Creative Status: Episode 33: Michelle Sinclair: The Inner Freedom Formula for Creativity

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
-Carl Jung

Becoming ‘aware’ or waking up is always the first stage of a transformational journey.

The most important thing that we can become AWARE of is the unconsious programming that’s preventing us from ACCEPTING ourselves and life and which causes us to ACT in an unreal way.

If you want to change your life PERMANENTLY and RAPIDLY then you need to dig deep inside yourself and figure out where you’re motivated by something that’s not ‘You’.

We all have this ‘stuff’ but until we face it and see it for what it is we will be slaves to NOTHING.

In this episode of Creative Status, I had an amazing conversation with Michelle Sinclair from the Real Healing Institute.

Michelle is an author (check out her book The Way to Peace) and subconscious healer who uses hypnosis and spiritual teachings to help people deal with emotional blocks, figure out where their beliefs are keeping from divinity, and to find their true gifts so they can live REAL lives.

I’ve wanted to talk to somebody about all the unconscious ‘stuff’ for a while and so Michelle was somebody I knew would have a ton of amazing insight to share…

A major theme that keeps coming up on this show is that the creative process is the process of “making the unconscious conscious” (to quote Carl Jung)… Michelle explored this with me as well as a bunch of other amazing insights that will help you to be more creative and live a better life.

Some gems:

? Why doing the deeper work of hypnotherapy or coaching (depending on the coaching methodology) can get you better results than psychotherapy

? How people get blocked in the first place

? How we can reverse engineer our current situation to figure out what’s going on inside ourselves (or other people)

? How to live with divinity and keep flowing towards wholeness

? Loads more

Check it out if you’re ready for an energising, no BS conversation, about being real and using your creativity as a vehicle for becoming even more real.

Check it out using the player above or hit play on any podcast platform!

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Show Transcript: The Inner Freedom Formula for Creativity


Oli Anderson: Oh hi there, Oli Anderson here, you’re listening to Creative Status. If you’re new to the podcast, this is a bullshit free zone where you can kind of meet many of your philosophical, spiritual, emotional and other kinds of needs I suppose, or at least get insight that might help you figure out a thing or two.

If you’ve listened to the podcast before and you’re brave enough to have returned, well thank you very much for that, appreciate it. This episode is an interview with Michelle Sinclair, one of my favorite people on the whole internet. She is a subconscious healer, chooses hypnotherapy in her business, the Real Healing Institute, and basically she helps people to find inner freedom.

She has a thing called the inner freedom formula which helps people to do that. It’s a three-step process where you can look at your emotional stuff, then you can look at your beliefs, then you can start designing a life that you want and going out there and manifesting and doing all those amazing things that people can do.

This is a open, honest conversation that you’re about to hear. Basically we just get into the workings of the subconscious mind, how people get blocked in the first place, what they can do about their blocks, how they can get flowing and growing and moving again. There’s loads of really good insight in here. I wanted to do an episode about the unconscious stuff for a long time.

Well I say a long time, the podcast has only been around for a while, but anyway I really wanted to talk to somebody who knows their stuff about the unconscious mind because if you have listened to the podcast before, you know I’m always saying that ultimately the creative process is about making the unconscious conscious and so I thought I’d better talk to somebody who knows what they’re on about. So Michelle, thank you so much for coming on here and giving me all your insight and for sharing your energy and all that kind of stuff.

Everybody else, hope you enjoy the episodes. If you get something out of it then please leave a review somewhere if you can be asked to do that. That makes it easier for other people to find the podcast so that would be awesome if anyone does feel like doing that.

If you have any ideas for guests and things like that then send me a DM on Instagram or somewhere at @olijanderson. But anyway, here’s the interview. Hope you enjoy it.

Thank you so much. Boom.


Oli Anderson: Oh hi there Michelle.

Michelle Sinclair: Hello.

Oli Anderson: Thank you so much for joining me today on this episode of Creative Status. Obviously the listeners might not know this but we have had many conversations that have not been recorded. I think this is the first one that we recorded so we’re going to have to watch what we say – we don’t want to end up in jail or anything.

But before I get into asking you a bunch of questions about your work as a hypnotherapist and a healer and a philosopher and a spiritual weirdo, if you don’t mind me saying, would you like to introduce yourself? Do you want to tell us who you are, what you do, what you stand for and what you want to get out of this conversation?

Michelle Sinclair: Sure. I’m Michelle Sinclair and I own the Real Healing Institute which is basically a subconscious healing program. What I do is I take my clients, they come to me with problems like anxiety or depression or past trauma, things like that. We very quickly and very easily resolve these issues using subconscious healing. What I do is different than what it would be like if you were to go to a counselor or a therapist.

