Creative Status: Episode 12: Paul Davis: Inner Genius & Life Purpose

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The pendulum always swings ?

As long as you’re a human being having the human experience, the pendulum of your life will SWING between one polarity and another.

This is because our life here is FRAGMENTED on its surface and – as long as we’re in our fragmented bodies – we will experience the DUALITY that this entails:

Light will bring us to darkness. Good will bring us to evil. Truth will bring us to untruth.

It’s just how it unfolds and it’s all part of the process of learning and refining and becoming more WHOLE in the light of experience and growth into REALNESS.

If we do the work and learn to act in ALIGNMENT with who we really are then we can have more exeperiences of life beyond this duality.

In other words, we can have what Abraham Maslow called peak experiences and step beyond the VEIL and to see what’s behind it…even if only for just a few seconds.

These tastes of REALNESS will show us what life really is and allow us to be grounded in a sense of EQUILIBRIUM as we go about our days.

This is opposed to never tasting or identifying with what’s behind the veil and instead attaching ourselves to the DUALISTIC INTERPRETATIONS that we need to cling to in order to keep our EGO in place.

When we cling to one extreme or the other we just end up causing TENSION that will eventually be RELEASED (sometimes quite dramatically) as reality wades back into our lives and shows us the TRUTH.

A way to avoid this drama is to LIVE YOUR LIFE PURPOSE in an authentic way that will allow you to be GROUNDED and to cause the pendulum to swing less rather than more.

Paul Davis first noticed his intuitive gifts when he was a young boy growing up in Ireland – now that he’s an adult he uses this intuition to help people get clarity about their life purpose and the things that they can offer the world in order to live a real life.

This was a really stimulating conversation for me where we looked at the ins-and-outs of life purpose and explored how any of us can tap into our “inner genius” – as Paul calls it – to be able to live better lives and make the most of our time whilst we’re here.

We also covered a ton of other ground as well such as how to live with equilibirium, how to be more intuitive in general, how challenges in life can help us move beyond duality, how we can seek out our passions, embracing the shadow side of life, and a whole bunch of other things.

If you want to learn how to figure out what your own life purpose is and you don’t just wanna take the ‘standard’ advice about how to do it (for example, filling out the ‘Ikigai’ thing in relation to what you already think you know about your life) then check this episode out.

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