The Easiest Way Out of Your Thoughts is Through Nature


No thoughts are real.

This is because thoughts are always have two qualities:

1. They pass.

2. They’re fragmented instead of whole.

Number 1 is important to know because whatever is REAL about you lasts forever and can never added to, removed from, destroyed or recreated.

Number 2 is important because whatever is REAL about you is about a CONNECTION to the WHOLE.

Thoughts are only a temporary reflection or distortion of this WHOLE because of the fragmented way that these thoughts arise within you:

1. First you PERCEIVE life in a fragmented way because of your fragmented body (which has to divide and fragment because of its physical limits – you can’t see through the back of your head for example).

2. You INTERPRET what you perceive through your FRAGMENTED conceptual knowledge (because nobody is omniscient) and your EMOTIONAL BLOCKS.

3. These interpretations feed into what you know or don’t ‘know’ about life and this leads you to have QUESTIONS about things – as your brain is just a MACHINE for finding the answer to questions it runs around in conceptual circles trying to find CLOSURE.

4. This HAMSTER WHEEL of trying to close a LOOP is what causes nearly all of the thoughts that run through your head (with the exception of thoughts about things that pop up in your immediate environment).

If you want to stop OVERTHINKING, you need to try and figure out what questions you’re subconsciously trying to answer.

Clue: normally it’s something along the lines of” Why did [x] happen to me?”, “Why couldn’t I [x]”?, “Why did he/she/god/etc. do [whatever]”?

If you’re not aware of this tendency of the BRAIN to drive itself mad, you’ll think that thinking is your NATURAL STATE and that the product of your thoughts is who you are.


99% of the problems in our lives stem from the fact that we OVERVALUE thinking when actually thinking is a BRAIN DISORDER.

Your NATURAL state is to not think but to be AWARE and to take ACTION.

The easiest way to remind yourself of this is to put yourself back in touch with NATURE itself (hiking, climbing, watching a storm, whatever).

When you find your edge out there, nature ANSWERS any question you can have.



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