I’m working only with the subconscious mind. I take my clients back and have them follow these feelings that they have that they don’t want to have and find where they come from, heal it and then they have success. They don’t need these coping tools and mechanisms to deal with it. They just don’t have their issues anymore.

Real healing that goes on and it’s very rapid.

Oli Anderson: Wow. That’s the main reason I wanted to talk to you on this podcast, the subconscious stuff. A theme that comes up over and over again on this podcast which is about the creative process is that living a real life, being a real human being, moving towards wholeness and connection to ourselves and all this stuff, it’s ultimately about making the unconscious or the subconscious conscious something that we’re aware of.

A lot of people are out there, they’re running around, they’ve got all these problems in life, anxiety, depression, maybe they’ve got creative blocks, they feel stuck, blah blah blah, they’ve got all this stuff going on and it’s almost always because they’re denying something unconsciously.

They might not be aware of it, obviously, that’s why it’s unconscious. Yeah, very true. Yeah, but those things going on down there seem to cause most of the issues in our lives and also the good things as well if we can embrace them.

So I suppose the first question just to open this up is where do these unconscious blocks come from in your philosophy or in your view?

Michelle Sinclair: Well, it totally depends. It’s different for everybody. So I have had people regress back to infancy, so that is what I use is hypnosis regression.

I do that in 97 % of my clients. So some people will regress back to infancy. They might have been left in their crib when they were a baby and maybe their parents were just using the cry it out technique, which I did with my own kids.

I didn’t know these things back then. And you know they felt like oh nobody’s coming and it you know that made them feel a certain way like That they weren’t love a ball or that they weren’t safe or you know something along those lines.

Sometimes people will regress back to the womb to you know, maybe their mother was having stress, maybe she consumed something that harmed them when they were in the womb but typically it will be you know bullying that happened in school It might be the house that you grew up in maybe your parents were not, you know, loving you how they should have been or or something along those lines and once in a while typically in children it will be a past life that mice that might pop up.

I didn’t actually used to believe in them tell I’ve seen it so many times with my work that I think it’s undeniable or else it’s you know your DNA passed down through your ancestry or whatever that is. I don’t know but sometimes that’ll pop up in kids but one thing I’ve noticed is that, you know, people really claim these things as their own like they’ll say  “oh, it’s my anxiety my depression cuz they’ve never you know not known that in their life, but it really isn’t them you know, it’s something that happened and it’s not who they are.

Oli Anderson: Wow. Yeah, so no matter what the unconscious block is is caused by it’s almost always a case I found of something external being internalized and then they basically hypnotize themselves with these external messages over and over and over Again until like you said they think it’s them they think that they’re the source of the problem when actually it’s just their attachment ot all of that stuff which perpetuates the problem something like that.

Michelle Sinclair: Uh-huh. Even something like saying you have an addictive personality you know, I know people really claim that because they’re like oh, well, I quit this one thing and now I do this other thing I know from my own personal experience that that’s not the case once you’ve healed everything that’s in there that addictive personality that you believed was you doesn’t exist anymore so I think almost everything actually, I believe everything is all subconscious everything that we’re doing in our life, you know the choices that you make in a day they’re still dictated by the program that’s running in your subconscious mind.

Oli: Yeah…So can people get rid of this program completely or will it always be kind of affecting them to some extent?

Michelle: You can get rid of it, you know, it takes some effort So I have what I’ve been using here lately is I have an assessment that’s on my website. And so you’re basically going through all of the emotions you’d be going through, you know fear guilt shame anger resentment blah blah blah everything it’s all on there and then we go through we follow all of these things back and heal them.

So, you know, we might be going to 50 places, you know, it might be more than that it might be less than that where these original scars or sam scars began because you know, nothing comes into our life until it comes into our consciousness and so we’re going back to the initial place where it came into our consciousness and healing it, you know.

Oli: Yeah so I always look at everything in terms of either wholeness or fragmentation.  So I think that the real natural state of a human being is that we are whole basically we connected to ourselves. We connected to other people in the world We connected to reality itself and that feeling of wholeness is what makes us feel truly alive and a lot of these blocks that we pick up in our earlier years they ultimately just cause us to be fragmented because we end up disowning parts of ourselves or denying certain feelings or trying to hide from them whatever it is we become fragmented and that fragmentation leads to us leads us to create a kind of false identity for ourselves so you kind of alluded to this a bit like, you know, we’ll say that I’m just somebody who has anxiety and just somebody has depression I have an addictive personality. I’m just a certain way.

Basically. We we attached to a certain image of ourselves Why do you think? We need to cling to that image if it’s not real so do you see what I’m saying?

Michelle: Yeah, I think that we just play that character, you know, like this So if you you know, you think about who you were 10 years ago Probably very different than you are now and it’s really it’s almost like a character that you were playing at the time nut when you’re unaware that that’s what’s going on or when you’re in it at that time, you know, there’s, first of all, you’re not being thoughtful about your life You know, you’re not putting any thought into maybe this isn’t me well, but once you become aware of What’s really going on then it becomes a choice you get to choose like, okay?

