Creative Status: Episode 10: Peter Nicholls: Enjoy It or Die!

Creative Status is a podcast about using your creativity to increase your status and improve your health, wealth, and relationships.

You did not come here to have a ‘bad’ time ?

A piece of advice that’s always thrown around when it comes to changing our lives for the better is to “know your values”.

I throw that advice around myself because it WORKS (as long as you translate those values into BEHAVIOURS).

If you want to save yourself a lot of time and cut to the chase then make an effort to make ‘JOY’ one of your core values (because it already is) and to make space each day to actually enjoy yourself.

What that looks like in the context of your life will be up to you but you’ll know that it’s REAL because JOY itself is the state we find ourselves in when we remove all of the mental blocks and useless emotions that keep us from ourselves and life.

There are so many MISCONCEPTIONS in our world about enjoying ourselves:

-People will tell you that it’s SELFISH.

Even though it’s NOT because when you enjoy yourself it’s CONTAGIOUS and allows others to feel good too.

It also allows you to know your REAL SELF which is the most valuable thing you have to GIVE others (you can’t poor from an empty cup).

-People will tell you it’s a WASTE of time.

When it isn’t: doing things that crush your soul and dehumanise you is the real waste of time.

Society wants you to take DRUDGERY seriously so you’ll be obedient and do what your told (to make other people rich so they can enjoy themselves).

Whenever you ENJOY yourself you are using your time WISELY.

Peter Nicholls is a life enjoyment mentor and author who has realised that life doesn’t come to a screeching halt once you get over the bell curve of being ‘old’…

Despite officially retiring from the rat race more than twenty years ago, he has uncovered that we can keep growing real and loving our lives by tuning into our natural abilities, doing more of the things we enjoy, and stepping away from all of the social conditioning and BS that tells us life ‘should’ be a certain way.

What Peter talks about in his podcast (the Enjoyment Factor) and in his work with clients is timeless wisdom that applies to all of us – if you want a better understanding of the human condition and the human experience then this conversation has a ton of valuable insights that will help you to enjoy life more, find a sense of purpse, and stay inspired whilst you’re at it.

Peter is living proof of the mantra I’m always throwing around on these podcast episodes (and elsewhere): REAL ALWAYS WORKS.

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