Your True Purpose is to Light Up the Dark

People often get lost and depressed because they feel that life is ‘meaningless’.

When they start getting caught up in such feelings they’re often shit out of luck because the world reflects back to us what we see in it (based on our relationship with ourselves) and so if expect a lack of meaning that’s what we get: a VOID.

More often than not, this void arises because of the void in ourselves that has caused us to send the REALEST parts of who we are down into the SHADOW TERRITORY (because the world deemed them ‘unacceptable’ and we believed it because of shame, guilt, and/or trauma).

With these real parts sent deep into hiding, we end up becoming DETACHED and DISSOCIATED from our real core and so we end up creating an EMPTY FILTER to view the world through (aka ‘the ego’ – at least, that’s what I call it).

The ego is UNREAL and devoid of meaning because it doesn’t exist. If we use it to filter reality through to keep our emotional ‘stuff’ at bay then of course life seems meaningless.

“We don’t see the world as it is but as we are.”

On top of this FILTERING ISSUE, being overly identified and caught up in the EGO FILTER causes us to be PASSIVE and to stop moving or taking action.

This is because when the ego has a hold over us, it blocks our capacity to move forward – because doing so would ask us to face our emotional stuff and shed the skin of the ego like a snake on our soul.

This combination – of filtering everything through ego and not taking action – causes life to appear static and therefore be ‘meaningless’.

To make it ‘MEANINGFUL’ again you have to realise that meaning isn’t a default but a BYPRODUCT and that it comes from PURPOSE.

Those who find life the most meaningful are the ones engaged in some kind of purpose and take daily actions to realise it and make it happen.

All a purpose really is is the act of MAKING YOUR VALUES VALUABLE TO OTHERS.

When you know your core values and find ways to share them with others you take something real in yourself and use it to help others be more real too.

This is how you LIGHT UP THE DARK and take yourself and others out of the VOID and into the truth.

Find something REAL and light your FLAME.


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