Well We say all these things about ourselves. Well, you can start saying something new and you can choose what you want that to be.

Oli: Wow, so we can create ourselves we can create our lives and so what you’re talking about is the creative process that this podcast is always kind of ranting and raving about when we face the unconscious and we’re aware of the role that is playing in our lives and we work with it instead of against it Then we have more choice over our lives we have more choice over who we are more choice over our emotions and ultimately it comes down to the way that we tweak our belief system.

Would you would you say that?

Michelle: Yeah, I would say when you become aware of the vibration that you’re operating in, so the state that you’re going through your day, and when you realize that that actually matters, then you can consciously choose to, okay, I’m not going to indulge in these lower vibrational thoughts. And so you know what I mean by that, but for people listening that don’t know, you know, let’s say that you’re, you want revenge or you’re feeling guilt or you’re feeling fear about something, you know, just notice how that physically feels in your body and notice what it does to your energy when you shift to a belief like that or to a thought like that.

And our thoughts are just energy. So when you realize, oh, this is a choice, I don’t need to think about these ridiculous things that aren’t true and that are fear based and that are depleting my energy. And you choose to think about other things, everything in your life just changes.

Oli: Yeah, this is something that I’ve found in my own life. And like with the lives of my clients, people I’ve worked with, I always say, if you put something real into your life, you’ll get something real out. And if you put in unreal things in, you’ll get unreal stuff out. And so if you’re, if you’re making that choice for fragmentation, you’re constantly, you know, giving into all these kinds of negative emotions, anger, guilt, shame, all the different things, the different ways this can show up, then that is going to affect the choices you make, like I’ve said, and your life is going to eventually be a reflection of those choices.

So if somebody’s, you know, stuck in life, or they do feel like they’re in one of those low energy places, there’s a lot of frustration in their lives, a lot of restlessness, a lot of misery, maybe, and all those kind of things. What’s a process that they can go through to start kind of evolving beyond that? So I know you’ve got this thing that IFF, maybe now’s a good time to bring that in.

But what steps can they take, like tangible steps?

Michelle: So, yes, the IFF is the Inner Freedom Formula. So that’s the program that I use. So we begin by assessing the emotional state. So like I had said before, you know, there’s that assessment on my website, it’s got, I don’t know, probably 25 or 30 things on it. So you basically identify, like, okay, maybe I guess I am a little bit depressed, okay, maybe I am a little anxious, and you actually, when you’re, you know, doing this, and you’re seeing for yourself, like, oh, I guess there are these areas, all of those areas that are showing up are depleting your energy. So we start by subconsciously healing those things. Because once you’ve gone back, and you’ve, and you’ve healed something, you don’t got to keep going back and healing that thing.

You know, it’s, it’s good now. And so we start with that, then we go to the belief shifting. So by that, I mean, you know, do you expect negative things to happen in your life? Because when you expect them to happen, they are going to happen. So we change these expectations and these subconscious beliefs that most people don’t even know that they have.

So like, for example, let’s say somebody seems to have a problem that other people don’t have, like, oh, I have a problem making friends, or I have a problem with people at work, there will be some type of subconscious belief that is attracting that to them through these expectations that they have. So so then we heal the beliefs that are there. And then we move on to the freedom stage.

And so these steps, you know, that I’m talking about, they do not take very long, because it is rapid healing hypnosis is proven scientifically to be the fastest way to change the neural pathways in your brain. And so as we change these things, we then move on to the freedom part, which is really just connecting with the divine. So basically, at that point, we have removed all of the barriers that are there that have kept you separated from this divine flow. And so then we get into that freedom, which is really just raising your vibration, connecting you with the divine. And that is where you really begin to actually see things change in your life.

Oli: So this is really interesting. So what your your final stage of freedom is ultimately what I’m talking about when I talk about wholeness is you’ve returned to your natural state, you’ve integrated all the things that you need to integrate. And because of that, there are less barriers between you and life. And so you can actually flow in the direction that you need to flow in to live the life that you want to live, basically.

And when I’m coaching people, I go through a three step process as well. The first one is deconstructing the ego. So ultimately, raising awareness of how our identity is holding us back from the truth.

That’s the abridged version, raising awareness. Then once we’ve done that, the second stage is to start facing the shadow self, which is about acceptance ultimately, acceptance of yourself, acceptance of the world, the way that it works and acceptance of reality. When you’ve done that, you can get on to the last stage, which is about building or manifesting a real life, where you can actually go out there and start doing the things that you want to do being the person you want to be and having the things that you want to have. The problem is that a lot of people, they leap right to the last stage. So they’ll try and build a life for themselves before they’ve done the emotional work or before they’ve filled their beliefs. And then they won’t get the results that they want. Because ultimately, it’s the same I’m always throwing out, they’re rearranging the furniture on the Titanic, whilst it keeps sinking. And unless you do that emotional work and look at your beliefs, you’re just wasting your time because everything you’re doing is going to be unreal. So two questions there for you.

