Creative Status Episode 5: John Grindle: Beautiful Distractions, Fun, and Reality

Creative Status is a podcast about using your creativity to increase your status and improve your health, wealth, and relationships.

Learn to look out for the BEAUTIFUL DISTRACTIONS ?

There are two types of distractions in life:

1. The UNREAL DISTRACTIONS (FRAGMENTATION)- these always take us away from reality and ourselves: our self-limiting beliefs, the roles we play and get caught up in, the unreal tasks and activities that SUCK into our time and eat away at our souls, etc.

2. The BEAUTIFUL DISTRACTIONS (WHOLENESS)- which are actually just REALITY calling out to us from between the cracks in the matrix we try and project over everything in order to keep hiding.

In fact, the beautiful distractions aren’t a distraction at all – they’re just an OPPORTUNITY to return to your real self and your real life and to start moving towards WHOLENESS again.

If you can learn to listen and RESPOND then you’ll see that those beautiful distractions are everywhere – you just have to go with them and TRUST that they’ll take you where you need to go (…and they always do).

John Grindle is the Chief Purveyor of Fun at Grindle Events in San Diego where he works to connect teams one smile at a time! By (re)introducing fun into people’s lives he helps them to have a better relationship with themselves so that they can have better relationships with other and get better results as a team.

In this conversation, we explored the mechanics of how people become conditioned to hide from their REAL selves, how being spontaneous is often a shortcut to humanising ourselves, and how sometimes we have to follow the BEAUTIFUL DISTRACTIONS of life if we want something true to emerge.

If you want to understand how bringing more fun to your life can unblock you and help you get better results from yourself and the people in your life then start here (listen above on the player or find Creative Status on your favourite podcast app).



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