Creative Status Episode 4: Olly Hermon-Taylor: Head, Heart, & Belief Systems

Creative Status is a podcast about using your creativity to increase your status and improve your health, wealth, and relationships.

Creativity is about becoming more WHOLE ?

That’s because the creative journey – in art, design, or LIFE – is always about the same thing:

Refining our relationship between our IDEAS and EXPERIENCE in the furnace of REALITY.

You can only ride the reality waves to the other side of this process and become more WHOLE if you’re able to balance your relationship with ORDER and CHAOS.

The short-version is that it goes like this:

At the start of a creative journey, we find ourselves with a certain set of ideas and assumptions about ourselves, the world, and reality.

Either to solve a problem or to express ourselves and bring something to the surface (the two main creative drives we ALL have), we’ll set out on the creative path with an idea about the ORDER we’ll be bringing to our lives through creativity.

Of course, “THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY” so as we set out on the path our self-defined sense of ORDER will be met with the heart of CHAOS itself and that’s when the fun really begins.

If we can ride through that creative conflict we can allow something ORIGINAL (to us – “there is nothing new under the sun”) to emerge and to refine ourselves and our ideas to become more whole.

Olly Hermon-Taylor is a communications and innovation consultant helping people to tell better stories about their lives and businesses by reconnecting to their core humanity in a disconnected world.

Get a cuppa ready and join us on a journey of exploration into reality itself, the nature of our minds and bodies and how we can improve our lives by aligning the two, how we can reconfigure or belief systems to live better lives, how to reconnect to nature and live with less distraction, and a ton more.

This was a really scintillating conversation for me that helped forge some new connections between ideas an insights and reminded me how important it is to strip unnecessary complexity from our lives – if you want to go deeper into yourself and your creative way of living then this is an episode for you!


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