So the first question is normally, when people try to heal themselves, when they realise there’s a problem, they’ll go and do something like talking therapy, which has been shown to be quite ineffective, like it takes hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of sessions with a psychotherapist to maybe get some results. So they’ll try and do something like that. Why doesn’t that work? Or why is it not as effective as going straight to the fundamental problem, which is the unconscious?

Michelle: I think because they’re just completely unaware. So you know, many of my clients have absolutely no idea that the area that we regress back to ever affected them, they maybe consciously don’t even remember it.

And so you could talk for years about it. And if you’re not healing the root of the problem there, it’s just always going to be there running in the background. So I honestly believe that the only effective way is the subconscious way. Yes, there is definitely, you know, sometimes you’ll hear something and it’ll, you know, spark change in your mind. But I believe that subconscious healing is, well, it’s the best way. I’ve seen it, you know, and I’ve had friends that are counselors and they’re like, oh, it’s just so draining, you know, it’s so hard to listen to these people’s things and you keep coming back. I’m like, that is not the case for me because they come to me and they feel better when they leave.

Oli: Yeah, yeah. There’s a thing in like the world of psychotherapy and all those kind of talking professions, it’s called compassion fatigue, where they basically burn themselves out. They get so tired of just going around in circles with people and just hearing the same old shit day in and day out without things actually changing. And I think it’s because they’re only dealing with the level of the conscious mind, like you’re saying.

So they’re just, you know, they’re looking at all this stuff, all these interpretations that people have about their past already. Basically, they’re trying to use the problem, which is the conscious mind and the way that it’s been constructed because of all these emotional blocks and everything. They’re trying to use the conscious mind, the problem of the conscious mind to solve the problem of the conscious mind.

So they’re not going to get anywhere. So when you do this subconscious healing, we should probably point out, you don’t just talk about it. Like it’s you’re giving people an experience of something they haven’t previously had. Is that a fair way to say it?

So can you just walk us through that process a bit? So it’s not just talking about it.

Michelle: No, so I follow the feelings that are there.

So so here’s here’s another interesting thing. So let’s say that you have depression or anxiety, something like that. So if you were to think about that, if you were to bring it up, you physically can feel it in your body. So, you know, some people might feel it. Oh, I feel it in my wrist and my ribs or my knees and my feet or my chest or my stuff, wherever they feel it. So the interesting thing about this is that if you let that continue on, if you don’t deal with that, that place that you’re feeling that in your body is depleting your energy. So anytime that you’re feeling that there, it’s, you know, taking away from the whole energy that should be there in that part of your body.

So eventually, you know, you’re going to end up with, you know, physical issues in these particular places. So what we do, you know, I get people nice and relaxed. It’s a very enjoyable experience, although it can be emotional. But, you know, we’re in and out of there in about an hour and a half. And so we get nice and relaxed.

Then I have them bring these feelings up once they’re in this, the proper state. So it’s the theta state. So you go in and out of this several times throughout the day. It’s a completely natural state. You know, people hear the word hypnosis and they’re like, Oh, that’s crazy. And it’s really not, you know, you, you go in it when you’re driving down the highway and you find yourself zoning out and you realize like, Oh man, I’m not even paying attention. That’s called highway hypnosis.

So you’re probably, yeah, coming up with some creative ideas while you’re driving and not really paying attention. And your brain just slipped into the theta state. So we get into this state and we follow those physical feelings back. So whatever the emotion is that’s attached to that physical feeling, we follow it back. And so once you go back, you know, you’re just really in your memories. Your subconscious mind holds every memory you’ve ever had. You know, it remembers what your closet looked like when you were a little kid and what toys you would have had in there.

It remembers everything. So we follow these feelings back and, you know, we see what that younger version of you needed. And then we heal it and we always heal it with love because every problem that we have in our life comes from a belief that we’re not lovable.

So all these fears, all of these, everything that comes up is all just the, the root of it is a belief of I’m not lovable. So we heal it with love. And so as we do this, you physically can feel the relief in your body and you just can feel the energy shift and change. And then we follow these feelings forward into the future and see that, you know, they’re not there anymore. And so when we’re done a session, immediately, you know, you feel better. Some people are tired.

Some people are energized. It just totally depends on the person. But you just feel better. You feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Lots of people tell me they can breathe deeper. They just feel lighter. Colors look brighter.

Really, you know, things just look different.

