Don’t Waste Your Energy Trying to Look Like Something When You Could Become It.


A reminder for those at the back:

The three most valuable things you have are your time, your energy, and your attention.

That’s because you’re going to be DEAD one day and so with every breath you take you’re getting closer to having none of those things left at all.

A general rule about life is what you CHOOSE to give these things to grows and so – if you wanna live your REAL life – you need to be conscious of where you direct these things.

Unfortunately (or not, actually), growing REAL often requires that we do some WORK.

We have to go through the process of raising AWARENESS about ourselves, the world, and reality and this means having to face some potentially uncomfortable truths.

That means that we eventually have to work to ACCEPT some things about life that we might not like so that we can take the necessary ACTIONS to deal with them.

Awareness -> Acceptance -> Action works every time (literally) but because it requires a FOCUSED control of our time, energy, and attention – which takes EFFORT – not everybody is down for it (which is fine – it’s your life so whatever).

The funny thing is, though, so many people who can’t be arsed doing the INNER WORK required to do WHATEVER they want with their lives waste just as much energy on UPHOLDING THE ILLUSION that they’re doing it:

-People who want to BE rich will instead waste energy trying to LOOK LIKE they’re rich (and wasting more getting in debt to do it).

-People who want to BE [cool/confident/courageous/etc] will waste energy trying to LOOK LIKE they are instead of actually working to push through their EDGE or whatever.

-People who want to BE successful will waste energy trying to LOOK LIKE they are by overinflating and overhyping themselves instead of actually doing the work and getting the RESULTS.

-People who want to BE in control try to LOOK LIKE they’re in control.


Do you get the point?

All that energy people spend PRETENDING to be something could actually be invested in BECOMING whatever that actually is and their lives would be a lot happier and free of frustration.

The cure (as always) is to STOP JUDGING, ACCEPT where you are, then do the WORK to change it and BECOME REAL.

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