Real Food and Regular Exercise Will Improve Your Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health More than BS.

It’s easy to forget about the BASICS when it comes to ‘growth’.

We talk about the philosophical stuff (guilty as charged), we talk about the esoteric spiritual ideas, and we wax lyrical about the psychobabble.

Two of the best things to help you feel more REAL and to increase your ENERGY levels are just simple things that a lot of people avoid, though:



Both have these have been PROVEN to be effective (with regular exercise actually being MORE effective for mild depression than taking antidepressants).

The TRUTH is that your body is a machine and if you want to get the most out of it then you need to TREAT IT in the way that it needs to be treated.

When you give it what it NEEDS then it REWARDS you with the ENERGY required to go out there and smash the balls off of your life and make your DREAMS come true.

It also affects your ATTITUDE because when your body has the energy to see things clearly you don’t get caught up in SLUGGISH moods and thoughts that drag you down and make you think that it’s over for you or that life just sucks.

So many people will try just about ANYTHING before they start watching their diet or exercising on the regular:

-They’ll start trying to be ‘spiritual’ but looking for an ESCAPE (when sprituality is the opposite of an escape).

-They’ll start finding ways to manage the SYMPTOMS of not working out and eating well instead of solving the fundamental problem (so they’ll take the pills, fanny about with crystals, look for gurus who can explain away what they don’t like about life).



-Means that you predominantly eat WHOLE foods. I.e. not just PROCESSED BS that’s filled with all kinds of chemicals and so much sodium it can make your head explode.

If you look at your plate and you can name EVERY thing on it, you’re doing okay.


Means that you find an ENJOYABLE way to get your heart rate up every day and to build strength.

For me, it’s YOGA and WEIGHTS but for you it could be anything.

If you wanna grow real, start with the BASICS.

That might mean doing a little WORK but it will ALWAYS pay off and you’ll have more ENERGY to go NEXT LEVEL.


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