Oli: Yeah, it makes sense because actually when people are in this fragmented state where they feel like, you know, they need healing for whatever reason, because they, you know, whatever reason, when they’re in that state, they’re stuck in their head. But by the end of a session like this, they’re actually back in their bodies. And this is something I’ve found many times now, like just talking to people in general, people who have the most problems in life spend too much time in their heads.

Like it’s kind of an obvious cliched thing. But by bringing them back to their bodies, you bring in them back to reality. And that reminds me, actually, when you were talking, it reminded me of something that I read in a manual you sent me. So you co-authored a hypnosis manual.

you sent me to check out. There was a line in there which kind of blew my mind a little bit. It said that I can’t remember verbatim in the exact words. It was something like, hypnosis is just contact with the real you, something like that. And I thought that was really powerful and it also kind of changed my paradigm around hypnosis because before I read that I just seen all these movies and stuff where you think that people you know you can hypnotize me to do all these terrible things that they don’t want to do or to pretend to be like I know like chickens or whatever.

But actually the premise in this manual was that right when you get hypnotized it just puts you in touch with the real version of who you are and basically the hypnotherapist will guide you into doing things but you’ll only do them if it’s really what you want to do. And so actually that process is so powerful because it’s putting people back in touch with the real version of who they are and actually for me in the work I do that is what the creative process is as well. Like if you want to create something of value or you want to just enjoy your life in a creative way you need to get in touch with your realness with the real you.

And so actually maybe we can say that the difference between this kind of subconscious work that you’re doing and things like psychotherapy is that hypnotherapy basically you’re giving people an experience of the real version of who they are which they can take out into the rest of their lives and because like I said earlier real in real out is the way to get results well obviously that’s going to be very beneficial but in comparison psychotherapy you’re going into one of those sessions more often than not nothing against psychotherapists if anyone’s listening in they are psychotherapists.

But anyway you go in into these sessions and you’re feeling unreal okay but all you’re doing in those sessions is talking about the unreal version of yourself you’re just talking about all the reasons you’re unreal how you became unreal you’re talking about it in an unreal way because you’re only looking at the symptoms rearranging the furniture on the Titanic and you’re not going deeper into being able to experience your real version of yourself.

So one of these approaches is very real but the other one is actually quite unreal if you think about it and to me this is just validation that real always works it’s the way to go. So before I ask more questions what do you think about all that stuff I just said in terms of hypnosis puts you in touch with the real version of you?

Michelle: It well it really puts you in control so you know we’re basically always out of control when we’re not in that mind so like willpower would be a good example so let’s say somebody you know has they don’t want to eat a whole box of cookies but yet they do it anyways so they’re out of control and what you can do using the subconscious mind is take control back because your conscious mind is like oh I’m not gonna do that and your subconscious mind is like yeah you are we’ve always done that so we’re just gonna keep on doing it.

So the two minds are fighting each other and so basically when you go on the subconscious you are then choosing you’re putting yourself back in control and you’re making the subconscious agree with what you consciously wants and so you’re gaining control back so you know people think oh I don’t want to be out of control you know in a hypnosis session or have someone else controlling me –  it is totally not that at all that’s just a misconception.

Iit’s it’s the opposite of that you are then gaining control, of course, like anything, like drugs they can be used for good or evil or whatever you want so maybe there is some bad guys out there using it for bad things but that’s definitely not the way that I operate or any of my colleagues operate you know we’re truly helping people.

Oli: Yeah, but you could be evil if you wanted to be… So with what you’re saying about the you know the conscious mind you can use that to take control of your life if it’s aligned with what with what’s going on in the subconscious do you think there’s an element as well where if people are disconnected so they’re out of alignment between the unconscious and the conscious then the conscious mind is gonna be taking them in a direction that they don’t want to go in as also and that’s not obviously that is impacted by the subconscious stuff but it’s also so like the things that they’re aware of on a day-to-day basis they’re not they’re limited in their capacity for taking them where they want to be –  does that make sense?

Michelle: Oh, totally yeah I think it’s just awareness come total awareness when you realize that you actually can take control and that the things that are happening in your life aren’t you’re not the victim to them you’re creating them through your beliefs and through the way that you feel when you realize that you are not the victim but the creator then you know you can take control you can make different choices yeah but until you’re aware of that you you’re just unaware of that you just have no idea you’re going through life and just thinking oh this thing happened and that thing happened and you’re taking it at face value rather than realizing like oh okay I I maybe created this so what can I do to change that so doesn’t keep happening.

Oli: Hmmm, there’s a famous quote by Carl Jung where he says basically until you discover the unconscious mind it’s just gonna rule your whole life and you know you’ll call it God or you’ll call it whatever but that basically the day you discover that it is your unconscious mind which is affecting your conscious awareness and all of the choices you make according to that until you discover that your life’s just gonna be chaos basically because it’s not gonna be your life it’s gonna be a condition of all those external things that we picked up that you were talking about at the start – the bullies the parents society itself – blah blah blah – so how can people speed up the process, I guess, of becoming more in touch with their unconscious mind?

