Real Men and Women are Rare.


If you find a REAL one, you better keep it in your life.

In a world where everybody is confused by consumption and where the boundaries between people have become enmeshed, it’s rare to meet somebody who can embody their NATURAL energy and the power that comes with it.

Everybody is obsessed with SEX but few are capable of understanding their own sexuality or the SENSUAL nature of how it expresses itself.

Everybody is obsessed with the POWER that the world has over them and how they might best bow down to it or find new labels to hide behind (as an expression of their POWERLESSNESS) but few are ready to express the power that already flows through them.

Real MEN and WOMEN are a rarity in an unreal world because the world is built to curtail the spirit of real human beings.

We have been CONDITIONED to be scared of anything that’s DIFFERENT
– despite endless talk about diversity, etc- and to become the same kind of SAME OLD:

-Endless consumers that live from the outside-in.

-Playing it safe and not wanting to offend anybody (which you don’t have to purposely do but can’t avoid if you’re growing real in an unreal world).

-Being passive instead of active because of learned helplessness or a failure to realise that responsibility is the key to personal and collective freedom.

In a world that’s asked us all to be the ‘same’ instead of truly EQUAL – in terms of the opportunities that are available to us and the respect we bestow upon each other, the world just becomes insipid and BLAND and people become disconnected from their true purpose.

A REAL WOMAN is not to be fucked with – she has the power to show you what the EARTH is all about and who you really are in the face of her grasp of life.

A REAL MAN can stand his ground in the face of this unleashing of life and to shape the world around the human values that support this life in a sustainable way.

When these two forces come together new worlds – and the humans that populate them – are literally built and anything unreal has to collapse in the furnace of the truth they share.

To tap into your NATURE and harness the power it brings is the rarest thing in an unnatural, unreal world.



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