Creative Status: Episode 13: Genein Letford: How Your Identity Can Kill Creativity

Creative Status is a podcast about using your creativity to increase your status and improve your health, wealth, and relationships.

Action changes your brain ?

When you take action and move forward in life your brain learns to FORGE new connections and to allow you to expand into WHOLENESS.

This is why there can be no real growth or momentum built in your life without taking action and allowing this process of CONNECTION to actually take place.

The opposite of this NATURAL DRIVE TOWARDS WHOLENESS is that we allow the fragments of ourselves to hold us back, cause us to hesitate, and to BLOCK our own path with all of the things we ‘think’ we already know instead of actually going out there and finding out what’s true for ourselves.

The most common of these ‘blocks’ is the sense of IDENTITY that we CHOOSE for ourselves (often unconsciously) because of the things that we’ve already been through and our need to SURVIVE and protect ourselves from similar things in the future.

There is nothing ‘wrong’ with this but when we FILTER everything in our lives through this identity we end up blinding ourselves to our own truth and potential and become PASSIVE in order to keep this ‘identity attachment’ in place.

Part of the solution is to cultivate a BIAS FOR ACTION as this will get us in the habit of moving, growing through the limitations that this identity ‘filter’ shows us, and becoming more WHOLE as a result.

This works in both life and creativity (really the same thing)!

Genein Letford (@geneinletford) is keynote speaker, coach, host of the podcast Create and Grow Rich, and the developer of Intercultural Creativity. She helps people to improve their lives by using creativity to be more confident and courageous.

Her background in education and creativity has given her a unique perspective on how the development of our minds and bodies can affect us throughout our whole lives. We discussed the mechanics of this in this episode a long with a whole host of things that will help you on your creative or life journey.

If you want to know how to develop a better relationship with yourself and how some of the science behind creativity and the creative process can help you reach some of your goals then check this out for sure.

There was a lot of great insight and energy in this conversation and it will definitely make you more creative if you can act on what you learn!

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