So obviously they can book a session with someone like you, but if someone’s just listening to this and they’re starting to think, “wow, okay, maybe I need to dive a little deeper than I’m currently doing and I need to figure out what’s going on down there”, what are some practical things they can start doing, maybe?

Michelle: Well, one thing they could do, you know, if somebody wants to do some work for free is I have my YouTube channel and it’s got the Mental Cleanse Series on there.

And so this is a series that’s got 36 videos in it and it basically walks people through the mother wound, the father wound, sadness, anger, frustration, all, a ton, you know, there’s 36 videos in this. So they can start going through that because the process that I use in there is all subconscious. So most things that you would find on YouTube that’s hypnosis is just direct suggestions.

So this is, you know, somebody getting you nice and relaxed, putting you in the Theta state and then just telling you things and you’re going to agree with them or you’re not. Whereas what I am doing is different than that. We’re actually changing the energy that’s there. We’re regressing back. We’re going to these things and then I’m having you heal them.

So, you know, even things like that, if people just took some time out of their day to like for personal growth, they could start to, you know, work on themselves and see where these things are coming from and they will notice a change happen in their life.

Oli: Wow. So where do people find those videos? What’s your YouTube?

Michelle: It’s called the Real Healing Institute.

Oli: Right.

Michelle: And that series is the Mental Cleanse series.

Oli: And so I’ll share that in the show notes. OK, brilliant. So they can do that. Are there any other kind of things that people can do?

Michelle; They can start doing self-hypnosis. They can do meditation, you know, even just journaling. Because journaling is subconscious.

I know that you have that awesome journal that you’ve put out there that’s really great. And so that is all subconscious. Anytime that you’re writing from your hands, it is it is subconscious. So, you know, somebody could even take, let’s say that they’ve been ruminating about something, which is a pretty common thing to happen. If someone’s been ruminating about something, just writing it down because it gets it out subconsciously. It gets it out and then you don’t need to keep thinking about it.

And I would say, you know, I know, so there’s Esther Hicks and she talks about, you know, raising your vibration. And if something’s bothering you, just don’t think about it, which I somewhat agree with. But at the same time, I think that we need to heal these things.

And then once we’ve healed them, then we can live in that state. But if there’s things that are unresolved, your mind is always going to try to pull you back to them. Or it’s going to keep repeating them in your life, right? You you’re in an abusive relationship, you’re going to keep that’s just going to keep happening until you actually heal it.

Oli: So yeah, yeah, this is actually a perfect segue into the next question that I wanted to ask you. So if people, you know, they do have these unconscious things that they need to work on, then almost always there’s going to be signs in their life. Like you said, the same patterns repeating in relationships or the same scenarios and issues that are going to keep popping up.

There are things that are going to keep happening that you can almost reverse engineer by looking at them and analyzing them, telling them what they need to work on, basically.

So the question was going to be like, if our unconscious life, sorry, unconscious experience is dictating our life, can we look at the current state of our life, the way things are, and we can kind of reverse engineer what’s going on inside of ourselves or even inside of other people?

Michelle: Absolutely. So, you know, I really believe in reaping and sowing.

I’ve seen it. I’ve had this enlightening experience and was just showing all kinds of amazing things. So what I mean by that is that everything, absolutely everything that we’re doing, the thoughts that we have, the choices that we make and the actions that we take are all dictating our current circumstances. So similar to karma, you know, but most people don’t take into account their thoughts, which your thoughts are energy.

You know, that’s why you could sit at home, physically do nothing all day and be completely exhausted depending on what you’re thinking about, you know, thoughts burn calories, they take energy. So if you were to look at your current life and truly be honest with yourself, you know, the current circumstances that you’re in are essentially your own faults. You’ve created them, you know, you weren’t aware.

You’re just unaware of these things. But the things that you’re experiencing come from your fears, come from the beliefs that you hold, come from things that you’ve done in the past that are now coming back to you. But the biggest thing is it comes from your thoughts and your fears and your beliefs because fears are very powerful emotions. And as you’re putting those out into the world through the law of cause and effect, which we know is true, it comes back to you. And, you know, so the more you worry, the more you have to worry about.

Oli: Yeah, it’s so true. I’ve experienced this as well. I’ve seen it in people’s lives. Basically, you know, the law of attraction is real in that sense.

If you just look at it at the most simple basic level of choice, like we’ve alluded to many times throughout this conversation now, if you have all this unconscious stuff going on that is going to affect your beliefs, then that is going to affect the choices that you make. And those choices over time are going to affect the state of your life because it’s going to affect what you think is possible. It’s going to affect the actions that you take or don’t take. And all of that builds up to the current status quo of your life, whatever that is right now.

