Two Ways to Free Yourself from the World: 1) Abundance Mindset, 2) Detaching Your Self-Acceptance from Outcomes

What’s REAL about you is ALWAYS real.

You free yourself from the world (and your ideas about yourself which are attached to the illusion that the world is ‘real’) when you learn about and embrace your true UNSHAKEABILITY.

The TRUTH about you is that even though the physical things about you and the world change around you there is something REAL that never changes…

In the terms we use, that ‘something’ is your REALNESS – it can never be added to, removed from, recreated or destroyed.

You can only go deeper into it or further away – but, even then, the only thing that’s ‘changed’ is your awareness.

If you don’t acknowledge this REALNESS then the world can shake you from yourself by tricking you into thinking you’re UNREAL and affecting your levels of self-acceptance.

Two things to work on that I’ve seen help people dramatically (when coaching them) are:

1. An Abundance Mindset – realising that you have PLENTY of opportunities in life and that all of the REAL things in life are non-zero sum entities (that means that me having something like ‘love’ doesn’t mean you or anybody else can’t have just as much of it).

2. Outcome-Independence – which means that the outcome of whatever goals you chase do NOT define or affect your levels of sef-acceptane (because you KNOW and FEEL that you’re real no matter what).

You can work on both of these qualities – which are both interconnected and go back to your unshakeable REALNESS – by learning to RELAX, seeing life as clearly as possible, and not judging yourself, the world, or reality but allowing life to take you where you need to be without blocking it or getting in your own way.

When you truly ACCEPT yourself and you’re OPEN to life you realise that opportunities that don’t work out for you are just FREEING you to stay on the path and find something that’s more authentic to who you are – if you close yourself because you don’t believe in abundance then you’ll miss the next ship to come sailing by.

With outcome-independence you know that even if you ‘fail’ you’ve removed layers of BS along the way and have become more real to go and find whatever is truly waiting for you.

That’s as real as it gets.


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