because you have no connection with a sense of purpose and so life seems meaningless.

If you suffer from ANXIETY then – a lot of the time – it’s because you’ve brainwashed yourself or been conditioned into thinking you’re something UNREAL and this just gives you constant negative feedback between yourself and life (which would make anybody anxious).

Emotional Health: Because your realness means you’re not HIDING yourself from yourself you will experience better emotional health overall and be less neurotic.

This is essentially because instead of trying to hide from whatever emotions pop up and causing inner friction that comes from AVOIDANCE you face them head on and let them do their thing.

What this means is that we don’t JUDGE what we’re experiencing but we actually EXPERIENCE OUR EXPERIENCES. Once they’ve been ‘felt’ then we can integrate the lessons we need to learn from them and become more whole as a result.

Another reason that realness will improve your emotional health is because you will free yourself from your judgements and interpretations of life:

Instead of trying to be ‘right’ about everything and holding yourself back, you’ll be on a learning journey (because you’re not blocking the natural drive towards wholeness) and so you will be less likely to attach to negative thoughts and BS that stop you going out there, doing things, and feeling good about yourself.


Working to become more real means that you will be more purpose-driven and – more importantly – that you be will adding more VALUE to the world because you will be a more authentic version of yourself (the greatest thing you can GIVE the world).

This value will be translated in most cases to some CREATIVE project or act that allows you to share your true values and intentions with the world – this might be a creative project/business, side hustle, or simply a set of skills and qualities that allow you to be better equipped to find a job or career that you like.

It’s not often talked about in our society but we’re not actually valued for having a good CV (or whatever) but because of our STATUS – if you work on being REAL, then your status will increase because you will be more CREATIVE (you have to be in order to grow real in the first place) and because you have skills and qualities that many others do not.

We’re going to talk about relationships in a second but relationships are linked to your ability to increase your WEALTH:

If you’re stuck in the UNREAL ideas of your ego then you’ll buy into the illusions of INDEPENDENCE that stem from fragmentation. If you take this to an extreme then you will be less likely to work on building a NETWORK of people that you support and who support you back and so you will miss out on OPPORTUNITIES to do creative, fulfilling, and/or profitable work.

Furthermore, if you can’t be real enough with yourself to have real relationships with others then you will limit your capacity to grow or SCALE whatever projects you’re working on if you want to do your own thing because you won’t delegate things to others or work with them on a team.

If you don’t want to be self-employed or an entrepreneur (both of which are eventually essential for maximising realness and taking control of one’s destiny, imo), then working to be real will still make you more employable because you will have the stronger network that we just talked about but also increase the “know, like, and trust” factor that’s’ vital to success in the business world (as either an employee or a solo agent).


All that really needs to be said here is that if you work on being real then you will have a better relationship with yourself. By extension, this will allow you to have a better relationship with others.

Most problems in relationships come from people not accepting themselves and so this causes them to either judge themselves and then project this judgement out on to others.  When this happens it just causes unnecessary friction which eventually turns to conflict.

Another consequence of not having a REAL relationship with ourselves is that we end up trying to outsource the things we can only give ourselves to others. By trying to get people to meet our needs in this way then it just causes more friction (…and resentment in the most extreme cases).

Finally, like I already said, being UNREAL causes you to believe that you’re independent (instead of interdependent) and separate from the world as a whole and so you’ll be less likely to go out and BUILD meaningful relationships in the first place (‘build’ in capitals because it takes work… Real is active whereas unreal is passive and just waits for things to happen).

In short, being real will allow you to have a better relationship with yourself and this will allow you to have less barriers between yourself and others. This creates a DEEPER connection that lets you get more out of life as well as GIVING more in return.


Real always works.


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