Now, obviously, when people first become aware of this, if they’re in that victim mindset that you kind of talked about, then that seems very offensive because if life sucks and you’re in that victim place, you don’t want to actually acknowledge that maybe it’s your choices that have created that life for you. Like I had this in my own life, like years and years and years ago before I started becoming more aware of all these things.

But actually, when you learn that you have this choice and that you can take responsibility for your life just by changing your focus ultimately. And if we look at what we’re saying, basically the short version is your unconscious mind dictates your focus and your focus will affect your life. It’ll affect what you do, what you get, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But at first, that can seem quite daunting and it can seem unfair. But when you wake up to it, it’s actually a very powerful thing because it shows you that you do have so much power over your life. You can choose things that your inner state basically can affect your outer state.

The only thing is that I’ve noticed as well, sometimes there’s a bit of a lag, isn’t there? So let’s say I might wake up tomorrow and I become aware of my unconscious blocks. I start making changes. Reality is not going to change straight away. Probably it’s going to take a few months or whatever for things to catch up with my inner state as I make those incremental choices and using the lower cause and effects, like you said, start being the cause of better effects in my life, basically. So that was a ramble and a rant at you but what do you think about all that?

Michelle: Yeah, that’s totally true. So that’s kind of the difference between true change. So when people realize and they’re like, oh, no, I’m in a good state now.

Why aren’t these good things happening? Well, if you truly changed and you were truly in that good state, then you wouldn’t want to revert back to the old way because you’re not seeing results right away because you would feel so good that you’re like, OK, no, I’m just going to keep this up no matter what because I feel better so my life is better. So that’s why the subconscious can drag you back because that’s just what it does to the easy way, but it isn’t the easy way.

It’s just the old way because if it was easy, it would feel good. But it can drag you back in there when you don’t see results. You know, then you get that frustration and whatnot, which is why what I’m working with people, we do that assessment. OK, so let’s just make sure all these things are in the clear and keep them in the clear until we see results.

Oli: Yeah, that’s that’s a really important point.  And it’s another it’s more validation that you kind of have to do this in order. You have to work on the emotional stuff. You have to sort your beliefs out. And then you start kind of building the life that you want.

Or, you know, in my way of doing it, awareness, acceptance, action, like if you don’t take the steps in the right order, then you end up being one of these people that is basically trying to fake it until they make it. But because they’re faking it, there’s a gap between, you know, the inner state and what’s actually been projected outside, if that makes sense, because it’s fake.

And if you fake it, well, obviously it’s not going to work. And so actually what you need to do, if you’re not getting the results that you want is to go deeper. It’s always a sign that you need to go deeper and, you know, heal this unconscious stuff that you’re talking about. And then when you’ve done that, you’ll know that it’s done because, you know, whether reality starts changing or not, like you said, you’re going to feel good anyway, so you don’t care.

And paradoxically, when you don’t care about changing things, that’s when things are more likely to change in the way that you want them to.

Michelle: Totally. Yeah. Yeah. You’re not putting resistance out anymore or like, because even that feeling of, ooh, I really want this, you know, feel the tension. There’s tension that’s in that feeling of wanting because it’s saying, you know, I don’t, I don’t have it.

So when you get to that point of not even wanting anymore, that’s when you know that you’re, you’re free because you’re like, oh, I’m good. If it happens, it happens. Yeah. You just don’t really care.

Then you’re there.

Oli: Yeah. Basically, I always look at it as though we’re either forcing things or we are really flowing. And ultimately it comes down to that whether you just said tension, we’re either adding tension, which is always ego stuff.

For whatever reason, we’re basically using our identity to force life because we normally try to force away emotions that we don’t want to feel shame, guilt and trauma, blah, blah, blah. Or if we’re not forcing, we’re flowing. We’re releasing the tension by basically responding from one moment to the next, moving with life.

And that can only happen if there are no unconscious blocks. Do you think on a deeper level? So a lot of this conversation has been about how the unconscious is almost, it’s just what’s going on inside of us. But do you think there is a deeper, deeper level where when you, um, basically heal yourself or you connect to wholeness in the way that we’re talking about.

So you, you don’t have any unconscious blocks and the unconscious is just doing what it needs to do. Then you’re more connected to life itself or the universe of God or what, you know, whatever word people want to use. Is there a deeper level? So eventually it’s not just about our relationship with ourselves, but our relationship with everything?

Michelle: Mm hmm. Which, uh, well, I’ve experienced from, um, that enlightening experience that I had last summer, that the deepest level is that absolutely everything is made of love. It’s all connected.

Um, And when you can jump into that flow of love, which you know, I believe it’s in everything. It’s in all the space that’s around us. So you know, in every cell, there’s that bit of space. Well, that’s, that’s the place where it resides. It’s in the air that’s pressing up against our bodies. It’s in everything. And when you get into that space, when you get into that flow, then, you know, it changes and you can manifest like instantly.

