Your World is Just Your Old Thoughts and Beliefs Made Manifest Whilst You Try and Think of Something Better.


Your world today is a REFLECTION of the ‘Old’ You.

When we’re being UNREAL, we get so caught up in thinking that the world we PERCEIVE ourselves to live in is the concrete TRUTH about life but it isn’t for a number of reasons:

-First of all – as we say on here a billion times a week – the WORLD IS NOT REALITY.

It’s just a set of ideas and concepts and the more closely these ideas and concepts ‘point’ to reality (though none can ever TOUCH it), the more truth you let into your world and the more REAL your life will feel.

-Secondly, then, your world today is just a REFLECTION of how much you managed to accept yourself or not yesterday.

If you did manage to accept yourself then the ideas and concepts you use to make sense of life will reflect that and by extension your world will reflect that too.

If, on the other hand, your thoughts and beliefs have become a PRISON where you’re constantly JUDGING yourself or others then you’ll be locked inside yourself and the world will become OPPRESSIVE and RESTRICTIVE as an extension of that.

As we said the other day, there is a LAG in time between the day that you decide to UPGRADE your software (i.e. your EGO) and the day that reality will shift around you or catch up with the new or REAL way of thinking and believing once you’ve realised that you’re holding yourself back from life.

In short, when it comes to ‘The World’ what you RECEIVE is what you allow yourself to PERCEIVE.

“Allow yourself” is the key phrase because your perceptions of yourself, the world, and reality are ultimately up to you and the CHOICES you make when it comes to doing the inner work and accepting yourself or not.

The world you woke up in today is a reflection of how much you believed in YOURSELF yesterday.

If you’re ‘stuck’ in a situation that feels UNREAL then it’s because you have HYPNOTISED yourself with your conditioning and put yourself in a mind prison that extends as far as you can see in waking life.

Penetrate the DREAM and become LUCID by realising that you can CHANGE just about whatever you want.

First you have to see yourself and BELIEVE.

Then you have to have TRUST whilst reality catches up around you and the lag fades out.


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