Either Feel Sorry for Yourself Today or Thank Yourself Tomorrow


Sometimes, it can feel like every day is better than the next.

Negative thoughts or sluggish moods can get the better of us and before we know it we’ve spiralled into the VORTEX and inactivity and heaviness:

-Dwelling on the past and all of the mistakes that we’ve made.

-Worrying about the wudda/cudda/shudda and all of the hypothetical “What ifs…?” where we imagine being a different version of the same person.

-Comparing ourselves to others by looking at the highlights of their lives and the results they’re (seemingly) getting without seeing all the work or whatever behind-the-scenes.

-Replaying movies in our minds of situations and circumstances we’ve already lived through and beating ourselves up because we weren’t perfect or didn’t know what we now do.

When the VORTEX sucks us in like this our life can quickly start to SPIRAL out of control with it:

-Days go by and the momentum we might have had comes to a stand still.

-The BUZZ we were feeling as we rode those REALITY WAVES turns to a mere echo of itself because we allowed UNREALITY to creep in.

-The OPTIMISM we had for the future VANISHES because we distorted our view of the past, mischaracterised ourselves because of it, and now we’re WORRIED that the future is gonna be even worse.

The thing with the VORTEX, though, is that it isn’t REAL.

It’s just a MENTAL PRISON or MATRIX where we allow our LACK OF MOVEMENT to change the colour and tone of our emotional lives and to darken our THOUGHTS as a consequence.

What we don’t realise when we’re SUCKED INTO THE VORTEX is that the prison doors are always open and the main thing that’s keeping us settled there is our own CHOICES:

-It’s our CHOICE to keep dwelling on stuff we alread know ENOUGH about.

-It’s our CHOICE to frame things in the negative instead of learning from them.

-It’s our CHOICE to give our time, energy, and attention to WORRYING about things we can’t control.

-It’s our CHOICE not to take action or to only take the actions that don’t STRETCH us.

The time we WASTE feeling sorry for ourselves today is time we could INVEST in making the choices that will allow us to BECOME who we want to be tomorrow.

The CHOICE is always ours.

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