It’s instant, the manifestations that you, that you get. So, you know, I’ll give you an example of that when I, um, I was up at my cabin when I had this experience and I would go for walks every day out in the nature.

So beautiful up there. And I was imagining that I was actually sprinkling blueberry seeds as I would walk down this path. And I could, you know, I could just, I was in this like aura of light.

It was just amazing. So I’m imagining, you know, I’m sprinkling these seeds and I go down to the store and I talked to the guy there. And I said, you know, we’re going to have more blueberries than we’ve ever had this year. So then, uh, a couple months later, I go back up and this is after it should have been blueberry season. But I’m walking down this path where I would go every day and it was completely blue, like completely blue.

It was unbelievable how much was there. So, you know, I had no doubt. I used my words because I, I knew that this was the case. So I told someone, um, you know, and I used my words, which are vibration. It created this through actually visualizing, sprinkling these seeds and just knowing, you know, that I’m so loved that, of course, this is going to be the outcome.

And then I saw it. So it took maybe two months. I think that was the end of August and I was there in June. Um, when it took two months to actually see this, but I was so excited to go. I was like, oh, I can’t wait to go see all those blueberries. And of course they were there.

Wow. And when you get to that state, you know, you speak it and it happens.

Oli: And I think the key thing there is, is that’s like you, you’ve literally just said, is that state, the inner state of wholeness is, it’s the most creative place you can be.

Maybe that’s ultimately the, you know, the conclusion of, of this path we put ourselves on with this conversation. But when you’re in that inner state of wholeness, of real nurse, whatever you want to call it, that’s when the best stuff is going to pop up for you to create in the world. Whether it’s like in an artistic way or in your business or in your life itself or with yourself. That wholeness is the source of all creativity, basically. And I suppose if you’re forcing life through the ego, you’re forcing the creative process through the ego.

That’s the only thing ultimately that stops you from creating the things that you want, either artistically or in any other way. And the way ultimately to allow yourself to get to that place more is to figure out your unconscious blocks and to get them out of the way. And to use the creative process as well. Actually, you can do that to be able to be better at that.

But anyway, to get rid of the unconscious blocks and to get in that place and then to start doing the things that really matter to you. So maybe that sums all this up. But have you got any final words to kind of, you know, sum up this conversation? We’ve covered a lot, like in a short time, like a lot, a lot, actually. But could you just sum it up, tell us some final words of wisdom and also let people know where they can find you online so they can follow up on anything they want to.

Michelle: Well, so I want to talk about here creativity and love. So you will know this, you’ll see this, right? Let’s say that you go to a bakery and they just, they got the best stuff ever. Well, they’re doing it with love.

That’s why it’s so good. You see an artist’s painting and it just like draws you in so much is because they’re doing it from love. And so these people who are doing this at some point probably had to work through a fear, like, oh, I’m afraid to open this bakery. What if it doesn’t work? Oh, I’m afraid to put my art out there.

What if it doesn’t work? So when they’ve released those subconscious blocks that have been blocking their creativity and then they can do that, you know, gift for the world that they were here to create, you know, it positively affects everybody. In the whole world, because who doesn’t want delicious baking and beautiful art? You know, I do.

Yeah, yeah, so true. So people can find me at And basically all of my social media has the same has the same name, the Real Healing Institute. I’m on Facebook. I’m on Instagram.

I’m on YouTube. And they can go to my website. There’s a free assessment under the IFF.

And so you can fill it out and you can see these places. And so this is just the emotional assessment. There is one for beliefs as well. But we start out with the emotional assessment. They can go there and they can see the areas that they can start to work on. So they can, you know, if they want to have private sessions with me, of course they can do that. But they can also, you know, go to YouTube and start working on some of those videos in the Mental Clones series. And, you know, see those numbers on the assessment change.

But these things do happen quite rapidly. So I suggest for people to actually write down, you know, where you’re at on this assessment and keep it for yourself so that you can see like, wow, you know, I’ll have clients that’ll, you know, they’ll come to me. Their anxiety and depression will be at an eight out of 10 or this or that. And within, you know, two sessions, it’s all the way gone. But because it’s subconscious, you don’t even realize just the effects of it because it’s just your life now and it just feels great.

And you don’t remember how bad it used to be. So it’s good to keep track so that you can see your progress.

Oli: It’s evidence, basically. So I’ll share all that stuff in the show notes. But Michelle, this has been awesome.

So thank you so much for coming on in. I don’t think we are going to get to jail. So that’s awesome.

Michelle: Yeah. Hope not yet.

Oli: Thanks again. Okay.

Michelle: Yeah. Thanks so much. All right. Bye. Yeah.

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