Don’t Talk to the Wrong People About Your Goals

If you wanna reach your goals then the best thing to do is:

1. Cultivate AWARENESS – of what you want, WHY (so you can make sure it’s motivated by something real and not ego), and then of HOW you’re gonna do it.

2. Cultivate ACCEPTANCE – of where you are right now, what’s holding you back, and any emotional ‘stuff’ you’ve got going on like self-limiting beliefs, doubts, etc.

3. Talking ACTION – and being COMMITTED to it (not just interested – see my vid the other day), learning along the way, and responding to what happens.

Staying ROOTED in the REAL mode ain’t easy but you can make it a helluva lot easier for yourself by making sure you don’t talk to the WRONG people about your goals until after you’ve DONE it (when the results speak for themselves).

Examples of the ‘wrong’ people:


People who think they’ve got ‘you’ and the ‘world’ figured out and so they just end up giving you UNWARRANTED advice which appears helpful but is really about keeping THEIR image of themselves in place.


People who appear like ‘friends’ on the surface but are secretly comparing themselves to every move you make – they secretly want you to FAIL but also want whatever info you can give them.


People who have always PLAYED IT SAFE in their own lives, never taken a risk, and will try and talk you out of trying to reach your own goals so they don’t have to feel bad about never making the REAL moves they wanted to make.


People who will DISTRACT you by thinking they know your goals better than you and will give you all kinds of advice about how you should do it (despite them NEVER taking any real action or chasing their goals).


If people are unhappy with their own lives then whatever they are doing ISN’T WORKING. If you take advice from them about your goals you’re just inviting the same kind of UNREAL thinking.

Keep your goals between yourself and a HIGHER POWER or between yourself and people who BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES and BELIEVE IN YOU too.

Anything else is just a distracton that will cause you to either doubt or distrub your vision.

Just DO it.


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