“So What?” is a Secret Weapon Against Shame, Guilt, and Anxiety.


Everything changes and life keeps flowing.

If you flow with it, you tend to feel ‘good’; if you weigh yourself down with the tension of your own unreal THOUGHTS and IDEAS then you feel ‘bad’.

Things can happen to us on the surface of our lives but we also have the power to DEAL WITH them by taking a breath, remembering who the frick we are, and reminding ourselves of the age old truth:


In our realness, we are whole – if you can accept that then you don’t need to let the world shake you from yourself because you know you’re UNSHAKEABLE.

The problem is that we pick up ideas from outside of ourselves that stop us experiencing life as it really is.

Often, these ideas start off as SIGNALS that we’re heading on to the wrong path – sometimes, that’s fine because we need the signal as a NUDGE back to reality.

Signals are supposed to be TEMPORARY, though, so if we allow them to LINGER then we end up treating the signal as the reality (whereas in truth the signal is pointing us back to reality) and it causes all kinds of conceptual confusion.

A few common signals are shame, guilt, and anxiety – in some cases, they may just be a TEMPORARY nudge to remind us that we’re acting out of alignment with our true values and intentions.

If the signal LINGERS or is FORCED UPON US by others, then something unreal is going on and we need to whack out the secret weapon:


This is a simple tool that helps you circumvent your own programming:

Shame – shame lingers when you believe a lingering INTERNAL signal that you’re no ‘good’.

SO WHAT? You’re whole.

Guilt – guilt lingers when you believe a lingering EXTERNAL signal that you’re actions are no ‘good’.

SO WHAT? They can’t JUDGE your intentions.

Anxiety – anxiety lingers when you start to believe unreal hypothetical signals about the future “What if…?”.

SO WHAT? You’ll still accept yourself anyway.

If any of these emotions linger you have a problem with 1) your ideas, and 2) your identity.

There’s only the truth which is that you’re beyond judgement and that you have nothing to fear if you trust and believe in your own unshakeable connection to the WHOLE.


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