If You Haven’t Been ‘Happy’ Since the Womb then You’ll Try and Turn the World into One


Sometimes, our lives are a mess because we’re bitter that we had to leave the womb.

I know that might sound a bit much but hear me out:

For the average human being, life goes something along the lines of this:

1. We’re conceived and find ourselves in the womb where all of our needs are met IMMEDIATELY and we don’t have to do anything to have it happen (because we’re connected to the WHOLE).

2. Nine months later we’re DRAGGED kicking and screaming into a state of DISCONNECTION and are introduced to the world.

3. Our needs are met when we CRY (if we’re lucky and have a good mother) so we feel a bit more CONNECTED again.

4. Eventually, we are sent into the world to fend for ourselves as a singular, FRAGMENTED creature that may have moments of WHOLENESS but – ultimately – it’s just us and a few moments of connection until we DIE.

Jeezus, that sounds bleak but it’s not all doom and gloom:

If you can WAKE YOURSELF UP and learn to be REAL then you can find a sense of purpose for yourself that allows you to flow with reality and GROW more whole again.

The way that we can do this is by finding some sort of ‘spiritual’ path to walk on that makes sense in the context of our lives and leads us back to ourselves.

The problem – for many people – is that they confuse spirituality (or whatever you wanna call it) with that LOST FEELING they miss from back in the womb.

This unconscious drive to return to the womb state DISTORTS their view of reality and causes them to try and turn their WORLD into a womb as a substitute.

Such a world is supposed to have the following features:

-Needs are met IMMEDIATELY without any effort.

-Cause and effect have no authority here because everything is connected to the NEEDS of the person at the centre of it.

-All you have to do is ‘think’ it and it will happen.

-There is no friction or tension to grow through because everything is perfect all the time.

-Passivity is rewarded more than ACTIVITY.

-If you CRY, you shall receive.


People with unconscious ‘Womb Nostalgia’ shape their world around the needs of their EGO.

All they end up doing is creating a bubble that will BURST at which time they’ll GIVE BIRTH TO THEMSELVES.


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